Metallica - The Day That Never Comes Lyrics and Video

The Day That Never Comes by Metallica, Music Video and Lyrics

The Day That Never Comes” is the first single from Metallica’s upcoming studio album, Death Magnetic, which is scheduled for release on September 12, 2008 by Warner Bros. Records.
The song was released to the radio and for digital download on Thursday August 21st, 2008.
The music video for the song was filmed in the desert outside Los Angeles, California on July 31, 2008 and was directed by Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg.

Here you can listen the song, this is the official video.
Metallica - The Day That Never Comes Video

Metallica - The Day That Never Comes Lyrics

born to push you around
better just stay down
you pull away
he hits the flesh
you hit the ground
mouth so full of lies
tend to black your eyes
just keep them closed
keep prayin
just keep waiting

waiting for the one
the day that never comes
when you stand up and feel the warmth
but the son shine never comes

no, the son shine never comes

push you cross that line
just stay down this time
hide in yourself
crawl in yourself
you’ll have your time
god i’ll make them pay
take it back one day
i’ll end this day
i’ll splatter color on this gray

Waiting for the one,
The day that never comes,
When you stand up and feel the warmth,
But the sunshine never comes

love…is a four letter word
and never spoken here
love…is a four letter word
here in this prison
i suffer this no longer
i’ll put an end to this, i swear
this, i swear. the son will shine
this, i swear
this, i swear

Song Information

The song lyrics were said to have been made to tackle the subject of forgiveness and resentment. The band’s drummer Lars Ulrich claimed that the lyrics were inspired by a father-son relationship.

Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and Ulrich also commented by stating ultimately, the concept of the video deals with humanity and the relationships between human beings and how your basic sense of humanity can override any sort of politicized situation.

Released August 21, 2008
Recorded March 12, 2007–May 11, 2008 in Los Angeles, California
Genre Heavy metal, thrash metal
Length 7:56
Label Warner Bros.
Writer James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, Lars Ulrich
Producer Rick Rubin


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  1. Nidz Says:

    It’s Love is a 4 Letter Word…

  2. Jordan elizabeth Says:

    This song is by far my favorite song metallica has released thus far! I love it!!!! And I’m so excited to see them November 1st! Woot woot! Fuck yea?

  3. Vonnie Says:

    This song reminds me so much of the old stuff and I love it! Can’t wait to see them Dec 12th! These guys are the metal God’s of all time! James, Lars, Kirk & Robert……..YOU ROCK!!!!

  4. Annah Says:

    The wrong “sun” is used, it’s actually SON.

  5. Wesley Miller Says:

    its love is a four letter word not love is a fallen word

    Kirk Hammett,Lars Ulrich,James Hetfield,Robert Trujillo Metal gods

  6. mahmoud_metal Says:

    I admit that Kirk Hammett,Lars Ulrich,James Hetfield are METAL DODS but Not the fuckin’ Robert I like Jason Newsted more Rober is an asshole

  7. FukMetallica Says:

    these Fagots r losers

  8. metal_head Says:

    1. its four letter word not fallen word
    2. awesome song, i got the CD right away and cant stop listening
    3. if you think they are faggots and losers dont listen but dont criticize what other people like
    4. I happen too like robert, mainly because i listened to him back in Suicidal Tendancies and Ozzy Osbourne’s band
    5. so much like the old stuff and i gotta say, fuck yeah, keep bringin the metal guys

    also the lyrics were not inspired by a father son relation, they were inspired by layne staly from alice in chains and how he passed away from dryg abuse and metallica wondered why a rock god would do that to himself so they made this entire album in rememberance of the rock stars and metal singers who passed away from drug abuse

  9. metal.head Says:

    metallica rocks
    f*** all you haters

  10. TheMetFan Says:

    Thank you for correcting the lyrics.

  11. monica walsey Says:

    i reakn love the day that never comes by metallica

  12. behnam Says:

    Metallica is the best they are Unique. i love them

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