Kris Allen - No Boundaries Lyrics and Video

No Boundaries by Kris Allen, Music Video and Lyrics

No Boundaries is the 2009 winner’s single of season 8 of the reality television show American Idol.
It was co-written by American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, along with Cathy Dennis and Mitch Allan. It will be the first single for winner Kris Allen, and was performed on May 19, 2009’s final performance show by Kris Allen, and by the show’s runner-up, Adam Lambert.

You can listen here the song, this is live performance video.

Kris Allen - No Boundaries Lyrics

Seconds hours so many days
You know what you want but how long can you wait
Every moment last forever if you feel you’ve lost your way
What if your chances are already gone
Started believing that I could be wrong
But you give me one good reason
to fight and never walk away

Coz here I am - still holding on!

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

You’ll make it through the pain (or through all your aches and pains)
Weather the hurricane
To get to that one thing

When you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you’ve almost gave up on your dreams
Then take it by the hand and show you that you can
There are no boundaries x2

I fought to the end to stand on the edge
What if today is as good it gets
Don’t know where the future’s headed
Nothings gonna bring me down

I’ve jumped every bridge and I’ve run every line
I’ve risked being saved but I always knew why
I always knew why

So here I am still holding on
Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

You’ll make it through the pain
Weather the hurricane
To get to that one thing

When you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you’ve almost gave up on your dreams
Then take it by the hand and show you that you can

You can go higher
You can go deeper
There are no boundaries
Above and beneath you
Break every rule coz there’s nothing between you
and your dreams

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

There are no boundaries
Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe
You’ll make it through the pain
Weather the hurricane
There are no boundaries x3

Song Information

Genre Pop rock
Writers Kara DioGuardi, Cathy Dennis, Mitch Allan

32 Responses to “Kris Allen - No Boundaries Lyrics and Video”

  1. amberley Says:

    omg i lovee kris allen !!! and this song !! so happy he won @

  2. Kris Allen Fan Says:

    Some of the lyrics are missing…the part about crossing the bridges

  3. Ha Says:

    Some words missing :)

  4. mathew Says:

    i think so,cos the second starzed is not there

  5. Astri Says:

    Awww… I am so in love with this song. Kris Allen ~ !!! I LOVE KRIS ALLEN ~!

  6. Mike Says:

    There’s another verse
    Cheers for the post. Love the song, especially the lyrics; inspirational

    Thank you for correcting the lyrics.

  7. Melissa Says:

    Kris, congrats!!!! You completly deserve this no matter what everyone else is saying!!! Ignore them because you are very talented. This song is amazing and completly fits Kris! The lyrics completely fit Kris and his journey through American Idol! This is my new favorite song and I can’t wait to hear it on the radio and buy your album!!!

  8. ali Says:

    this is an amaazing song. he definatly deserved to win. and this song sounds so amazing in his vioce

  9. Jen Says:

    I´m so extremely happy Kris won. I totally expected Adam to win and when Ryan said his name I think I hyperventilated out of joy.
    Kris has such a natural charm and charisma, he´s a very talented musician and I guess it doesn´t hurt that he looks gorgeous.
    Thanks for making this video, it´s awesome!

  10. Carolyn Says:

    Some of the lyrics should be: “Every moment lasts forever WHEN you feel you lost your way” “What if MY chances WERE already gone” ” SO here I am still holding on” Not Coz. “WITH every step you climb another mountain” “weather the hurricaneS”

  11. Chelsea Says:

    Some other lyrics that are wrong are.

    “THEY takee it by the hand, and show you that you can”
    “JUST when you think the road is going nowhere”
    And there is two “there are no boundries before the last chorus…

    And I was a chris fan, we live in Canada and my dad was the only LAmbert fan so we all jumped up and screamed when adam won it was very exciting. He has the best raw talent without all of the extremes.
    And this and his heartless rendition were his shoe ins for the win!
    :) Great job kris!:)


  12. bella Says:

    this song gives me inspiration

  13. kayla Says:

    there is no words missing. i just played the song back liked 50 times. (not 50) but all the words are in there.

    at first i was disspaointed that he won, but now im so happy he did! i love you kris!!

  14. ngan Says:

    love Kris ! love this song !

  15. rachel Says:

    i love him, hes amazing !

  16. Mitch Says:

    Congrats Kris! I’m looking forward for your album and hope it will be a big hit. You’re very talented and a very down to earth person. Just ignore all the negative comments. God bless you and your family always. Good luck!

  17. Jessica Says:

    I love Kris!! Good Job, this is the best song eva!!

  18. Cari Says:

    This is an amazing song! Kris deserved to win, he is so much better than Adam!

  19. andrea jessica Says:

    i think adam lambert deserves to be the 2009 american idol and not kris allen,, although he’s very nice and handsome guy, adam lambert is still the american idol season 8 winner for me,, and adam sang the “no boundaries” more beautiful and great than kris,,, the 100 million votes only made kris the next american idol

  20. nick Says:

    Coz hear I am - still holding on!
    it’s wrong… here I am… it’s the correct

  21. layla Says:

    i love this song. i expected for adam to win but when said his name i almost cried because adam did not win. but this song is so kris and he really deserves to win and congrats kris. i am going to sing this and put it on youtube and sing for my aunt who is graduating from high school. i love kris even if i wanted adam to win

  22. Aly Says:

    I missed the finale but i heard on the radio-and at school-that kris won and i supported kris after allison got voted off (i mean, i wanted kris to win, but when my favorite gets booted, i refuse to vote anymore) and like, all of my friends supported adam (pretty much) and I was like, “you guys, you know that kris is gonna win anyways” but they were like, “adam is a better singer”, which is true, but i honestly think that kris was more popular with america because he was never in the bottom two. like, when he was in the bottom three with adam, he was saved first, and then in the top 3 and they were all standing next to each other, kris got saved before adam. and i LUV this song. it is just amazing and I am so glad that kris won because i think he honestly deserved it, but he says that adam deserved it, which is also true, but i love kris more than i will ever love adam so yeah. and kris is unbelievably modest. like, i mean if me–or my friends–ever won american idol, i wouldnt go like, ‘the other person deserved it’. like, i mean, seriously!

  23. erin Says:


  24. Jhedlynn Says:

    I love u kris! Ur the best!

  25. sierra Says:

    i love you. you are so hooooooottttttttt!with a capital H.will you marry me?

  26. Arkansas Girl Says:


  27. fify Says:

    kriss allen ROX……….i m his NO FAn

  28. hahaha! Says:

    i like this song super…. This songs of no boundaries of kris allen was inspired to all listening this song. So that my friends and i, i love this song for finals last american idol season 8. Very inspiration this song i would like to say to all not listening this song, please listen that song and i’m sure u also like this song of mr. Kris Allen. Thanks! Of kris allen u will give me a some special inspired the song a to all people were listening your song.

  29. Bucky Says:

    great voice this puppy face, i love it, looking forward to buy his cd. The best voice of this season

  30. kimmy d Says:

    Omg i love ur voice and not to mention the three things i love the most abt u is ur voice.ur smile and ur always calm abt eveything i a. so happy u won instead of adam even though u both deserved it u were my favorite…….

  31. rose Says:

    the song is very nice and the artist is very cute i realy like this and i hope kris allen stay longer in his career….

  32. Jc Says:

    dis song is sooooooooooooooooooooo b’ful.i just love it

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