Justin Bieber - Pray Lyrics and Video

Pray by Justin Bieber, Music Lyrics and Video

Pray is a single by Canadian pop-R&B singer Justin Bieber, which will be included on his new album “My Worlds Acoustic”.
Pop sensation Justin Bieber started playing on his acoustic guitar when he was a kid, and now he’s going back to his original roots for his next album. The album will go on sale on Black Friday exclusively through Walmart retailers. In addition to featuring new acoustic versions of fan favorites “One Time,” “Never Say Never,” and “Baby,” the new album will also feature the new single “Pray.”

Justin intends the album as a gift to his fans; the arrangements reflect Justin’s early days with merely an acoustic guitar or a lone piano. The album adds additional acoustic instrumentation such as a string quartet, congas, and a cajon drum. The percussion represents inspiration from Justin’s worldly travels, most recently to Africa. Justin plays guitar on the album alongside his musical director and fellow guitarist Dan Kanter.

Bieber performed the song at the 38th American Music Awards were held November 21, 2010.

Here you can listen the full song, this is the official video.

Justin Bieber - Pray Lyrics

Ohh Ohh Ohh .. and I pray
I just cant sleep tonight
Knowing that things ain’t right
Its in the papers, its on the tv, its everywhere that I go
Children are crying
Soldiers are dying
Some people don’t have a home
But I know there’s sunshine behind that rain
I know there’s good times behind that pain, hey
Can you tell me how I can make a change
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray

I lose my appetite, knowing kids starve tonight
Am I a sinner, cause my dinner is still on my plate
Ooo I got a vision, to make a difference
And its starting today

Cause I know there’s sunshine behind that rain
I know there’s good times behind that pain, hey

Haven’t tell me how I can make a change
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and pray
For the broken-hearted
I pray for the life not started
I pray for all the ones not breathing
I pray for all the souls in need.
I pray. Can you give em one today.
I just cant sleep tonight
Can someone tell how to make a change?

I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and I pray

I pray …

I close my eyes and pray

87 Responses to “Justin Bieber - Pray Lyrics and Video”

  1. Denise Says:

    oh, i luv this song , is great , the best song ever!!!!

  2. Angeline Courchesne Says:

    OMG!! when i first started hearing this song i cried just by hearing 30 seconds of the song because its so sad this is my new favorite song!! justins the reason i am were i am now and i thank him so much for what he has done for me and im really happy on what hes become he has a great voice he means alot to me :) <3 <3 <3

  3. shreya Says:

    this song made me cry!! even if the song is incomplete its blown my mind away!!!!! hope to here the full version soon!! luved this song so much…

  4. meme Says:

    omg this looks like a good songgggg

  5. bri Says:

    ahhh i luv justin! and this song sounds awesome!!!! the first time i heard it i cried lol!

  6. Kayleigh Bieber Says:

    Absolutely love this song.. xxx made me cry when i listened to it.. love ya Jusitn xxxxxx <3

  7. SARAH SMITH Says:


  8. sinead Says:

    omg this sounds / looks awesome i cant wait (: xo

  9. Genie Villanueva Says:

    This song is really inspiring.
    I can’t wait for the whole song to come out.
    I Love Justin sooo Much. :) <3

  10. Melanie Says:

    u r so hot justin bieber.

  11. Hijab Says:

    Justin is my fav singer……he is soooo cute n i luv him…………he is amazing and this song is awsum

  12. TEAGZ Says:

    this is a really good songs…. It makes me cry but it helps me when i am feeling down

  13. kidrauhlgirl Says:

    you granted my wish.. :)
    that’s song is what I really want.
    Thank you.

  14. SuPeRHeLeN...XD... Says:

    really cool……. :)
    if Justin Bieber had to be…….
    I love it…. :)<3:)<3:)<3 …….

  15. christine Says:

    OMG i was crying when i first heard this song

  16. Bree Says:

    Justin that was so sweet and the fact you cried makes you have heart and bravery. And this song is so true and i cant wait for the full version to come out so i can hear it all you are so genorous and sweet

  17. Shara'12 Says:

    ouw, this song makes me cry….
    that awesome song… i can’t wait 4 the full version to come out,…
    I Love this song,,,, so awesome… (^0^)

  18. Justin Bieber Says:

    I love this song!!! and I LOVEE JUSTIN BIEBER SO MUCH!!! like their are no words to describe how much i love him!! But just to make it clear in the second verse it isn’t and when i sit up…Its am i a sinner…So if you could make those changes…because we wouldnt want his fans to be singing the wrong lyrics..So yeaa once again…I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! <3

  19. spoken Says:

    I’m a 55 yr old woman and the reason why you’re crying aren’t the simple lyrics and it isn’t his singing..it’s the GOSPEL CHOIR he has backing him up..love that! Pray.

  20. pray :D Says:

    this song is absoutly amazing,and who ever does not like justin really cant say anything about this song be cause its about thats really happening! Justin has an amazing talent keep it up justn!

  21. angelatampol Says:

    I love this song and I love him on the AMA’s. Btw,to the people that think this is not the real version,well,IT IS. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! :D

  22. karrah Says:

    I love him so much! And I love this song, it made me cry when I first heard it. I’m going to his concert in December and I really hope he sings it!!<33

  23. franny_1o1 Says:

    It alright, but it sound like his voice goes out when he goes on to the second verse.. But I love the lyrics. Mina gad good meaning, Lets juat hope that when he sang it, he sang it with meaning, for all the gammaz that think highly of him

  24. angela Says:

    omg justin i am proud of you i luv u its so touching tht each time i hear it,it makes my cry i love you

  25. Shae Says:

    In the second verse he says an i a sinner cause half my dinner is still left on my plate

  26. Alexys Says:

    OMG!! i can tell a hit is coming already! i love this songg i already have every word memorized!

  27. sarah+justin= Says:

    bestttt songgg everrrr!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  28. lissette Says:

    hola—-el video es realmente lindo el de todo de si mismo para ser una estrella nuca cambies justin…el videos la cancion es totalmente hermosa….chao

  29. Erin Says:

    i love this song. justin <3 <3

  30. elie Says:

    omg I love this song!!! <3 every time I listen to this song I sing along!! he is soooo inspiering to me!! even though not many of my friends like Justin bieber, certian songs that he has written really speak to me in many ways!! I will always PRAY!!!!

  31. Sum1 Says:

    I Luv The Lyrics They’re So Sad :’[ I Keep On Hearing The Song From His Album
    ‘My Worlds Acoustic’ Its A Pretty Gud CD.! :] His Voice Sounds MUCH Deeper In Most Of The CD.But I Luv This Song The Most From His New Album. Peace Xoxo :]

  32. Sum1 Says:

    I REALLY Luv This Song His Voice Got Deeper. He Sounds Like He Hit Puberty Already :]
    Remeber Ppl PRAY 4 The Gud Nd Every1 Tht Needs It :]
    ~§Û₥1~ :)

  33. Elizabeth Says:

    Justin Bieber I like the song.Keep singing Christian songs. Pray is your best song ever.

  34. nieda deliquers Says:

    omg , this is so cool

  35. Ishani Says:

    pray is the best song.I love it.Also my favorite singer is Justin Bieber.

  36. bigfan! Says:

    I loveeeee this song!!! It’s so touchin! Keep doin songs like Pray, U smile there awesome!!

  37. Angela Says:

    Oh my God!!This song makes me cry!It’s so beautiful! <3
    God bless you Justin!!

  38. Mrs.Bieber Says:

    i absolutelyy loveee this song..!!!! it’s sooo amaaazingg..! myy absolute fave :’).. i lovee justin bieber soo muchh his voice is amaazingg and he’s just soo sexxyy..!! :P <3 xxx

  39. T. Says:

    this song is amazing .. it really got to me and it made me cry and yea this in one of my fav songs by justin B. and i agree .. we are soo lucky we have everything we want and sometimee we’ve just got to appriate what we’ve got rather then moaning and watseing it cuz one day when its gone were gonna realise how much we need it but its not gonna be there for us …

  40. claudia shawty loves u forever Says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG !! … its the best justin is my fav singer and he is soooooo CUTE ! nd I LOVE HIM xx <3 <3 xx !

  41. Tracy Says:

    this song is gr8 and inspiring….gud job…u r finally using ur fame 2 help others….once again..gud job

  42. Bishnu Parajuli Says:

    hey ; i m very glad that my faviorite had accomplished in making a new video
    a lot of thanks and appreciation 2 u justin caz i m gonna be drowning in the ocean of muzic cuz that voice is so sweetm
    justin i have a new girlfriend 4 u ; it matches perfectly to u
    so U SMILE :) thet’s

  43. vuyo jael Says:

    This song is so touching….its very nice n I got so emotional when I first listened to it….

  44. jolie Says:

    this song is AWESOME!!!!!!! every word is true & he has soo much talent look how far he has got. i heard the song & i hardly reconized his voice!! (in a good way) good job bieber keep up the good work u rockk! ♪♪♪↑

  45. Rhiannon Says:

    This song makes me cry because my brother is in iraq right now:(
    This song is amazing i love it its so inspiring to help others..Justins an amazing person and so down to earth i would do anything just to get a hug from him hes my idol and always will be I love him to death!!♥
    Good luck,

  46. BJ Says:

    I mean right, im not a huge fan of justin, but seriously this song just makes him seem like a whole new and better person. This is one of my favourite songs by him . :)

  47. Secoya Hall Says:

    Justin the first time i listened to that song i cried, I love you and all of ur sons especially pray. you have inspired me to do what ever i can to make a change

  48. mammaly Says:

    Hi Guys.how i can download it?

  49. Ariana Says:

    Hi justin my name is ariana and I just wanted to say that ur song pray is an amazing song and that its an inspiring song to me and many others I believe haha and I also wanted to congratulate you on how far you have come in the famous industry, so keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas!:)

  50. Dachele Says:

    I love this song so so so so so so so so so so so so much

  51. bieber lover Says:

    MEERY CHRISTMAS everyone have a good christmas
    and u JUSTIN xxxx

  52. mojo Says:

    at first i started to cry because i thought about those kids and how they didnt have a home and that used to be me and im so said because my friend still lives there and i just wanted to say thanks and Merry Christmas Justin and a Happy New Year.

  53. baylea Says:

    when i first listened to this song i started tcry because tise people not as lucky as we are dont have homes and they dnt have any food andif we wa to stopthat we all need to work together an there will be les of homeless people

  54. Anna Says:

    Omg that Song is so sad And i cant get that song out of my head i love it so much the first day i heard it it was so sad

  55. Vivek Says:

    Well done… You are moving close to the sky.. So unique you are….

  56. Mrs. Bieber Says:

    awwww….. this song just makes me cry :’(

    it is so sweet. :*

    nicely done

  57. JBs OneLessLonelyGirlx Says:

    aaawww this song is so emotional x but i love it , my favouurite song of his !! iloveyouBEAST!!

  58. Jesuslover Says:

    Justin I LOVE this song you should sing more christian songs!!

  59. niyah Says:

    wow i cant stop crying omg so sad

  60. Peyton Says:

    I don’t see how he sings that withought crying his heart out…. It made me cry…

  61. justinsone@only Says:

    O M G this somg is sooooooooo sad evan 2 think about makes me wanna cry but its ok cuz justins here LOL …wow sooo sad keep on going ur doin great love ya,<3 <3<3<3<3<3 have lots of fun baby TE AMO MUCHO

  62. Shakiena Says:

    i absoulutely love this song my face poured out tears justin bieber really has a heart to sing this and he sings it so peacefully and gracefully. I am going to sing this song at my family reunion and hopefully they will like it justin bieber inspires alot of people so he needs to keep on doing what he is doing i <3 this song its so true and inspiring we really need to do better as americans

  63. Elizabeth Says:

    I love this song!!!!! The video is soooo sweet!

  64. Marisa Says:

    This is my all time favorite Justin Bieber song. My dad being in the army, seeing the lest fortunate on the side of the rode Christmas Eve, and seeing the news about Haiti. It makes me think that I have everything to be thankful for. I love it sooooooooooooooooooooo much. MY NEW FAVORITE SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  65. crystal Says:

    I just love the songs and the videos that justin bieber performs in every song he adds some parts that make me love him and he is the cutest boy i saw in my life. I LOVE U JUSTINE BIEBER!!!

  66. Loren Says:

    you know some people (mostly fans) just listen to the song and are like ooh i love this song and i love Justin Bieber but they don’t really listen to what Justin is trying to say. He wants to make a difference in this world.

  67. hornelie Says:

    its such a lively song i almost cried love his songs <3 xxx

  68. Dreama Torres Says:

    Well first what i have to say is i’m only in 7th grade i’ve had a hard life but my shoes have fit in them perfectly and i dont care if your cute or whatever i just like this song it REALLY touched my heart and since these years have went by my grandmother died i went to haiti to help clean up and theres still so much more i want to do i am only 12 yrs old and i’m thinking about this stuff already i want to give all the people homeless somewere to live and my shoes will never fill tht hole in my heart becaus i’m still working on everything i do but i really liked the song and hoped you could help the homeless becaus ehtere really need somewere to live

  69. renea Says:

    you should love the thing that you are doing to help the people that need money and that song really touched my heart and that`s really good that justin bieber is help the people that need help and saveing there lives .

  70. Ashley Says:

    OMG thiz song iz amazing and the video fitz it perfectly like itz good to no that you are trying to make a change in thiz world and like i always say to everyone who ever douts you YOU ARE JUST LIKE MICHAEL ALWAYS LOOKIN AT THE MAN IN THE MIRROR AND ASKING THE WORLD TO CHANGE ITZ WAYZ!!!!!!!!!

  71. Dragon Says:

    This song is so…cool and touching at the same time its so sad seeing people homeless I just want to help.

  72. suzan Says:

    this is a great song and i love it! please give us songs like that. coz this song makes me cry but it brings me up when i’m down..

  73. Blinz Says:

    The first time i heard this song i cried cos this song means lots for pple who are in that situation. its so sad

  74. tracy Says:

    that was amazing song and actually it’s one of my favorite songs :))

  75. vanessa Says:

    hi justin my name is vanessa and i love this song i know you heard that from a lot of people but im the one who really means this justin i can’t stop watching this video it has maded me cry every time i watched it even if i watched it a thousand times i would still love it justin i just want to say i love you and nice to know you really care

  76. chantelle Says:

    i love you justin bieber and love the song pray

  77. kiran 4m Nepal Says:

    i hate justin bt not his song n voice…vdeo of dis jst incredibly makes me cry..recently m prayin’ for Japan..guyz if u really r bieber’s fans,den lets pray for japan…c’mon

  78. bgon_777 Says:

    You Made me cry JB every time i heard your song i can help my self to cry because of the lyrics and the video. and there a conviction for me to pray specially now a days for what happening to Japan and to Libya.

  79. togi Says:

    this song so inspires me. i know that God use you to be good influence and motivator for all people. God bless us all

  80. Cathryn Says:

    I’m crying…..I’m actually really jealous of Justin cuz he has gotten everything that he has ever dreamed of, he got it smack easy cuz someone heard him and it all happened. I wish it was just that easy, I mean I wanna be a singer and a dancer but I can’t cuzi haven clue on how to get there u know. So anyway. Love the song!!

  81. Harinder Says:

    I love this song very much. B’cz this is the first song of my life which has song going to me crying….!

  82. Anju Joseph Says:

    This song is so beautiful
    so serene
    so melodious
    in short i love this song

  83. Khopotso Mothupi Says:

    Huh! JB! This song is really sad. I guess what makes it really sad is the fact that everything you wrote about is so true. God bless you JB. May he give you the strength to always do the right things. Khopotso a.k.a Reminder.

  84. MISS Bieber Says:

    All yall gurls tlkin bout yall luv him bet yall wnt fight for him…<3

  85. Marie Says:

    I Luv you Justin Drew Bieber

  86. river Says:


  87. Mrs. Pray Says:

    Justin this song touched me and my family for many different reasons. Times are tough and you are taking the time to help make things better and i just want to thank you for it. If only you could come to my school and sing this song, it would have a big impact. Keep it up and ur awesome;] BTW i love u and check out Amityville middle School in ny.EWMiles. Not that u will probably even see this<3

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