Bryn Christopher - The Quest Video and Lyrics

The Quest by Bryn Christopher, Music Video and Lyrics

The Quest” is the debut single from Bryn Christopher, due for release on June 9 2008.
This is the song from Grey’s Anatomy season 4 finale and we think it’s quite brilliant.

You can listen the song here, this is the official video.

Bryn Christopher - The Quest Lyrics

I’m leaving tonight
Going somewhere deep inside my mind
I close my eyes slowly
Flowin’ away slowly
But I know I’ll be alright
It’s coming stronger to me
And I know someone is out there
Lead the way
Lead the way
Show me the answers I need to know


What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that

Verse 2

All my life/love it is
It is all my love
All my life/love it is
I know it is a life to live lately
From above I hear
I hear the sound of them sinkin’
I feel numb, I’m alive
I know I’m getting closer


What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that


My life has had it’s share of troubles
And now I found a place to go
I’ve said goodbye to all my troubles
’cause now I’ve find my place to go

What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that

25 Responses to “Bryn Christopher - The Quest Video and Lyrics”

  1. pelin Says:

    the most beatiful song i have ever listened!

  2. Justin Says:

    Two things…

    1) I thought this was a woman singing!
    2) I thought the last line of the chorus was “Who you gonna fight for, in Amsterdam?”. I am obviously deaf. lol

  3. Damoar Says:

    Amazing song, it makes my balls jump ^^

  4. Dorte Says:

    great song :-)

  5. Carlos Says:

    One of the best ones

  6. Sunny Says:

    I’m not a young person, but there is no age limit when you hear a great song, and this is a great song, with music and lyrics that go hand in hand, great rendition from the heart by Bryn Christopher.

  7. sarah Says:

    I absolutely LOVE!!!! this song ive had it stuck in my head for days and cannot get enough of it

  8. christine Says:

    It’s a super song - it’s more than absolutely super

  9. Simon Says:

    I love this song, though I am convinced its about someone commiting suicide, not the nicest of subjects but strangely comforting, Bryn Christopher has one of the most unique and melodic voices around at the moment, keep it up.

  10. Elena Says:

    Me ha gustado mucho la música, la canción y sobre todo la voz
    impresionante de Brayn Chistopeher.

  11. gely Says:

    eres el mejor¡¡¡¡¡ cantas bello¡¡¡ tu cancion es hermosa¡¡¡ sigue adelante¡ me encantas¡¡

  12. Kiki Says:

    loved it

  13. Jazz Says:

    My mother has been perstering my for days about this song. She heard it on the Grey Anatomy advert on Living TV for the new series. I has a great ring to it.

  14. Dolcie Says:

    Love it!

  15. Jen Says:

    It took me a while to find the name of this song, so glad I did, I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it.

  16. dimitri Says:

    great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. nut nuts Says:

    bloody great tune!!!

  18. Ana Says:

    well i see i am not the only one who thought this is the woman’s voice singing who you gonna fight for in amsterdam :))

    i love this song.

  19. hassan Says:

    i love this song sooo much , but ican,t get it so pls some body help me ……

  20. Dimitris Says:

    What a song,what a melody.It’s fantastic

  21. gursharn Says:

    its amazing n breathe taking

  22. Nubia Says:

    Que cancion mas linda!! Desde el primer momento que la escuche, se quedo en mi cabeza dando vueltas..Que grandiosa y especial voz que tiene este chico!!…

  23. fran Says:

    ya la tienes

  24. Bag Says:

    The best song I have heard in years, I have got to have it

  25. Ed Says:

    Lol, i thought this was a woman singing >< epic song

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