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Keyshia Cole - Fallin’ Out Lyrics and Video

Fallin’ Out by Keyshia Cole, Music Video and Lyrics

Fallin’ Out” is the fifth and final single off of Keyshia Cole’s double platinum cd, Just Like You, which was released by Geffen Records on September 25, 2007.

You can listen the song here, this is a fan made video.

Keyshia Cole - Fallin’ Out Lyrics

[verse 1 ]
Been sitting thinking about you and I and wondering why were not getting along
so frustrated ’cause what we had was a happy home.
I don’t know what the situation is but I can tell in the way we kiss
we don’t talk no more it feels better when I’m alone

Sometimes I feel like there’s no getting through to you
like you don’t appreciate all that I do.
you gotta show me that you want me to stay
don’t turn & walk away

baby I’m slowly falling out of love with you
I don’t know what to do,
how did we end up here this way?
what are we gonna do?
I’m slowly falling out.. baby
we’re tripping on silly things
boy I need you to meet me halfway,
if you want me to be with you..

[verse 2]
I remember when, I’d be with my friends
you checked on me and made time to call
but how things have changed? –
now I don’t hear from you at all.
Yeah yeah yeah



don’t let your pride get in the way,
for something we worked so hard –
don’t throw it away
I’ve been tryna make you see
everything you need is right here with me



Slowly falling
slowly falling

How did we end up here this way?

Slowly falling
slowly falling

How did we end up here this way?

[repeat till end]

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  1. tutus mom Says:


  2. Ndakondja Says:

    Keep it up Keyshia, you rock……..!

  3. kendra stallworth Says:

    I love this song! It totally explains me!

  4. lil miss e Says:

    this song is beautiful… has so much soul. i love it and i’m really feelin it. thank you keysha!

  5. val Says:

    Hello keyshia i see that every thing about you is beautiful because it comes from the inside.And god always says that. I doubt if you will ever get this e-mail but if you do i’ve written some pretty music,lyrics and gospells i hope you wouldt mind checking out and some remixes as well both serious and comical.I spent some time in prison myself so i know exactly where your mom is coming from.Im still strugglin with tryin to make ends meet and all i need is that some one to care enough to take a little bit of their time out to hear what i have to offer please.I have a huge block buster story to tell which will if handled properly will stop the inhumane treatment of woman in the ONLY female correctional asylum in conneticut.Its not just another prison story when i walk around with paermanent damage from staff abuse to prove it. X-RAYS TELL NO LIES.The way out for me through these last 5yrs just let out on dec 08,08 was through my music and the graces of Jehovah thru his son christ jesus keyshia try and holla at a sister and tell your mother keep up the good work we’re all proud of you.

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