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Eminem: The Way I Am - Book

Eminem will publish his memoirs in a new book, ‘Eminem: The Way I Am

Eminem and publishing house Orion Books are set to release a new book featuring never before seen photos, journal notes, hand drawn illustrations and lyrics from the rapper.

eminem the way i am book

Ian Preece of Orion Books is claiming that the publishing of the book will be a huge literary event.

Everyone has their own take on Eminem” , he said in a statement.

Because of where he is from, people think they know where he is at, what kind of person he really is. This book cuts through all that and gets to the source. It has an edge. It’ll be one of the books of the year.

17 Responses to “Eminem: The Way I Am - Book”

  1. syn shadow Says:


  2. Dobo Says:

    same ere goin be fukin mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rhambo Says:

    yh maaan gettin this shit soon as gonna be sweeeet, big up eminem. anyone catch him on radio1 last night 7-9 if not you can catch it agian on the webpage! do it!

  4. b3autiful Says:

    omg its gonna be fuckin great i love eminem

  5. Eminemgurl. Says:

    Omgg Its Wicked. Something you must get. Its Amazing & i anit even read it yet. :L

  6. Keko V. Says:

    Great, where can i fin it?

  7. Kayla Kirkpatrick Says:

    Hey! I love Eminem and I have learned so much from his book The Way I am! It was worth every cent I paid for It and I’m thank ful 2 have a great guy as Eminem

  8. Em's Gurl Says:

    2 Bad! I already have it!!

  9. Reggie Shady LP Says:

    Wuts up urbody! I was at Oakland Mall in Michigan yesterday and i saw this book at a book store inside. So i begin to read it and seems like a reall great book so i’m gonna buy it 2mrr and i know i’ll get my money worth becuz every thing Eminem touches turns to gold or shall i say PLATINUM!!! Eminem is da Best Rappa Alive.

  10. Julie Leek Says:

    I was able to check out the book by placing it on hold at a library. I read it, I love it. Because I love Eminem’s music so much i like reading about him while i’m listening to his music. It’s good pass time for me. Also I like his Eminem Re-up cd. IT RULES!!! I understand why he wanted to retire for a while. He had to get his life in order and if that made his life alot happier. Then I wish him and his Family Much luck in the future. Keep Rhymen Eminem Your loyal fans will always be here. Sincerely Julie Leek

  11. James Calcium Says:

    O s***, a eminem autobiography??? Y m I just hearing about dis now? I’ve always said em’s life would be perfect for a book. We’ve all herd his life story’s from his music, now we get to know evry great detail.
    Im definitly reading this, even if it means having to read. If it’s eminem it’s waurth evry second and evry dollar.
    P.S.: I CANNOT WAiT for the Relapse!!

  12. Ky3sh@ Says:

    I Have Just Brought This Book On Ebay, I Am Veary Exited To Read This It Seems Veary Interesting And I Cant Wait :)
    I Love Eminem <3

  13. charls Edward Says:

    I love eminem and courtney lee,
    yeah english is awewsome just like eminem,
    i love his book, just like i do reading.
    short stack are as awesome as eminem.

  14. Ramón Ponce Says:

    Yo no hablo ingles, no entiendo nada sobre sus letras a menos que busque su traducción al español en la internet, pero aún asi tengo la mayoria de sus discos, desde mis trece años me gusta su musica, me encantaria tener ese libro en mi biblioteca personal, aunque jamás lo lea y mucho menos comprenda lo que dice.

    Soy de Morelia México.

    EMINEM en una ocación dijo que jamás visitaria un país latino ya que le parecia una perdida de tiempo que nadie entendiera sus cansiones, en primer momento pensé ” que hijo de puta”, pero despues comprendi que tenia razón el muy cabrón.

  15. Georgia Says:

    Holy s*it! Im only 11 but I GOTTA get this book! And 1 of my guy friends would have to get it to, he’s Em’s #1 fan!

  16. jena Says:

    wow eminem is awesome when is this book coming out i hope so soon i would love to learn about the person i look up to

  17. Angella Says:

    MY NAME IS ANGELLA I’M 12 YEARS OLD AND I AM EMINEMS F***ING #1 FAN I SWEAR I’M HIS BIGGEST FAN EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a die hard eminem fan hahah i no like all his songs….he’ amzing. sick ryhymes and word flow. AND he doesn’t use auto and he writes his own songs and about his life and stuff that. He doesn’t say like, “i went to the club, met a slut, smoked some weed, jacked off while i was drunk.” like he does in some songs, but he’s just kiddin around, clearly. some of his sons r just hilarious, while other are serious with deep meaning. he’s great. Anyway, i gotta get this book. So,it’s actually by eminem???!! and can anyone pleaaseeee tell me if eminem is having any upcoming concerts is CALIFORNIA?
    thank you, lovers of slim shadayyyy (shady). and marshall mathers. and eminem. he has different sides to himself. Slim shady is a raping murderer marshall mathers is a real person, and eminem is on the fence between these two haha so cool
    anyway, thanks. sorry for he long-ass comment, but i have nohin else to do and i’m bored.
    ********************************************SLIM SHADY*********************************

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