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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Involved In Anti-Homophobia Campaign

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are well known for shaking the world through their music, especially through their “Thrift Shop” global sensation. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise if you read in the newspaper that the Seattle-based duo are now investing all their energy and musical powers to support You Can Play, a campaign that fights against homophobia in sports, music and entertainment.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are involved in this anti-homophobia campaign that convinced dozens of athletes to join forces in order to erase sexual discrimination. The news is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are apparently the first musicians to participate in this massive project. The have followed the lead of the others supporters and shot a video for the You Can Play Project, a video that is now available to watch on YouTube. In the clip, Macklemore is filmed performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Feb. 1. He wears a Gary Payton Seattle Supersonics replica singlet and he speaks his mind regarding homophobia: “Don’t let begin gay hold you back. If you’re straight, do not hold others back.”

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