Emeli Sandé - Clown Lyrics and Video

Clown by Emeli Sandé, Music Lyrics and Video

Clown is the fifth single by Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé, off of her debut album, “Our Version of Events”, which was released on 13 February 2012 by Virgin Records.
The track was written by Sandé, Shahid Khan and Grant Mitchell and was produced by British producer Naughty Boy.
The black-and-white video was directed by Chris Mehling.

Emeli Sandé - Clown Video

Emeli Sandé - Clown Lyrics

I guess it’s funnier from where you’re standing
Cause from over here I missed the joke
Clear the way for my crash landing
I’ve done it again
Another number for your notes

I’d be smiling if I wasn’t so desperate
I’d be patient if I had the time
I could stop and answer all of your questions
As soon as I find out
How I can move from the back of the line

So I’ll be your clown
Behind the glass
Go ‘head and laugh
Cause it’s funny
I would too if I saw me
I’ll be your clown
On your favourite channel
My life’s a circus circus
Round in circles
I’m selling out tonight

I’d be less angry if it was my decision
And the money was just rolling in
If I had more than my ambition
I’ll have time for ‘Please’
I’ll have time for ‘Thank you’s
As soon as I win


From a distance my choice is simple
From a distance I can entertain
So you can see me
I put make-up on my face
But there’s no way you can feel it
From so far away


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