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Demi Lovato - Don’t Forget Album Review

Don’t Forget is the debut album by American singer, songwriter and actor Demi Lovato.
The Camp Rock starlet has unleashed a stunner of an album, with pounding and catchy rock beats it will have you playing it over and over again.

With producer Jon Fields at the helm, Demi teamed up with Jonas Brothers to co-write several of the album’s 11 songs.
It was a natural collaboration, since Demi counts Nick, Joe and Kevin among her best friends. Their inerrant feel for hook-laden rock helped Demi deliver on her vision. “If I were to write the album by myself it would probably have been a little more serious,” she notes. “But I didn’t want that. I wanted a fun album.

Demi Lovato Dont Forget Album Cover

Demi Lovato - Don’t Forget Track Listing

1. “La La Land” - 3:16
2. “Get Back” - 3:20
3. “Trainwreck” - 3:17
4. “Party” - 3:53
5. “On the Line” featuring Jonas Brothers - 3:26
6. “Don’t Forget” - 3:43
7. “Gonna Get Caught” - 3:10
8. “Two Worlds Collide” - 3:18
9. “The Middle” - 3:05
10. “Until You’re Mine” - 3:31
11. “Believe in Me” - 3:41
12. “That’s How You Know” (UK Bonus Track) - 3:12
13. “Get Back” (Remix)(UK Bonus Track) - 3:50

The lead single, “Get Back” was released on August 12, 2008. Demi Lovato has stated that “there’s enough pain songs, enough heartbroken songs” and that she wanted to “write a song that’s about getting back together with someone” and that’s how the song got started.

Album Information

Released September 23, 2008 (United States), September 22, 2008 (United Kingdom)
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop, Pop rock
Length 37:59
Label Hollywood Records
Producer John Fields, Tim James, Greg Wells, Jonas Brothers

28 Responses to “Demi Lovato - Don’t Forget Album Review”

  1. demirox Says:

    pretty good album for a disney kid. i’m just glad it doesn’t sound like disney (miley cyrus) shit music. it’s demi lovato’s first album and i thought it was very good.

  2. iluvdemi Says:

    this is exactly the kind of music i would listen to;D, it’s better than miley cyrus’ breakout, she sounds amazing in every song, she rocks! xD

  3. empoloverdemi Says:

    grate CD love the song don’t forget. better then any other Disney channel ppl. but i think she should of done a song with her friend Selena.

  4. shitstorm Says:

    i was also pleasantly surprised by this cd! hopefully the disney stigma doesn’t hold her back.

  5. quinn Says:

    this is an awesome album and i like miley but demis been in the real world longer so yea she knows what a girl goes through!!!!

  6. dannnn x3 Says:

    yes demi’s album is truly amazing. i love it :]

  7. Chloe Says:

    Demi’s amazing!
    I met her two weeks ago, and she was lovely too.
    She’s not Disney atall, she loves metal doesn’t she haha.
    She deserves to do brilliantly.
    I can’t believe we got this album before the USA.

  8. Vitória Says:

    Demi Lovato have a great voice the songs are beautiful and your album is amazing.

  9. Rachel Says:

    Really loveeee the new album! I hope she goes on tour in Canada!

  10. Natalie Says:

    loved it :D
    love miley’s to :D
    dont like selena’s :( its to repeated :(
    love all disney stars but not selena :S
    cya x

  11. destoned for greatness Says:

    Demmis album os frickin awesome and so is mileys and I love selena too…all of them..but demi is special and she’s amazing at what she does and she’s going to be here for a while…my fav track has to be trainwreck 2 worlds and umm party…demi keep rockin and umm I love ya haha….oh yeah and I like the song lala land yeah haha

  12. lashawntafeefee Says:

    Its lashwantafeefee in dah hizziouse now im black right but I listen to this white girl cause she sang like a sista forrrealsss she gon be like arefa or badonce one of dem girls all yall white girls hatin off a miley cuz shebad…disney too godd for that gurl…miley go head wiff ya bad self aowww…yuh knows how we does it..I likez selena cuz my son ain all black ya heard…last name is gomez…she spanish ppl which means my bitch is black aowww latazzzzzzz

  13. mariel Says:

    Demiz album has 2 be one of the best albums of disney!
    I love it.
    I like miley 2 but sum of the songs were kind of boring!
    I like how demi had the jonas brothers on one of her songs!
    The songs were really good. but just wondering. what does Two worlds collide have 2 do wit selena since the song is about her.
    But itz my fave song!!
    keep rokin demi

  14. Jersey Says:

    Definitley dosen’t sound like a typical Disney album. I hope the albums that follow go the same way.

  15. Mayberlee Says:

    Demi is amazing, I love her sound it’s fresh and new!

  16. Jimmy 84 Says:

    I love Demi she’s hot and got a gorgeous voice. I really like her album.

  17. Timmy Says:

    Demi is so cute and talented! I really like her.

  18. leanne Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the first time I heard Fall Out Boy’s song ‘I Don’t Care’, I thought it sounded just like Demi’s song ‘Party’. It really has a ton of similarities and it’s kind of sad. I heard it on the way to school today and I was able to sing Demi’s song to the music in ‘I Don’t Care’. Just thought that was kind of silly.

  19. gi Says:

    hi demi i love your voice !!!!!!!!

  20. Adrienna Says:

    i love demi she is so talented and sweet! She is one of my fav. singers. You ROCK DEMI!!!

  21. someone Says:

    i thought it was okay. 3 stars and a half definatly, but why do you people compare her to miley cyrus? the are two completely different people.!?

  22. jonathan Says:

    demi is hot and her voice is amazing but i
    fill like disney doesnt destribute her enough
    meaning playing her videos on vh1 and shit
    like that ive seen miley cabitch patch look ass
    on there so why isnt demi but her show is deff
    gonna bust her career so shes deff gonna “getBack”

  23. Ruby Says:

    This surprised me. I’m not a fan of Disney music, except JB (not too shocking being a teenage girl). However I really liked Demi’s album. It was a lot more mature and nothing like the other Disney albums; a 4.5/5

  24. catherine Says:

    i think demi’s pretty awsome, her songs were not what i really xpected, not like they miley cyrus crap, demi’s songs are more real than mileys.

  25. Amy Says:

    I think Demi is really cool. She is amazingly talented and I hope to meet her one day. It is my dream that I meet her. x.

  26. shut up Says:

    yea its so true this cd is awsome i never thought that i would like it but i was so wrong one thing is dat she can sing her butty of n hit those high notes. i thought that she woulld have a song with her best friends but still it was great. i love demi n i think that she can go far n i luv all the disney people n i think that they can all sing and are pretty.

  27. vika Says:

    i like all of her songs

  28. Demilovato rockz Says:

    AaAaaa sooo good demi is strong beautiful powerful vioce from a powerfull firl i love demi lovato i love demi lovato i love demi lovato i love miley curus took and her voice is amazing to a nd the jb but those whi ilove the rest dont know how to sing specielly selena i hate her so much

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