Blaze Media Pro - Multimedia Application Software

We were looking for a multimedia application that can do all operations like ripping, editing, conversion and recording etc. We searched many applications and tested all of them and now we are reviewing the best application for all of them. The best application is Blaze Media as it’s an All-in-One application and it can easily perform all the above listed operations.

Further, it supports all formats of media files like .avi, DVD format, .mov etc. You can also burn CD/DVD. It also allows you to capture and combine many videos. Further, you can also extract sound from videos and save them as separate media files, it’s a great audio converter. It also allows you to capture frames of a video and make a video from images.

There are many options for video editing for AVI files. It allows you to delete a sungle frame and delete all frames in a time interval. You can also resize and crop the videos. Further, there is an option for changing the aspect ratio and there are many sound effects which can be added to the media files.

This application also allows you to convert any media file to Zune, PSP or iPod format. Therefore, there is no need for you to buy files from iTunes or Zune as they are very expensive on these stores. You can adjust the quality and aspect ratio of the video best suited for your media player. This application ensures that you get maximum quality in minimum possible size of the video.

The interface is very easy to use. Further, you also get online support which will answer all your questions. You can see more details on mov converter and video encoder on their websites. This application is affordable and is available for just $50.

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  1. james hemming Says:

    try using mix miester pro or virtual dj there the best in the market to date easy and simple go grab it mate trust me its a easy one to use

  2. Pamela Turman Says:

    i am looking for something to use for so i can watch videos and download videos if i choose. what is it in the way of software that i would need , to d that?

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