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Katharine McPhee - Connected Lyrics and Video

Connected by Katharine McPhee, Music Video and Lyrics

Katharine McPhee recorded the song “Connected” for the new Barbie movie, Barbie and the Diamond Castle.
The song was produced by Room For Two and a music video was also recorded to be featured on the movie’s DVD.

‘Barbie and the Diamond Castle’ is a 2008 direct-to-video computer-animated entry in the in the Barbie film series. The film was released in September 2008.

The song was originally sung by Sara Paxton, she recorded the song for Aquamarine soundtrack; Aquamarine is a 2006 film starring JoJo, Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton.

You can listen Katharine McPhee’s Connected song here, this is the official video.

Katharine McPhee - Connected Lyrics

(Original version by Sara Paxton)

I’m blind-folded on this roller coaster they call life.
Keep trying to make it through the next turn, knuckles white and holdin’ tight.
So here I go, takin’ a curve,
But I know that I’m never alone.
I think of you, I know you’d never let me go.

I feel connected, protected, it’s like you’re sitting right with me all the time.
You hear me, you’re near me,
And everything else’s gonna be alright.
‘Cause nothin’ can break this, nothin’ can break this, nothin’ can break this time.
Connected…connected inside.

It’s not an accident, the time we spent apart.
But now we’re so close, I can always find you right here in my heart.
You’ve given me somethin’ I need, and I don’t ever want it to end.
Because of you, I know I’ve found my strength again.

I feel connected, protected, it’s like you’re sitting right with me all the time.
You hear me, you’re near me,
And everything else’s gonna be alright.
‘Cause nothin’ can break this, nothin’ can break this, nothin’ can break this time.
Connected…connected inside.

Everytime that I breathe, I can feel the energy.
Preachin’ out, flowin’ through, you to me and me to you. Find your dream,
Walk or stand, you are everywhere I am.
Seperate souls, you to find, touching at the speed of light.

Whoa, ah-oh, ah-oh, ah-oh, ah-oh, ah-oh, ah-oh, ah-oh

I feel connected, protected, it’s like you’re sitting right with me all the time.
You hear me, you’re near me,
And everything else’s gonna be alright.
Connected, protected, now you’re in my mind, now I’m doin’ fine.
You hear me, you’re near me, and everything else’s gonna be alright.
‘Cause nothin’ can break this, nothin’ can break this, nothin’ can break this time.
Connected…connected inside.

85 Responses to “Katharine McPhee - Connected Lyrics and Video”

  1. teja Says:

    that song connected she stoll from rbd…bitch

  2. Lauren Says:

    I love this song so much! I think she is a brill singer with an amazing

    PS. Shut up teja! there are LOADS of copied songs in the world - so go slag somebody else.

  3. Samantha Says:

    omg i luv this song so much can’t stop listening 2 it hope pther people likes this song XD
    teja shut! up!!!! i luv that song so b quiet >:)

  4. Samantha Says:

    teja shut! up!!!! i luv that song so b quiet >:)

  5. Mel Says:

    I gotta say that this song is really awesome and i sing it every day and i think i have practiced it so much that now when i sing the song it feels like that i am her!!!

    Oh and Tega i think your totally wrong so please dont make a fuss about it so there. would you like being called what you called her?
    you sure are MEAN!!! A LOT!!!

  6. laura Says:

    like i so agree with u me/ w8! i mean i totally agree with u :D

    im singin it now and listening it XD

  7. Mel Says:

    Hey laura dont you think that tega is really rude?

  8. laura Says:

    durr of corse :D

  9. Serita Says:

    this song is awsome so shut up teja

  10. tenerte y querete Says:

    I don’t think Teja said said song sucks…and no she shouldn’t call mcphee that either. I think she just thinks RBD sang it better and I agree. They sang this song first in english and originally the song is in spanish and the sing it in spanish as well it’s call Tenerte y Quererte.

  11. laura Says:

    ye so
    it does really matta that much 4 me

  12. sally Says:

    I think this song is totally awesome & ilove that song so shut up teja that’s very rude.

  13. Mel Says:

    Yeah who cares if the song is abot same i have heard so many different songs with same music Teja you are the stupid girl i have ever so take your mean words and sentences somewhere else people who CARES we all dont care so go away and i hope you see all these we wrote

  14. Disa Pointed Says:

    It just blows my mind how the youth of this nation has become so ignorant. From petty arguments, to lack of vocabulary and basic spelling. You all act and sound like little, nasty children. I’m only 25 and in the last 10 years I’ve witnessed a depressing decline in intelligence and civility. Please, get your act together and find a purpose in life.

  15. Mel Says:

    Just who are you you Disa Pointed or whatever you know you think really smart but older girls are not smarter they are stupid and weird so what EVER and we are not nasty infact you are nasty and unkind so dont warn us because we didnt even give YOU a warning so there got it!!! now tell us what to DO!!!

  16. laura Says:

    me/ did u know that every word u say i agree!!!!! with ya ;)

  17. casey Says:

    i just wanted to say that my daughter loves this song (she’s 6) and i do too (i’m much older)! and the more i listen to it i realize it’s about JESUS! that is awesome - i’m sure it wasn’t originally written for Him, but this song definitely describes how i feel about my personal relationship with Christ! so cool to share this with my daughter! “nothing can break this tie - connected”! i know that i’m never alone, it’s how i get through life - cause it would just be so hard without the love and neverending presence of the source of my strength! my Jesus! great mainstream song with a positive message!

  18. ihatebarbie Says:

    I think it’s hilarious how everyone is bashing someone named ‘Teja’ about expressing their opinion, when that person will probably never look at this site and read what you’ve said about it. So everyone here is in fact PATHETIC.

  19. laura Says:

    like ihatebarbie can u like jst shut ur mouth coz heaps of peeps likes this song jst becoz u dnt like barbie or something doesnt mean u need to say that every1 is pathetic mayb ur even more pathetic.

  20. stacey Says:

    I totally agree with you laura and if Tega gonna say Mcphee is a bitch then Tega is the bitch not Mcphee .

    I know right i listened too and i love this song i was singin it earlier this morning.

    Bye everbody.

  21. kiara Says:

    omg I love this song so shut up Teja and I think that Mcphee sung it better. I listened to rbd and it didn’t sound to good.

  22. georgie henley Says:

    i love this song

  23. Rebecca Says:

    i love hi song and the film its so cachy and makes you wonna just get up and dance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi to every 1 thats reading this message love u all bye xxxx

  24. stacey Says:

    That is so sweet Rebecca.

  25. laura Says:

    stacey i agree :D i always come and check if theres any new messages about this lovley SONG >.<

  26. laura Says:

    listening 2 it right now :D and still i think teja is really rude u stupid gurl i bet tejas really sad when she hears the messages about her stupid sentence…

    bye bye every1 :D

  27. imarie Says:

    i really love barbie.. i have seen ol her u hav a lyrics of two voices one song in barbie and the diamond castle??pls!!!

    teja is a bitch…

  28. mina Says:

    hey, i think this song rules and it rocks so teja just shut the hell up! i hate you!!!!!

  29. kiara Says:

    imarie i also have two voices one song lyrics from barbie and the diamond castle.

  30. Cheryl Says:

    I enjoy this song, too — and the movie! I’m “much older” too, Casey, and I think the same way about this song. I’m thankful that God is connected to us through Christ. He is whom I think of when I hear this song. It’s sweet to think of it in terms of two friends too, like in the movie. Whoever wrote the song, whatever language it was written in: thank you for writing it, sharing it, and letting it be sung in English! :-) I hope you’ll write more!

  31. Zohal Says:

    cOoL I lOvE tHaT sOnG ITS SO COOL :) :) :) :) :) :) :D ;D ;) its so nice by the way! CONNECTED!!!!!!!!!

  32. nidzzz Says:

    dis song is wooooooooooooow!!!!

  33. Trishia Says:

    this is one of my all-time favorite song….i mean like its always playing in my head and i just can’t forget it…the lyrics are so meaningful and the music so catchy!!! pls and if nyone dosen’t like this song pls DO NOT write a comment and spoil our mood…

  34. Lara Says:

    i love barbie movies! lol im 14 yrs old. it sounds better wen barbie singz it tho.

  35. Trishia Says:

    hi lara i’m 14 years too and i like agree with you but this version is also awesome..

  36. ariel Says:

    hi!everyone im ariel im 18yrs.old i agree to all of you this song and movie is so awsome and magical too.
    i love it i wish it would have it’s part 2=))=))=))=))

  37. bibo Says:

    just read the lyrics,haven’t listened to it yet…but i guess it’ll surely sound cool..

  38. Zoha Says:

    Lovely song
    I love it

  39. Amy Says:

    I thought it must be I’m blind folded on this carrige

  40. kiara Says:

    Hey Amy I thought that too.
    I think I have almost ol uv barbie’s movies except one well I watched it on tv a few months ago….PS I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS SONG I WISH THAT I COULD SEE THE MOVIE.

  41. katy Says:

    you should shamed doing the incorrect lyrics

  42. Dierdre Kristie Says:

    I always watch dis muvi………….i EVEN lIKE n aLWayS Sing 2 VoiCesS 1 sOng…n ConnecTed n GoTta Find it

  43. cez faigal Says:

    i jz luvd d song…i olredi watched the movie…diamond castle?it totali rockz..

  44. Mai Says:

    My sister’s a Barbie fan. When I get bored I sometimes watch Barbie with her to kill time, but I gotta admit that I love this song (even though I’m 16, you can never be too old for such things, right?). Anyone here experience the same thing?

  45. barbieluver Says:

    i luv barbie!!! she’s awsome. all u guys who said barbie was awsome i luv u!!!!!! u guys rock!! i watched the movie like 20 times. it is so cute. ALl you who said barbie sucked here’s a news flash 4 u “shut the hell up”

  46. dinisha Says:

    i love this song be cause me and my BEST FRIEND and i watch the movie and nothing has ever brought us closer than ever and now we sing it all the time.


    love this song be cause me and my BEST FRIEND and i watch the movie and it was more beautiful then any movie.and thats why i love this song also.i sing this song everyday and every night.this is te best song in the world.i luv barbie and treasa both !!! they are awsome :) :) :) .

  48. Naomi Says:

    uhhmm there’s something wrong in the lyrics it should be carriage than roller coaster :)

  49. melissa Says:

    i love you diamond castle i actually love the song :D

  50. it doesn't deserve Says:

    Well girls you don’t have to quarrel because of what others think about the song i think that this song is cool and the song of rbd is cool too and that is no problem if they are similar.i love barbie and rbd and girls i don’t think that deserves to quarrel just because others have another opinion this is it if they are unsightly and they don’t know how to enjoy the two songs instead of one song….love ya 2 beutifull songs:*:*:-x i hope you understand what i wanted to say

  51. ma. selina lopez Says:

    I really like this song.Ifeel inspired everytime I hear it. I wish I could make asong as nice as this……..

  52. barbiefan Says:

    I really love this song. I also like the voice of Katharine Mcphee. She has a beautiful voice I hope I’m as good as her when I sing this song for my energizer. hahaha….

  53. Cherry Says:

    i love this song so much its like stuck in my head everyday and anyway RBD is a good band but the singer isnt as good as Katharine Mcphee!! :D

  54. akanksha Says:

    This song by Kathrine is awsome blossom ! I really love this song! keep doing the good work.

  55. nida Says:

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it really touched my heart

  56. soha Says:

    i realy like this song you are awsome katharine love you from your fan soha

  57. Leti Says:

    I can’t believe you are all bashing Teja like this.. RBD DID sing this song first, and it WAS ripped off by Sara Paxton, who was copied by Katharine McPhee. Calling McPhee or Paxton or whoever a bitch IS a bit rude, but there’s no reason to call HER a bitch. I, personally, like “Tenerte y Quererte” more, but I’d also heard that one first, so I’m biased.

    The point is that you guys need to accept that a lot of songs are stolen, and that’s going to piss people off, but you don’t have to get pissed at them. ‘Tenerte y querete’ and ‘it doesn’t deserve’ are both awesome for being so chill about it.

    (I got pissed about this song being stolen too.)

  58. beautifull Ira Salvaleon KWA. Says:

    it is very great I realize the true frienship and When I hear this song i remember my friend whom transfer from our school to other and my friends who is remaining in our school does not treat me as a friend I feel alone and do you know what I do? i come to my secret place and i talk to my self i only imagine that she is near. thanks for reading this i hope you like it and it has in touch your hearts and the best of i hope that it inspired you hearts thank you very much. i Wish my bestfriend back to our school as soon as possible.

  59. Diamond Says:

    Hi! I luv this song so much that i can’t express it in words. Its so damn good. And its music 2 is awesome. This song reminds me of my best friend every time i hear it. It really touches my heart. Luv u all!

    A Message 4 teja: Please keep ur stupid opinions 2 yourself!!!


  60. secret Says:

    i love this song ……..I fell connected…hhehehe

  61. Fiona Says:

    this is my favourite song and she is my favorite singer love her so so much :)
    by the way the 1st comment i wrote something in chinese

  62. rhea Says:

    this song makes me happy when i listening it , happy …happy…happy……………i love u katherine <3

  63. Nethmi Says:

    I love this song very much. Whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of our friendship. Well, I enjoyed listening to it.

  64. coolgirl Says:

    how do we download it??

  65. shreya Says:

    i love this song very much but not than any other song of hannah’s

  66. kriti Says:

    this song is like blowing of mind.this song is cool,awesome and this reminds me my friendship

  67. julie Says:

    THis is so cool how all of us love this song (almost) I love it too!! It’s soo beautiful…:)
    You know, i never used to like barbie but ever since i saw the Diamond Castle, my thoughts changed. I love barbie! Their pretty, cool and i never knew how awesome the music was! Connected…i love it!! Thanks for reading this, i hope you feel the way i did when i heard this song, so very …well you know- HAPPY!!!

  68. dona Says:

    this song is cool.i have friend like this.we all song very much.awesome…….i can remmember my a day atleast we hear this five times

  69. Achsah Says:

    i love it and shut up TEJA

  70. Achsah Says:


  71. sarah Says:

    I enjoyed litening to it

  72. zahra Says:

    I love this song…I love barbie diamond castle………

  73. rosella Says:

    love this song and teja dont say bad things about others bcuz if u look at others message they said bad things about u

  74. riya Says:

    every person has alot of ideas abt u n ur song bt what i feel is ur really awsome and u r my favourite singer ever.

  75. alexa-cassie Says:

    omg!je t’aime,katharene! Wie schon!! in deutsh,i’ll say dis song is fantastish und ausgezeichnet!!!i lalalalalala luvvvv dis song!!its awsome!!<3!1 ma b.f. n i sing dis song almost evryday:me playin d piano n he,playin d guitar n its jus soooo romantic!!lol:p!! luvv itt! ba umm, i fnk ders a mixup in d lyrics! i fnk its:im blindfolded on this carriage ride! n in the chorus,its: nothin can break this TIME,connected! well, dats wat i read from othersites! alles gute! n plzz dnt b rude

  76. reni luci Says:

    this is good .ok ok ok oko

  77. golden may Says:

    i really love the movies of the mattel entertainment presents barbie

  78. rf Says:

    omg………..beautiful song

  79. lauren Says:

    teja shut up! ive memorized this son lol i luv it sooo much i love katharine btw teja you r so rude go to ur word teja dont you think she is mean and rude? btw katharine i should its awsome done

  80. precious Says:

    i really love this song. my niece and I are always watching barbie the diamond castle, and we sing together the. nothing can break this, nothing can break this tie CONNECTED :)

  81. apple jen ceriaco Says:

    its very nice……………….. heheheheheh i like it very mutch…

  82. Mrs. Darcy Says:

    Teja is right . She stole that song. She should be thankful that RBD were nice and did not sue her as the law is on their side. As it is the RBD lyrics are better and she is lucky that the movie is so beutifully done since the song by itself would have no standing.
    I love that movie but still cringe when I hear the movie lyrics since I knew the originals for a long time and I can’t help but compare.It is like hearing a bad ‘DUB” job.

  83. red apple Says:

    ireally love this song

  84. kalsey Says:

    hi I’m Kalsey I’m 12 years old i just wanna say that tega was a bit rude and she doesn’t know if Katherane Mcphee got permission of RBD 2 do the song so she can’t say she’s a bitch because she doesn’t know the truth oh and my opinion on the song is fantastic and i couldn’t of thought of a betta way 2 describe it WONDERFUL

  85. kalsey Says:

    another thing that i like about this movie is that when i sing it reminds me about wat me and my friends r SANDI and KELLIE we r connected by friendship and no matter where we r far or near we’re still best friends and we’re still connected

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