Lil’ Kim - Black Friday Lyrics and Video

Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss) by Lil’ Kim, Music Lyric sand Video

After throwing jabs at Lil’ Kim on the Eminem-assisted “Roman’s Revenge,” Kim fires back with “Black Friday”.
The Queen Bee turns the heat up on this sizzling war, Lil kim disses Nicki Minaj and Drake… in fact she disses the whole Young Money and Diddy too.

Here you can listen the full song, it was aired 26th November on HOT 97.

Lil’ Kim - Black Friday Lyrics

[Nicki Minaj Talking]
Roman’s Revenge, um,
you know, she just really jumped out the window
and you gotta be careful when you pick fights
and that’s what I’ve learned in this business
you just never know…

[Lil’ Kim]
Shut the f-ck up

Who the f-ck want war
FedEx beef straight to your front door
It’ll be a murder scene
I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th
Aight you Lil Kim clone clown
all this buffoonery, the shit stops now
time for you to lay down, I’m sick of the fraud
I put hands on this bitch like a spa massage
we all know your last name is what got you a job
you use to put together gimmicks something like a collage
since you putting on a show, you gon’ get the appaulse
clap clap, lift your frame like a f-cking garage, yeah
this hood sh-t you and Drake ain’t built for
this the same sh*t the other bitch almost got killed for
I’m still counting what hardcore generated
bet my sh-t keeps spinning like it’s syndicated
corny broad I’ll you bloody like you menstruated
your hot air ass bitch should have been deflated
this aint a championship fight I’ve been the greatest
see the fact is, what you doing I did it
lames trying to clone my style, run with it
thats cool, I was the first one with it
you deluded kim wannabe you just hate to admit it
I’m the Blueprint you aint nothing brand new
check ya posters and videos, you’ll always be number 2
I seen ‘em come, I seen go, I still remain
sweety, you going on your 14th minute of fame
I’m over 10 years strong still running the game
cut the comparisons, I’m in the legendary lane
fighting for ya spot, y’all please, I’m solidified
with my hands tied, you couldn’t beat me if you bitches tried
either you high, or sipping that sh-t Wayne on
I get top dollar for whatever my name on
go stick your head in a tornado, brainstorm
I drop bombs, FLex, Napalm
black and yellow, will pull up in your ghetto
Giuseppe’s when I step out, posted up in stilettos
p-ssy so pink like my kitty saying hello
if I whistle, they’ll pistol whip you in all five borough’s
I’m in Brooklyn, I’ll be everywhere comfortably
who pumped you and told you to come rump with me
you the type to run your mouth and then run from me
I’m poppin’ off in your hood with no company
come on, Queens aint showing you no love
I was there the other night poppin’ bottles with the thugs
you like Washington Heff(?) I’m Benjy.
You got a buzz right now, an’ I had a frenzy
oh yeah, welcome to the fam’, Fendi
you need to stop, you’re not hot, you’re a burning match
that means the end is near soon, copy that
oh I see, they really got you gassed like
I’mma think of the past
better slow down dummy, you bout to crash
stink p-ssy hoe, I’m giving you a bath
thermometer in hand and I’m coming for your ass
who you think you getting past
I see right through you, you’re whole sh-t is made of glass

[Nicki Minaj]
You see right through me
How do you do that sh…

[Lil Kim]
I draw back, I’m a Brooklyn thorough bred bitch
rep for my borough bitch
never been the type to have beef and try to settle sh-t
I ride out till the wheels fall off
and my n-ggas squeeze til the last shell go off
f-ck ya whole team, all I see is a bunch of weirdo’s
you’s a airhead bitch, scarecrow
haha, aint nothing old but my money bitch
hahaha, this is grown liquid assests
Benjamin’s my daddy you Young Money bastards
you and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers
I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income tax
Bobby Fischer in the flesh, taught by the great
so on my next move, I’m yelling checkmate

I smell a massacre
Charles Manson you don’t stand a chance with her
Jeffrey Dahmer you looking like lunch to me
I’m bout to kill all you bitches like Ted Bundy
leave you’re whole head red like Peg Bundy
you’re hilarious, thanks for all the laughs
you’re garbage so I’m taking out the trash
you sh-t on me, come on baby girl
ain’t enough ass shots in the World
you’re a nuisance, you probably steal my new sh-t
but you could never f-ck with me so chuck it up, Deuces
all around the World I ball like a ball team
I stack chips, call me Mr’s Rosteam
tricks is for kids, silly rabbit, your my offspring
Kim more anticipated than a Lebron ring…

81 Responses to “Lil’ Kim - Black Friday Lyrics and Video”

  1. Emily Says:

    lmaoo lil kim is SO wack.


    Nicki Minaj get a buck 50 from Lil Kim.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Kim all the way Nicki sucks ass.

  4. luvah Says:

    I luv queen bee she kilt dat bxtch

  5. datruth Says:

    REALLY KIM? REALLY? Will MJ’s honorary crack-head sister plz sit down. This is whack — just like Kim’s face and talent…or lack thereof.

  6. Yeatookoo Says:

    Lil Kim went in! COLD!! Nicki Minaj better not mess wit that..

  7. angie Says:

    rightt?! shes the wackest bitch in the game. Who cares about herr… sheitt

  8. MGFunk Says:

    Lil Kim is the best female rapper out there. In fact, she better than most of these dudes claiming to be rappers nowadays. I hope this shit make her wanna get back in the game.

  9. Chris Says:

    Whackkk. Nicki shows you so much love Kim! Sit down and watch her interviews, this is f’d up. Nicki is #1, and you are simply jealous. Time for YOU to sit down now sweetie.

  10. AudioCrack Says:

    Haha, Kim is so corny. She’s tryna get buzz & hopes this will jump start her career back up. She only had a career cuz of Biggie. Whats gonna be funny is if Nikki dont even respond then Kims career is official done. LoL shes like 87 years old whats she doin hahaha

  11. villie1 Says:

    Hahaha…this shit’s lame. Kim sounds like a delusional hoodrat. “More anticipated than a Lebron ring?” And comparing herself to Charles Manson, really? I love Kim, but this is sad. Nicki ripped her apart in Roman’s Revenge. Kim would’ve been better off not saying anything at all.

  12. comeon Says:

    This makes Kim the newly crowned King… She is not in the same lane as female rappers. This chick is a dude rapping like that! We all need to grab trash bags to put these barbie parts in… Kim killed it!

  13. cassandra Says:

    lil kim just all mad that new flavor didnt have to take years to get to the top

  14. Piper Says:

    @ MGFunk, She is better that which dude ? You must be kidding…What threw her out the game in the first place?

    Honestly if Nicki let’s her scream for nothing, then she is gonna stay down forever.. We already forgot about her , I was surprised to see her today..

  15. daniel Says:

    kim all i have to say is thank you you will always be the shit keep making more hot shit the more the more nicki would shut the fuck up in interviews when they ask nicki about kim minajs gets nervous just watch carefully

  16. Wows Says:

    WoWs ; im sorry bout Kim went in :D ii Likee iht She juss dissed Nicki , Drake, Diddy , Young Money !. Damn Nicki Yuh Got Her Mad , LoLs !. ii Likee Kim tho she been in the qamee longer then Nicki so she knows ; && Nicki Nicee but ii aint guna frunt this was dope . :] Niceee Kim :] She aint probably quna respond ; she aint even respond to Keys Diss && Keys Was Hot .

  17. Chama Says:

    Lil Kim went hard im not even gonna lie. But come on honey arent u a lil to old to be playin childish games…

  18. Wess Says:

    Anyone posting a message and neglects to acknowledge the fact that everything Nicki Minaj is doing COMPLETELY mirrors what Kim did when she came out, don’t know anything about rap history. I’m not a fan of either but a fan of rap. Kim jumped on the scene with posters (ahem), then colabs (ahem), and then dropped Hard Core…and who was the executive producer? A then Mr. Puffy Combs…aka Diddy. Say it’s jealousy if you want…and it may be but that blueprint looks awfully familiar.

  19. dawn Says:

    best line:Who the f-ck want war
    FedEx beef straight to your front door…

  20. P_G_B__EBANKZ@twitter Says:

    i dont know wat to say i just want to be up here

  21. COUSZO Says:


  22. lilkimkilledit!!! Says:

    Lil Kim ate her ass up!! oh my!! Nicki should be ashamed, she had to go get eminem and Kim was by herself!!…the 1st 5 or 6 lines ate Nicki’s whole damn song!!…hahaha:) come on youngins listen to lyrical!!…Nicki ain’t nutin but chorus..Has rap turned into pop music now??? anyone who knows lyrical knows without any doubt that Kim fo sho tore Nicki’s asshole out the frame!! look at the “how many licks” video with Sisqo…plainly Nicki bit Kim’s whole style! and as far as Kim being famous b/c of Biggie…if it wasn’t for Wayne..Nicki would still be where she was before Wayne..nowhere!!

  23. Jacks10179 Says:

    It’s a shame to see two women ripping each other apart in a game where it’s hard for a woman to get respect but i guess it comes with the territory.
    On a different note, I wrote better raps in my creative writing class than Nicki could even dream of. Kim’s got rhythm and her lines flow, Nicki raps like shes constipated.

  24. gbaby Says:

    Kim killed this shit and for anybody that say nicki better obviously don’t know shit about hip hop. Nicki lyrically sucks she is just animated as all hell. Kim tore her ass out the frame for disrespecting her elders and not givin kim of starting her whole entire swagg. First Black Barbie?? Lil Kim ! First to s*** ***k to the top?? Lil Kim !! First to wear colorful wigs?? Lil Kim !! Nicki fan must be like 12 not knowin all the shit Kim did !!! Kim STILL raw as Hell

  25. Nika Says:

    First, anyone who claims that Nikki is innocent, seriously have to do some homework. Most of Nikki’s underground tracks have lyrics of her totally disrespecting female rappers whom paved the road for her. I am talking about years and songs of dissing! I am assuming that Lil Kim decided to come at her because she brought that dissing into the mainstream not realizing that the veterans still have some talent left in them. The saddest part for Nikki is that she went after the hardest rapper aside from Remy Ma. Now, the best thing for her to do is change her Lady Gaga meets Lil Kim image, go back to her original writing style and stop trying to replicate the style of Lil Wayne, and tell Diddy it is time for some originality, because the copy cat image is not her, nor will it be respected long enough to sustain credibility when it comes to real hip hop. She has enough talent, but she is lacking originality. I wish her luck with the war she has started, cause, Kim will just be the beginning!

  26. Black_Barbie Says:

    Kim really need to stop and grow da f-ck up. really??u gonna come @ Nicki . b-tch just hatin cuz she iz old skool nd her career iz ova. wat wuz da point in dissin Young Money and Diddy??? Kim think she so hard wat da f-ck eva i aint tryna her it. Lets go Nicki!!!!

  27. kris Says:

    Lil Kim tore shit up! yeah Roman’s Revenge was a good song but it was supposed to be a diss and Nicki dont even have the balls to ADMIT that shes calling Lil Kim out! Lil Kim stepped out and fucking stomped Nicki. I love ya Nicki but step out the ring on this match. You got major talent but you doing this all wrong. stirring up a commotion for fame. Lil Kim and Nicki have the potential to make some crazy shit if they work together but Nicki is gotta be #1 but she aint. How can you call yourself the baddest bitch when you call yourself a fuckin barbie?!
    (by the way, I know they made songs together already but they aint that great[WTF])

  28. Sabrina Says:

    my first reaction when i heard roman’s revenge was like ‘this bitch got balls’…but now she just looks stupid and ungrateful. people are going to argue back and forth about who is better nicki or kim. honestly there is NO comparison. kim was a rapper and nicki is an ENTERTAINER. a lot of what nicki does is in imitation of female rappers and acts that have gone before her so for her to disrespect lil kim and call her a hasbeen is unnecessary and untrue.

    when it comes to rapping…i mean the proof is in the music. nicki minaj might be hot right now and have a huge fan base that crosses many demographics but she’s not really a rap artist. hip-hop maybe popstar. she can put on a good show and entertain the masses with her 15 different personalities, crazy outfits, and fake-ass britsh accent - but kim’s lyrics.

    many things are similar about the two…they sure both sucked a lotta dick to get to the top - had to catch their fame from another rapper (biggie for kim ) and (wayne for nicki) but in the end who held their ground?

    kim’s got originality, flow, style, and LYRICS people! nicki has some crazy multiple personality act going on (like kim said “a gimmick”) and a few catchy lines, a hook, & the help of other rappers. funny how nicki started this whole mess dissing kim in the first place but she needed eminem on the track.

    then kim gets on solo and tears apart nicki, drake, diddy, wayne & all of young money! sorry boys and girls but rap isn’t “you see right thru me” and “bedrock”. neither is it nicki’s “your love”. nicki is an entertainer but when it comes to raw god-given or cultivated talent she really has neither.

    nicki is all about being somebody else “roman zolanski”, “harajuku barbie”, and jocking off kim’s style. fake hair, fake tits, fake ass, fake clownish facial expressions, and fake british accent. the girl screams identity crisis! so thank you for making catchy tunes for the radio and taking over the minds of every 15 years old girl who’s now changed their facebook last name to “minaj”…but there are some of us who DO know what real music is, was, and still is. there are plenty of underground rappers male and female who have more talent in their fingertip than nicki has in her entire plastic-surgery enhanced body. thanks for the catchy tunes but leave the real music to someone with talent and don’t be mad because kim had to put you in your place.

  29. kshantelp Says:

    nicki got her ass beat lyrically. kim hands down all the way. i bet nicki minaj grew up idolizing kim. nonrappin’ fake barbie ass. i switch stations everytime i hear her annoying voice.
    oh and p.s.

    sabrina said it perfectly.

  30. themostrealest Says:

    kim is the best nicki needs to stop

  31. FeatherlightBlues Says:

    Look, all I’m saying is that when I look at Nicki Minaj’s lyrics, all I see is a whole bunch of “clever phrases” I don’t see rap lyrics. You almost have to increase the FONT size of nicki minaj’s “diss” in order for it to look like there’s something there. Then you have Lil Kim….AHH…THE TRUE QUEEN B! Look at these lyrics! This is something you have to sit and read and every last bit of it makes sense. It’ got clever phrases, but this is what you call a diss!!! Kim didn’t waste no time making it clear who the punches were at. Nicki over there doing a big “I’ll just KIND OF make it sound like I’m dissing her, so just in case she comes back at me, I can say I wasn’t directing it at her.” Ol scary @$$…lol

  32. 3ric Millz Says:

    So im tired of people saying kim is old …nicki is not that far from her and theres no age limit on good music …or rap….im a fan of nickis earlier underground shit but shes becoming to commercial i will ride with kim anyday nobody has loyalty anymore…..anyhow kim spit hot bars nicki better watch it ……….#attheendoftheday

  33. shetherealest Says:

    yoo kim killed nicki ! im not one to take sides but nickia had that shit coming ! and i say thank you to kim the real queen from nyc for representing ! and where is nicki from she reps to much shit for me

  34. mesha Says:

    HAHA … All :)…. Kim ripped that shit

  35. shawtyway21 Says:

    like ok lil kim is a true G she been in this shit since nicki was n damper wtf y would u come at a legend head in a disrecpectful way then they pull trick out they sleeves then leave u looking like a dumbass from ym

  36. ♡ ~*Pink Friday*~ ♡ Says:

    How can Lil Kim say that Nicki Minaj stole her style when she stole Michael Jackson’s nose and Miss Piggy face? xD

  37. incarcerated Says:

    Jealous kim mad at nicky cuz she doin a betta job at her on thang

  38. incarcerated Says:

    she tha best who nicky nugga

  39. MEKA Says:


  40. haze Says:

    Queen Bee killed nicki minaj kim last cd the naked truth kills pink friday ppl always sayin kim old and ugly that shit have nothing to do with hip hop jay-z and others rappers are ugly ass fuck and older then kim are still making music so ppl should just stop making dumb shit up.. every other female mc came out doing them but nicki is stealing lil kim style while ppl acting likes its ok nicki minaj on old mixtapes is talking shit about kim o she wanna play victim if you read the lyrics roman revenge dont compare to mit nicki minajis all sounds effects and lil kim just stated her opinion then nicki minaj put out a diss so there it is lil kim will never be a thing of the past cause befor this beef shit ppl was already callin her a lil kim wannabe if lilkim and foxy brown was thing of the past what yall saying why cant you you talk about female rap without them like nicki minaj hot now lets see how long will she be out for because i remeber when screw music was hot and everybody was using it a couples years later where is at kim been here since 96 lengendary

  41. alain Says:

    kim….you are an expired product…y dont u just sit ur stupid ass down…and enjoy the new queen NICKI….she is far better than you.. i just felt u just lost the little glory u had.. you short bitch.

  42. Mercedes Says:

    kim iss just a hata 4 real; leave nikki alone hop off her shit , its been how long since kim actually made radio?! bitch from tha 90’s ..WACK.. nikki takin over all them wak female rappers and they all jealous , kim wayy behind the game step up bitch maybe you wuldnt have to be rappin bout her

  43. JO Says:

    yup. the queen is back. she murdered nicki. nicki cant beat that.

  44. Ms.Witty1 Says:

    Lyrically Lil kim will always trump Nicki Minaj. It’s really sad that our young audiences no longer value raw lyrical prowess but instead crave commercialism and mainstream fluff! For the inexperienced listeners that have never been privy to real hip hop from the likes of true pioneers like Kim, Remy Ma, Rah Digga, Latifah… and that’s just the females… it’s easy to say that Nicki is better. She entertains, she’s cute, and she is on everybody’s record. But to the seasoned hip hop fan she’s gimmicky and overexposed. She actually has some talent… but she even acknowledges on her album in “Old Nicki” that she watered herself down and changed up her style to accomodate the fickle, attention deficit market that she is catering to! Kim is an icon. Whatever your take on what got her to the top… she certainly was able to sustain herself on raw talent and individualism. To all the yungins out there… mind your manners and pay homage where it’s due!

  45. Yessi Says:

    LMAO!!!! Kim went in hard, she killed Nicki! Nicki’s mad cus she anit got her own style she on Kim’s, Kim brought the sexy and classy in, Nicki’s a bitter and needs to backk of Kim, Nicki can rap, she jus needed chill with Kim cus Kim’s the real thing she just a lil hater..

  46. nayy Says:

    lmaooo kim went in. ; niki may be BAD but kim will ALWAYS be the shxt, no1 can replace someone that been in the qame 1st.

  47. Brii Says- Says:

    Lil kim Killed her! Dont care What nobodii says! I give it up to her hands down. She was Doin her thing! Lmao these lIl ass Barbies Better not Fuqk wit her..hahaha You Feel me’ Shit Crazy!!
    #Kim! Hands Down!

  48. S K Y Says:

    . . .on thee real ;; lil kim demolished nicki on this one ! this is straight out fye ! i must admit that i love nicki and she is a great singer/rapper , but maybe she does look up to queen bee! Kim can never be played out , she’s a legend… nicki’s new to the game andd has alot to learn… the ish funny though… it goes hard !

  49. sb Says:

    yo nicki team alll the way. she’s new and what everyone is listening to her. pink friday is such a good album. lil kim is wack. shes old news n now shes trying 2 come back this way she could kick ut her competition. seriously. this is sum bulllllshit

  50. Pam Says:

    What a HATER.

  51. celo Says:

    kim went hard keep teaching these Little girls who started and runs this! respect your elders plastic….,

  52. BigMac Says:

    Lil Kim maxed nicki minaj way out. Nicki started it but could’nt finish it. DC got much luv for Lil Kim

  53. Emarald Says:

    i gotta say day growin uplike 7 8 9 nd 10 it waz lil kim all day but comparing romans revenge nd did it on em to black friday…….lil kims lyrics go hard but the track itself iz wack….nicki song goes hard all da way!!! since lil kim fell off da seen i listen tew nicki nd yes she has her aspects bout her dat arent all her but since wen was lil kim all herself too? itz time for young blood tew step up nd im sorrie lil kim but nicki got dis shiz down pact!!!

  54. Ryan Gosling Says:


  55. ladybug Says:

    I’m not even from NYC, but I love hip hop and Lil KIM all day long. Nikki need to go sit her manufactured ass down some where. I mean how long can you run around making retarded ass faces. Plus when did acting retared become cool???

  56. Alicia Says:

    i dunno i think that they both have got raps- nicki is more this generations music-u kno- which is my opinion non sence- haha like really-
    kims stuff i think has more meaning to it.
    i <3 lil kims music!!!
    i think kim demolished her also with that <—-

  57. Milan Cipriani Says:

    Been heard about this but KIM killed that bitch ; Nicki & none of these so called rappers got anything on her - Nicki is a commercial “artist” / mainstream . All these artist today is mainstream . Ya don’t know real music . #TeamKimberly

  58. k Says:

    Anyway for the record they are both pretty but lil kim is nice with her flows. she dont do all that pausin in her flows, acting like a retard bitch like nicki does. Artistically lil kim is niiiiicccce and the shit is that she still can flow after all this time old wateva she still got it n shes nicer now then before. Oh n dont let her fuck with foxy bcuz she will get it. And it aint no haten shit its that her rythme is wack. But like I said before they are both gorgeous!

  59. Fluff Says:

    Well done Sabrina, you said it. Nicki Minaj is more of an entertainer then a rap artist. She raps. but doing that commercial stuff is more her thing. Lil Kim, is and will always be Queen B, no doubt about it. I dont care if you lot call her old and what not, shes the MaMa! Understand, rap is talking rythmitcally to music. Lil Kim doesnt need the thrills and gimmick, she says what she wants to say in her music and drops it. Nicki in the other hand does so much unecessary things to get shine. However, they are both great. Lil Kim is a legend and should come back. Someone please needs to tell her to come back and not let people put her down. On the other hand, I think Nicki is working towards being a legend, and both females will go down in history! <3 :)

  60. billy paul Says:

    The Ghost of Christmas past….ur time is up nd nicki will get better n better with time…frankly u dream to be like nicki…

  61. cassie Says:

    Nick minaj is the s*** and stanky old a** lil kim is hating to see her doing much better then her, idk why she even gets back on the mic she’s old news, yeah she dissing so many people on this song she says some hardcore s*** I gotta admit but she ain’t on the charts, she ain’t selling records like minaj, she’s not the one they’re paying thousands of bills to interview or perform. Nicki is not a kim clone, compare pictures with minaj and kim haha kim has the most f***ed up face she should be ashamed to go out, now minaj is beautiful. No matter how many shots kim might shoot, nicki will still be the one everyone loves. So kim better get used to it cus your gona be hearing nicki minaj’s name until your 100 years old, chick is like 95 so only 5 more years to go. I’m not hating I’m just saying kim should sit her old a** down and get over it….

  62. the 1 the truth Says:

    Fukk nicki and all of u who love her and that old whack a** s*** she puttin out there. kim aint jealous or hatin. nicki stole everything from kim including her swagger, her “uh” at the start of her sentences and EVEN her damn squat pose! come on man nicki even needed 2 become a lil boy named roman 2 step 2 kim, AND she needed another voice on her song 4 some help. its cool that u guys wanna b nicki fans, its understood that different people like different things, but if u cant c the obvious disrespect tha kim is gettin then theres really something wrong. if it were u and ur stuff, u would do the same. nicki is bogus and kim doin her a solid by not goin up 2 her and knockin her the fukk out! so get off lil kim and the next time somebody keeps fukkin wit u and stealin ur shit……..u sit still and take it! yall act like thats ok! nickis a damn thief and thats all 2 it. do a history check on the queen b4 yall make these misguided comments again. nicki is a talentless split personality ho who needs help!!!

  63. MinajArmy Says:

    Li’ Kim needs to SHUT UP !!!!
    She’s too jealous ! First Nicki, then Drake, then Lil’ Wayne, then Young Money, then Diddy, then Jay Z ! She need to SIT DOWN ! Nicki Minaj said she’ll reply to her when she sees her name on the billboards. Nicki’s right ! She’s the best now ! Get a hint Kim !

  64. FreShh DouGiEE Says:

    Naww it Can’t happen. Lil Kim has been in da game too damn long,aighh Nicki Minaj has just like recently came out. But when she is out for 10 years like Kim, Well see what happens

  65. nik50luv Says:

    This is the first time that I heard either of these raps. I don’t even like rap that much and it’s clear that Nicki Minaj “started it”. She is disrespectful and stupid. Lil’ Kim probably didn’t even feel like responding, because Lil’Kim usually doesn’t respond to disses by Diddy and others (and Nicki knows it, she probably thought that she was going to be quiet)but I don’t blame Lil’ Kim for this response. It’s necessary because now Nicki Minaj is trying to make money by trying to take Lil’ Kim’s money and discredit her for everything that she’s done. So disrespectful. And Lil’ Kim dissed her SO BAD! And I actually heard every word that was said. Unlike Nicki Minajs’ rhymes! Lil’ Kim is too seasoned and has been in the game too long for that. Lil’ Kim took that belt and gave Nicki and her whole crew a nice spanking. Oh well, sometimes kids deserve spankings from there mother.

  66. Jennifer Says:

    This is some 2pac and biggie shit. But the girl version. AHA! Lil Kim murdered Nicki. Nicki is wack af!

  67. Ashley Says:

    There is NOTHING real about this b****. She’s as fake as plastic. Dumb C***!

  68. CRE Says:

    I HOPE DAT EVERYONE WHO LIKES LIL KIM OR NICKI MANAJ GETS TO READ THIS. Everybody knows dat Kim is the sh*t! its a lot of HATERS out ther n yall kno u wer bumpn Kim’s music left n right, n sum of yall dats haten on her use to wish u wer her. I do like Nicki music also but she C’nt and Never can get wit Kim. Nicki is an imposter, very pretty n dats why she has an lot of haters, a lot of u females wish yall could be her also. Men loves her prob. yo man like lookn at her which makes the next bit*h hate her. Yeh she stealn from Kim even Stevie Wonder can see dat! Kim aint old she just been chillin like a lot of Artist has, she did the right thing by cumn back and standing her grounds like a pitbull marks its territory for a reason so the next bitch kno the ground is claimed. But over all a lot of you females are the real HATERS out ther. Kim and Nicki are pretty ladies, they both have fake bodies but they are pretty and the next bitch cnt handle dat cause they arent up 2 standards, then mens are loven them and you females are wishn you wer one of them. So just B real n say that their music is good in their own way. I like both you ladies, Keep it Up! and Nicki is not an Lesbian she is Strickly Di*kly just like Kim. It was all said just 2 get males and females of all kinds on her team. Its only females that has a lot 2 say about Kim and Nicki and those are the REAL HATERS :)

  69. Claire Says:

    Lets all get fucking real. MAYBE back in the day Lil Kim rocked the mic but come on how long ago was that? To be honest she didn’t even stand out. At least not in my city. Nicki is INTERNATIONAL KNOWN. Lil Kim talking shit about Young Money now that’s where I say SHUT THE F*** UP! B**** ain’t even with a team that’s out! Diddy and Jay-Z have been out longer then her not that’s legendary!! Lil Kim NEEDS TO SHUT THE F*** UP AND LET HISTORY HAPPEN!!

  70. Meri Says:

    Lol Lil Kim fucken sux she knowz if it wasent 4 Notorious Big she wouldnt b on diz fame lyf she has … plus we hardly hear her shit n wen we do know sumthing bout her itz alwayz bout her slutty ass bitch being half naked hahahaha but no matter wat she knowz her rapp sux she should dedicate herself 2 sumthing else bcuz rapping aint her shit… n all diz drama shes bringing iz 2 try make publicy …. lyk Nicki said “Lil Kim is a has been” @ da end will c who continues doing more great wrk den who….hahaha Nick Minaj is an NBA- NATURAL BAD ASS….. {{<3}}

  71. Ziasia fan of nicki minaj Says:

    this really pisses me off! lil kim killed nicki with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!1ahhhhhhhhhhhhh lolz i love them both STOP THE HATE

  72. yanna Says:

    Lil kim needs to retire. She is just mad nicki took her spot,correction she never had it. Queen B? I think not!! The only people that really like her is the people who rep brooklyn and I think they getting tired of her spoiled behind. This the kinda beef you see in high school. Kim doing this because she believes she still young. No boo boo you old!! Like I think she going on 50. But its like whatever cause nicki still badder than kim and ALWAYS will be badder than kim. And kim she is not a CLONE, maybe your old cenile mind doesnt know what that mean. But a clone has tah look EXACTLY like you. You look my leather purse i just threw in the trash a week ago. Nicki is a barbie, and barbies last 4eva!!! leather bags dont.

  73. chante Says:

    lil kim is a bum, nicki minaj is doin her thing she just maddd. she need to get a grip, lil kim your wack ill trash you., shit my ltrics are better then your. go get a 9to5 cuz you aint earnin no money in the rap game. plz stop your trash. hahahahahahaha nicki minaj is my bitch an you lil kim fans need to stop cuz even yal no she wack hahahahaha!!!!!

  74. Tay Says:

    Ight lil Kim it’s time to stop. You know you a bum nothing but a slob.
    It’s time to quit while you behind. Before nicki when was the last time you wrote a rhyme?
    Oh, ok, let’s get it straight. And who the fuck are you to call anyone fake?
    Your ugly ass had about 5 nose jobs. Like I said nothing but a slob.
    I guess you don’t listen or don’t understand, she said she was one of your fans.
    Saying you the best is asking for defeat. The names lil Tay an I’m bringing the heat.
    All I need, me myself and I, that’s it, fuck the IRS the government don’t control shit.
    Before Nicki you were resting in peace. Everyone thought your ass was finally deceased.
    You bum ass bitches need to quit. Ain’t entertaining nobody and you don’t run shit.
    Ya see I’m comein hard that’s a guarantee. Ima dig up in that ass like cleats in the green.
    Yea I’m 17 but that don’t mean shit. Got an ill ass flow that will leave your ass sick.
    Whether you like me or not don’t matter to me. Cuz ima keep on doing what I’m doing you’ll see.
    I come from Reading I rep all day. Go on state your comments loved to hear what you got to say.
    You from were ever go an put your lighter up, yea I heard your songs you sound like a slut.
    You should of laid low, kept your mouth shut. Cuz I’m a predator an in fill-in to hunt.
    Please come back I’d love to hear what you got to say, I’m out for now shout out red dot pa.

  75. IDK if i want it to stop Says:

    hey yall first i gota say NICKI IS DA BETS OUT RIGHT NOW!!!
    but lil kim would proberly be good if she stoped beefin with nicki
    like if she had not have come out swining all the nicki fans would like her but no she decided that she wan’t every little word to hurt her making her look like a fiz bitch yeah i said it FIZ BITCH!!!!!!! naw but really some of thoses lyrics was tyight like
    “we all know your last name is what got you a job”
    i was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shitz so thats why i am like come on nicki don’t be a good gurl tell roman about this bitch if she want war then bring down yo MASSIVE ATTCAK
    this is TRACY ABBOTT FUTURE OHPRAH (in my f’n dreams)

  76. Ayuk Atem Raoul Says:

    pls,Quin Kim forgive her, just ignore cuz u still reap ur swagg high, hiphop aint bif,she could learn from u

  77. TRu3 R3d Says:


  78. heartles Says:

    u must not be ungreatful we grow up listeni ng to kim she is the bom

  79. kat Says:

    Seriously, to all you Nicki Minaj fans–Take a seat cuz where do you think Nicki even got style???Lil Kim MURDERS this track verses roman revenge–look at the swagger on–its got Drake’s style all over it— I m not saying she sucks but lyrically shes just a beginner…she is an excellent ENTERTAINER and I obviously cant say for sure but take 10 muthafiing guesses who her role models were growing–SURE AS WASNT HERSELF!! she certainly emulates Lil Kim’s style but with her own twist–props for that but trying to say Lil KIM is wack–PLEASE!!!she been around longer than her.If you want to get right down to it 80’s female rappers represent what lyrical meant–think MC Lyte, etc.

    So take some learning lesson’s b4 u defend what you dont know!!

  80. junior Says:

    nicki minaj is my girl… her raps is sick and bomb . but kim murdered i gotta give props, because i love nicki and all but she is a lil kim clone clown lol

  81. kim 4eva Says:

    Fact is wen al is said n done,wen da dust settles Kim will still b da best different 4rm da rest,u cnt just compare sum1in da legendary lane with sum1 huz just startin out,nicki is gud bt shes stil wet behind da ears,shud they go face 2face Kim wil destroy her,as 4 Kim bein old sum Kids nid 2 b schoold like nicki,I smel a massarce……

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