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Gotye - Save Me Lyrics and Video

Save Me by Gotye, Music Lyrics and Video

Save Me is the fifth single by Belgian-Australian alt-pop crooner Gotye, from his third studio album, “Making Mirrors”. The song was written/produced by Wouter “Wally” De Backer (Gotye). He stated that the the song was written while in a deep depression.
The video was released on Youtube on 8th of August 2012 and features an animated man assembling his various body parts on a desolate winter landscape.

Gotye - Save Me Video

Gotye - Save Me Lyrics

In the mornings
I was anxious
It’s better just to stay in bed
Didn’t want to fail myself again

Running through all the options
And the endings
Were rolling out in front of me
But I couldn’t choose a thread to begin

And I could not love
Coz I could not love myself
Never good enough, no
That was all I’d tell myself
And I was not well
But I could not help myself
I was giving up on living

In the morning
You were leaving
Travelling south again
And you said you were not unprepared

And all the dead ends
And disappointments
Were fading from your memory
Ready for that lonely life to end

And you gave me love
When I could not love myself
And you made me turn
From the way I saw myself
And you’re patient, love
And you help me help myself
And you save me
And you save me
Yeah you save me

Song Information

Recorded 2009-11
Genre Indie pop, blue-eyed soul
Length 3:54
Label Eleven: A Music Company
Writers Wally De Backer
Producer Wally De Backer

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