Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith - Never Say Never Video and Lyrics

Never Say Never by Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith, Music Video and Lyrics

Justin Bieber has recorded a duet with “Karate Kid” star Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith) called “Never Say Never,” for the movie’s soundtrack.
The two also star in the track’s video together, with Bieber saying the clip is “Chuck Norris Approved” and referring to Smith as his “lil’ bro.” The video is a combination of recording-studio footage and scenes from Jaden’s upcoming movie, a remake of 80s classic “The Karate Kid”, which hits theaters on June 11 in the US.

Here you can watch the official video for the song.

Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith - Never Say Never Lyrics

See I never thought that I could walk through fire.
I never thought that I could take the burn.
I never had the strength to take it higher,
Until I reached the point of no return.

And there’s just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
Gonna give everything I have,
It’s my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up up up,
And never say never.

I never thought I could feel this power.
I never thought that I could feel this free.
I’m strong enough to climb the highest tower.
And I’m fast enough to run across the sea.

And there’s just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
Gonna give everything I have,
Cause this is my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up, up, up,
And never say never.

Here we go!
Guess who?
J Smith and JB!
I gotcha lil bro.
I can handle him.
Hold up, aight?
I can handle him.

Now he’s bigger than me,
Taller than me.
And he’s older than me,
And stronger than me.
And his arms a little bit longer than me.
But he ain’t on a JB song with me!

I be trying a chill
They be trying to side with the thrill.
No pun intended, was raised by the power of Will.

Like Luke with the force, when push comes to shove.
Like Cobe with the 4th, ice water with blood.

I gotta be the best, and yes
We’re the flyest.
Like David and Goliath,
I conquered the giant.
So now I got the world in my hand,
I was born from two stars
So the moon’s where I land.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up, up, up,
And never say never.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up, up, up,
And never say never.

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  1. era Says:

    omg im totaly in love with justin bieber i love you more than my life
    this song rocks i love you justin bieber <3<3<3

    justin bieber<3jaden smith<3

  2. Person Says:

    omg love this song jaden is so cute

  3. mariel Says:

    whew. its very awesome.!! justin bieber was so cool and jaden smith was talented.” i think he’d be next to jb.!!

  4. fannymitchie Says:

    yeaaahh i love Justin Bieber and now, i love this song ! with Jaden too :D

  5. nana Says:

    i love this song so much and jaden smith is ma idol and so is justin bieber man what budd anyway he is ma boo budd i realii have to go see thth movei thee krate kidd how eve yuhee spell tht

  6. lela Says:

    justin bieber ft jaden smith is fery good i like that…!!!!

  7. Jaden Lover Says:

    I LOVE JADEN SMITH!!!! <33

  8. yareth Says:

    well i love justin bieber alot well not like jaden smith i dream with justin bieber all the time. with love yareth secret fan of justin bieber

  9. karla Says:

    jaden smith cant sing..
    but he sure can rap!!!
    hahha he is so cool!!
    but jb ruined it wen he called jaden “LIL BRO”
    hes a fag…

  10. jb4eva Says:

    i love justin bieber sooooooooooooooooooo much he is so fit
    even jaden smith he is well cute also this song is tha best


  11. Nur Rahim Says:

    I want Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith,
    come to Malaysia….
    I love your song….

  12. Erin Says:

    i love this song and jaden smith i think their both really cute and OMG! jaden is just like his dad thats so funny.

  13. skye Says:

    dis is totally awsomeeeeeee i lov it :P <3

  14. ya mum Says:

    quite frankly i hate bieber. but i love jaden.

  15. suravi Says:

    omg diz song is soooo inspirin’…i am totally in luv wid justin bieber…j smith is sooo cute n talented….justin roxxxx like anythin’…..luv u loadzzzz<3<3<3<3<3<3

  16. jaden smith fan #1 Says:

    ur hot jaden. if you dont think so your a loser , just kidding but i do loveeeeeee you jaden

  17. jay Says:

    hey,this song is just pimping

  18. Jacara Says:

    Jaden’s voice just makes me melt!!!! he is so cute with his braids and everything. This song is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. megumi Says:

    i lovee this song..its the best ^_^
    jaden looks exactly like his dad..so cute
    justin bieber sings really good too =]
    both soo talented
    i also love the movie karate kid..


  20. JADEN SMITH FAN 1 Says:


  21. sabrina Says:

    hey jb u rock literally i cant stop listening to u.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love u jb!!!!!!

  22. kamia Says:

    l love u jaden smith and justin bieber but How old are u jaden cuz ur cute {I’m 12}. justin I have a sister for u she’s 14.

  23. rebeka speechley Says:

    i love this song, and i think Jaden is so cute and i love the video for this song. The lyrics are amazing and speak the truth. The one thing i think you could improve on is the beggining.. like you could of had something other than just Justin, no offence. You are an amazing singer and everything i just think it was a bit direct to Justin and not so much Jaden. But thats just my opinion. Thanks for reading my comment, Rebeka.

  24. catherine876 Says:

    okay well this is wat i think i think Jaden is effin hott and so is justin bieber this song was amazing but i like Jadens part the most though it took meh a while to figure out wat he was saying but i finally got it lol![= anyway well ppl on here need too go too myspace and search R.M.O. it has no picture and check out that music its my brothers band mess and they need the word out im on there at some points and bout tah come out with a song of my own thankss lovesss![=

    btw i love Jaden Smith!<3

  25. nergis Says:

    This song is sooo coool and inspiring it makes me wanna dance to it every time i pt it on about 6 to 8 times everyday if i get the computer to myself Jaden your sooooo hooooooot and cute and Justine Bieber too love the song Somebody to love

  26. Awank Says:

    Wow! J bieber and j smith he is cut boys ever. I like j smith in karate kids he is so like a hero and now he sing with jb. Jaden so multy talent.

  27. shanika Says:

    woow!!!!!! what a nice,an amazing,a wonderful & an awesome song!!!!
    i lv diz song sooooooooooo much & i love JB & JS soooooo much.my favorite song was Bieber’s baby.but now diz is my favourite song 4ever!!! my favorite actor is Jaden Smith & my favorite singer is justin bieber.& my favorite film is karate kid. i love them than my bf!!!!both are so cute & very handy.these days I’ve gone crazy about them & abt the film.my favorite movement of the movie is Dre’s meeting that chinese girl.(I can’t pronounce her name however hard I tried!)
    & JS must take part in more & more movies 4 us 2 enjoy.& JB must do more & more music videos featuring with Jaden. v lv 2 enjoy their creationz. I love them again & again.
    a big kiss & a huge hug 4 Jaden & Bieber!!!!
    Jaden & Bieber rox 4ever ‘n’ ever!!!!!!!!
    lv JB & JS 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. jilliean Says:

    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1I luv Jaden Smith
    but i dont know about beiber*lol*<
    Cant believe that i actually likea actor that is the same age as MEEEEEEE!<3:)

  29. sadia Says:

    he is so cute i watched the film frickin awsome love jaden so much
    jaden can sing really good voice wish i was him I LUV JADEN SMITH

  30. jackie kemigisha-Bushenyi Says:

    This is amazing, for a young talented boy to sing like dis,he is even so cute, go on boy, Jaden smith.

  31. Myrabell Says:

    hay,wow Jb and Jaden song is good..many people like this song!mee to

  32. __*lonna*__94 Says:

    This is very good song.I watched the film”THE KARATE KID”and i liked very him.Jadan smith is sooo talented,he is a good actor,good dancer and a good singer,but Justin Bieber is the best guy in the world.He is soooooooo cute and handsome boy ,i like his voice,smile,dance and every thing about him.I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER ………LoVe U SWEeTy!!!!

  33. ericka Says:

    jaden is soooooooooooooo cute

  34. Loveday Says:

    I love you jayden i love your flim my sister wants to marry you. She is the same age as you always talk to you every day your a lucky boy to hae a nice mum and dad . I would always my sister would like to she you. Justin this girl in my class says she has facebook just to talk to you she says wants to marry you LOVE YOU********

  35. John Says:

    Hi! It’s awonderful song, I love it very much, and jaden smith so cute ane talented.

  36. jaden smith is cute Says:

    jaden i love the song never say never. its the best!!!

  37. Amanda Says:

    i luv Jaden Smith n Justin Bieber but…….is the lyrics same with the song like It’s On song…..it so teribble u know……

  38. rebecca Says:

    oh my g jaden so hot!

  39. leslie Says:

    OMG jb and j smith were like really awesome in this song OMG justin bieber you are so cute I am gonna be your future wife Mr. and Mrs. Bieber awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! that sounds so cool to say

  40. atie Says:

    this song is awesome.i like JB very much cuz he can sing very well and
    JD can rap well too.I LOVE THIS SONG………JUSTIN BIEBER……………sooooo cute.

  41. KYLEE Says:


  42. Selina Says:

    I Love This Song This Is The Best Song EVER!!!

  43. dasdf Says:

    jaden smith is so sexy i wanted to die when i saw him i am only ten i wil be turning 11 soon and im totally jadens futur wife so back off and i love your little sister her song rocks

  44. DyA Says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMM.I LOVE this song . is the best song forever. JB N JADEN

  45. eno cookies Says:

    i want jaden smith, and justin bieber come to indonesia, medan.
    couse i want you are so my brother or my boysfriend…..

  46. nathanya kaoma Says:

    justin z cute but **Jaden** z cuter dont u think????

  47. temi Says:

    still loving the video

  48. lizzy Says:

    i love youjustin bieber and jaden smith best song forever

  49. stephanie joy mutindi Says:

    hey !i really think that this song is one of the greatest justing has ever done for a movie and sang with jaden smith

  50. Asian_Boi32 Says:

    I love this song + the new movie “The Karate Kid!” It is the best movie ever!!!!
    I love the end, the tournament, it was so awesome when Dre tried to control Cheng. The whole movie was soooooo………. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. SKYE Says:


  52. Corrabunnita Says:

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Jadae Says:

    I love JB and JSmith they are freak’n cute.

    I LUV YOU GUYS! :0)

  54. Azana Says:

    i like Jaden Smith some boy in my class is name Jaden Wilkins.i got jaden name tag and everything.my cousin like u .

  55. Jessica Says:


  56. Liz Says:

    Wow I was never this obsessed with Justin Bieber until I heard this song! But I’m not like those crazy obsessed people. I jusy have normal feelings about Justin. And NO I don’t have “Bieber Fever”

  57. yara Says:

    wow i was never obsessed with justin bieber until i heard this song but im so in love with this song.. justin bieber and jaden smith are cool and friends they together and i love when they sing together as a team. they trying to help people something thAT I DONt how..i saw jaden”s mom and his dad i love their parent they are so cute..

  58. marica eads Says:

    this song is the gratest and i have the song on my playlist on my computer and it is so awsome i live in mat county and almost everyone hear listens to country i do but i also lessen to KISSIN 92.5 and HOTMIX 101.9

  59. dtom Says:

    hey jb n js yo guys just melt me up i relly like yo song eeeh the u guys eeeh eeeh ehh,love jb n js as well.uuuuuuummmmuuuh

  60. Minny khan Says:

    Gr8 song guys luv it to da fulles

  61. naju.k Says:

    i am deply inlove wid justin bieber and im barhearting all his songs an im luvin it mostly baby an never say never\

  62. Destiny Says:

    I think this song is awesome when I first heard it I fell in love with it but I wasn’t obsessed with the song but it was still cool. U know !!!!!!!!!!

  63. esthar Says:

    jaden I love you come the mozambique it is bautiful.

  64. Duodualbert Says:

    Feeling these guys…. Wow.. U were really born from 2 stars indeed .

  65. talitha Says:

    wow i love jaden smith he’s my life and more xxx love you jaden

  66. Khopotso Mothupi Says:

    Hi guys! Wow! This song is amaizing. It gives so many people the strength to carry on and hold on in any bad situatinn. You have done really good guys. God bless you guys. This is Khopotso Mothupi.a.k.a Reminder all the way from Lesotho.

  67. manisha verma Says:

    Love you Justin! I like him more than Jaden. We all call him Teenheartrob but is he really? Ya I guess. Know what i am sure all the boys are jealous of him , their girlfriends like justin bieber more than they like their own boyfriends :-]

  68. amy Says:

    i luv justin bieber he rocks

  69. Debasiz Says:

    Oh jaden. U rock and justin is so great. How he handles all….its just great. And sure….never say never !!!

  70. Louise Says:

    I love jaden and justin and that song rocks but the thing that spoilt it was justin calling jadeen lil bro and jaden looked so cute and sexy in the movie

  71. fatin nur alya ramli Says:

    if justin in islam, if you were you read Surah Al-Quran is very good you can go to heaven. in heaven justin can do anything, you can rape, you can kiss anyone at heaven.

  72. Clinton Says:

    Jb may be the coolest rockstar here right now.but guess what my bro you are way cooler than justin

  73. JITU Says:

    Wow!!!wonderful!!!just brilliant!!!
    What a combinetion with justin dewk bieber & karate kid jordon smith.
    I thik it is the best combinetion, and it is the best song of j.b…..
    Littile hub doen briantlly job.
    I am trust away it’s super duper song. I am the biggest fan of u,and i love u tooooooooo sooooooooo much.


  74. imad Says:

    hi justin i love u sooooooooo! ur songs r very cuteeeee! and specialy `never say never`

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