Michael Jackson - This Is It Lyrics and Video

This Is It by Michael Jackson, Music Lyrics and Video

This Is It is the first single from Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, “This Is It”. The album accompanied the Sony Pictures motion picture “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”, a 2009 American documentary-concert film directed by Kenny Ortega.
The song features backing vocals from Michael’s brothers, The Jacksons.

Here you can listen the full song.
Michael Jackson - This Is It Video

Michael Jackson - This Is It Lyrics

This is it, here I stand
I’m the light of the world, I feel grand
Got this love I can feel
And I know yes for sure it is real

And it feels as though I’ve seen your face a thousand times
And you said you really know me too yourself
And I know that you have got addicted with your eyes
But you say you gonna live it for yourself.

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

This is it, I can say,
I’m the light of the world, run away
We can feel, this is real
Every time I’m in love that I feel

And I feel as though I’ve known you since 1,000 years
And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before.
And you said to me you don’t want me hanging round
Many times, wanna do it here before

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

This is it, I can feel
I’m the light of the world, this is real
Feel my song, we can say
And I tell you I feel that way

And I feel as though I’ve known you for a thousand years
And you said you want some of this yourself
And you said won’t you go with me, on a while
And I know that it’s really cool myself

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

Song Information

The song was released worldwide on October 12 at midnight on www.michaeljackson.com, 2009.
The song, written in 1980, bears a strong resemblance a song by Sa-Fire, known as “I Never Heard,” which was written by Jackson and Paul Anka in 1991.

Released October 12, 2009
Recorded Unknown
Genre Pop, soul
Length TBA
Label Epic

114 Responses to “Michael Jackson - This Is It Lyrics and Video”

  1. Barbara Says:

    The sung lyrics are different…

    I love this song…thank you Michael, thank you for being you.
    I love you, always.
    We fans are so desperately waiting for this moment, we will share your L.O.V.E.
    Love to the world and peace!

  2. mariyasse Says:

    Beautiuful song. L.O.V.E.

  3. Halena Says:

    This is amazing. Even at 50, Michael was at the top of his game. It’s hard to believe a popstar as legendary and invincible as him could leave so quickly..

    We love you, Michael, and your voice is flawless. Can’t wait to see you once again 10/28/09

  4. Barbara Says:

    …now it’s ok, thanks for correcting the lyrics.

  5. Kathryn Says:

    Micael you showed us how to be inspired by you and you have sung the best songs in the world but now that you have gone i feel as if i need to say that i miss you all my life, you were the gap in my heart and i need you back… i am nothing with out you. I wanted to just say that i love this song… thatnk you Micahel for everything that you have given the people in the world an dyou crazy fans like me… i love you with all my heart and i hope and pray that people that have been wrong all these years about you will come to understand that you are not a “bad” person. I will continue to share your love wih people nad i will always LOVE you Michael. xoxoxoxoxo love Kathryn.

  6. Music Says:

    why did this song not release few years ago?

  7. fady Says:

    michel jackson my hero
    will always love you
    you’ll never be forgotten
    in my heart always

  8. Olga Says:

    I just love this song!!!!!
    Michael-you are so amazing!!!!!
    Thank you for everything!!!!!

  9. govind Says:

    very beautiful song michael jackson…. love you.. R.I.P :( we miss you…

  10. Myri Says:

    Great song. As always…
    Thank you, Michael. THANK YOU.
    I love you.

  11. Boopsylou Says:

    I think I’ve just found my wedding song. I’ve been searching all this time not knowing it hadn’t been released yet. Thank you MJ I feellike this was his gift to me. I’m literally almost to tears.

  12. Hannah Says:

    Beautiful song. Mike should be here to sing it…
    Still, very cute and sweet. I adore that people want to use this as their wedding song; it’s perfect. Maybe I’ll snag that idea.
    We love and miss you, Michael. xoxo

  13. DottieJ Says:

    Oops, good bye Here Comes The Bride. This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Absolutely The Wedding Song. Good choice Boopsylou. Thanks Mike.

  14. Yoginy Says:

    This is wonderful. I love the song, he did it so perfect with much emotion and it’s inspiring too. I just can’t stop loving you.

    Still miss you dearly … my heart is aching … can’t wait to see the movie … I want you back

  15. Brian Clark Says:

    I love this song and I can honestly say I feel like following my dream again. thank you for the lyrics and thank you michael for moving the world as you have done.R.i.p

  16. Armstrong Manganye Says:

    The song is great, I love it. It is unique.
    Thanks Michael for what you have left to us and generations to come.
    Michael you will be remembered all days

  17. lily Says:

    since i hit this earth i had 3 parants my mother and ny father and the king of POP michael jackson !!
    love you mike soo mush and miss you soo much i just can’t believe that u’re gone !! :( i’m still crying at him !! the world missed the best person on earth !! michael jackson you’re the best .. michael jackson just gone too soon…
    there is no life anfter michael jackson actily i’m thingking of suicide really!!

  18. Donell Stephenson Says:

    I am so happy this song came out on my birthday. This is a unique song and I love it.Micheal’s legacy will not be forgotten. R.I.P

  19. Nick Gonzales Says:

    I have always loved MJ and still do, however Mike didn’t release this song and I believe I know one of the reasons why. Mike was a believer in God. Calling himself the light of the world must not have set well with him. The actual approved release from Anka removes I am the light of the world and replaces it with In the light of the world and does not repeat it over and over again. I think this was the version Mike prefered. But thats just my opinion. May you live on in the hearts of your fans forever MJ. Nick Gonzales Morristown TN

  20. saied (iran) Says:

    I Will Always Love You Mike.
    His Voice Gives Me Confidence.

  21. Molly Says:

    amazing : )

  22. Kafy Says:


    I grew up watching you, taking inspiration from your music.
    You gave me since my childhood joy of life, vitality, love and much else.
    I wrote for the first time:
    Michael, I dreamed of the day you die you are part of this world …
    In my dream I saw you take drugs in large quantities after I no longer remember because I was not writing my dream to wake up (something that I perhaps do) …
    No matter that people take me for a fool! No matter what people think of what I said.
    This dream has taken place before the death of Michael with a description as I have given.
    I never talk about this before, I wanted to keep her for me, my day I want my story …
    A dream that my upset over the death of Michael.
    Why me? Why this dream? Premonition?
    This will remain a great mystery, I may be a cry for help from Michael …

    I love you …

  23. andreea Says:

    Absolutely amazing…I ran out of words.Live on MJ….?You will never be forgotten.Smashing concert in Bucharest’92….

  24. Ashley Marie Says:

    i love you michael…and this song!! cant wait for more! once again I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL! :)

  25. Sebastian (Singapore) Says:

    Thanks michael, truly inspiring and amazing. You have touched our lives

  26. Violet Says:

    Wow, Michael you did a great job putting this together. You came into the world, and left it a better place than it was. I know you are still alive, and I hope to see you next year, like you said you would, you inspired me and the band, we hope to get older, the way you did :)

  27. Lauren Says:

    Michael, I love you. I love this song. You’re amazing.

  28. daisy Says:

    Thank you again and again for what you have given us! Music, art, and love. The media was cruel to you. You were a great guy in so many ways! The world has lost so much, but your memory will never die. I will never forget the first time I saw you on TV “that little boy” that took the stage. RIP Michael I loved you then, now and always.

  29. Nicola Says:

    I love this song so much. First time i hurd it i just broke down crying because it hit me that that was it for michael :’( but it is a beautiful song never the less. and Damn anyone who can speak a bad word about this man. he has helped so many people, even if it was not intended. and i too think is this is a brillant song for wedding. but i feel that the world is not the same without michael. like something is missing in my life. I Love You Michael Jackson, and we shall miss you dearly :’( Rest In Peace And Happyness :( xxxxxxxxxxx

  30. Kim Says:

    Just listened again to the song and it’s so very Michael. To Nick Gonzales who left the comment about the approved lyrics, I, too, believe that the reason Michael didn’t release it was because he probably put it aside until he could re-write the “light of the world” line. I know that when things wern’t just right with Michael, he would put them aside to get to another time. Nevertheless, the song stands on its own. Can all of you imagine how excited Michael was to record with Paul Anka who wrote many hits. Just imagine what a time those two had. We should all be interviewing Paul to find out what it was like, a “remember the time” situation. Of course, remember, Paul co-wrote this song and he, too, should be given his due. Mike really had a plethora of well known friends in the industry at his disposal. To the lady who had a premonition, I have a friend that worked at one time with Michael at the ranch and after Mike passed, my friend had a dream in which Mike came to him. He said that Mike looked tired in the dream and that Mike told him he WAS tired and needed to sleep. One thing he also said was “they gave me too much.” The subconscious plays on ones mind so make of this what you want. After my friend left Mikes employ, he would hear infrequently from him but Mike would call, on occasion. One time, he called my friend up at 3:30am to just “talk” about miniscule stuff asking my friend how he was doing, what was going on in his life. Many times, Mike called his “true” friends to feel as if he were still in touch with the outside world - not the entertainment establishment. Isn’t that so very Michael? Yes, MJ friends, he was truly gifted and tried so hard to just live his life. I am tired of all the bashing and the media acting as if we want to hear everyone’s dirty laundry - hanging on to every little hypothetical issue. They don’t know - can only speculate and I don’t buy into all of it. They don’t know that one time, my friend was leaving Mike’s house and it was raining hard. My friend was going to run to his car and Mike stopped him at the front door and ran to get an umbrella for him. To this day, my friend has this umbrella and they used to speak about the fact that the umbrella situation should always be used for everyone - to help one another. That’s so Mike. If this song is to be used as a wedding song, wouldn’t Mike so love it? Big smiles for all he has done to make the world a better place! RIP, Mike, you did well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ghada Says:


  32. Jessica Says:

    I luv this song michael i am so sad that u are gone. no one will ever be as good as u.u were brillant and u were a good man.
    i cant even believe ane1 would lie about u and the thing that kills me most is that i didnt know ur music before u died and i wished i would have been able 2.michael i just dont like ur music im in love with u the person when i found ut u died on the 25th of june 2009 i got this feeling in mii stomach saying hes gone forever and i went upstirs and took out miii laptop na d went onto youtub and lookes up “michael jackson” and seen how amazing u are.u started of as l poor boy with apoor family then u turn into a pop star then u turn into the “KING OF POP” AND FROM THAT DAY ON I LOVED YOU and always will hope u are happy because if u are happy then i am hppy sn dif u are sad i am sad. rest in peace. LOVE YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!I:

  33. christine Says:

    he’s absolutely amazing!! and i can’t wait for his movie to come out!! i’ll be wearing my mj shirt!!!

  34. Alba Says:

    This song is awesome and I can’t wait to see the movie. To me Michael was the best. He had a heart of Gold. He loved life and he loved his children and his family. He was the sweetest, shyest man that ever lived. Rest In Peace Michael. Wish that you were still here with us but I know now that it is impossible. When I leave this world, I will buy all the tickets in heaven just so that I can see you perform once again.

  35. Kasta Says:

    Sweet song myke!! You should have been here to sing it for the world, but God knows the best mybe he needed you so fast to come and sing for Him in HAVEN so thats why he took u. bye my friend!! and R.I.P

  36. gigi Says:

    michael. i love you so much.

    i will cherish your every song.

    and i love it

    this is it

  37. Annina Says:

    love this song!!! michael you are amazing!!! i can’t wait to see your movie.
    i grew up listening to you and i hope we’ll meet in heaven..
    ..rest in peace..


    !!!!you are the one!!!!

  38. love mj Says:

    heeii dieses lied ist einfach super :) michal du bist und bleibst der KING OF POP!!!! du wirs immer in allen herzen in der welt bleiben….
    du bist für mich und viele andere faens ein vorbild!!!!

    du bist einfach der tollste

    du bist hübsch,klig und und und du bist einfaaachh toolll :) !!!

    we love you michael jackson for ever <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<



  39. Deana Says:

    he really was the light of the world…

    i love you forever Michael…

  40. R.I.P Michael Jackson Says:

    michael jackson was a legend his music will live 4ever <3 u mj. though i wish i could get to see you on the THIS IS IT tour but…. this song it actuallly good but it looks like the lyrics doesn’t march it

  41. mariela Says:


  42. Nicole Crumps Says:

    Michael, you are out of this world. People like you are far and few in this world. You are on a different level. Rest in peace my dear. I love your song.

  43. Allygee ILY MICHAEL Says:

    Hello i am Ally i have always loved mj im only 11 and veary much in luv with michael (L). i dream about his kids and the pain having no father in there life anymore. Every time i see mj on tv i cry! I have been a fan for a while i am the only one in my fam who really luvs mike. My heart is aching as iam typing this message i just want everyone to love michael jackson as much as me! I dont care what people think about me that i love mike soo much!!! TO ALL THE PEOPLE OUT WHO IS READING THIS TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!
    PLEASE MAKE A CHANGE THIS IS WHAT MICHAEL WOULD OF WANTED!!!!!!!!!! love u always michael!!!!!!!!:( -Allyxox





  45. Kimmi Says:

    This song is so awesome im so addicted to it. I grew with Mj.. collecting his trading cards.I have alway loved MJ music. I can remember the first time his songs were on MTV.. I can tell you we lost the best artist in the world no one can messure up to him.. He will alway be the best artist in the world he has changed so many peoples lifes.his music will never die down…..people alway have crap to say about him yet they dont look at all the good stuff he has done to help people out he had a heart of gold….RIP

  46. Caro Says:


  47. fatah de maroc Says:

    salut mj cv tu mort nn tu pas mort walah thanks pour toute les music a love you merci

  48. Crystyle Says:

    This is it is a song that will tell you to stop and change. it is saying that if you are a bad person change it. i miss you Michael Jackson and his family.Micheal+Jackson=King Of Pop.

  49. I am your fan Says:

    Michael you are amazing
    You left all beautiful memories to us
    This is it song I love

  50. Corey Says:

    Still crying. Still miss him. Love this song. Can’t wait for next Wednesday’s movie premeire. Love you Michael, and still missing you……

  51. Mudy Yunora Says:

    Thanks for the lyric, I want to sing this new song.
    Thanks to God to let Michael share his love to the world, especially here in Indonesia. Thanks to let my life grow up with his music and performance.
    Michael, you teach me how to be a loving people, and I know I became a good father because of you, I share my love to my kids (2 daughter). And they feel sad too when they saw me deeply crying in watching sad news about your death. They hug me and wipe my tears and says “Sudah jangan menangis papa, khan Michael jackson sudah bertemu Jesus di surga” which means “It’s okay dad, Michael Jackson is already meet Jesus in Heaven”. Ugh.. it’s still hard to remember that moment, I love my kids. And I love my King, fareweel my king, I salute you… I love you so much.

  52. Jayde Says:

    Im 13 and i just want to say that im a complete mess that he has died.Ever since i was little i have been in love with him.He’s the most fascinating ,genouous,giving and gorgous person that has ever existed.This WIL be my wedding song when im older :’( For anyone who ever beleived the allegations, or have doubted him, it’s your loss.Im proud to say im a BIG fan.Whenever someone mentions him at school, everyone looks at me.I dont care if im teased about loving him.I need to see this film,to see him dancing and performing like he should be doing now. God needed another angel so, obviously, he picked our Michael.His face makes my heart melt, his is my inspiration and he’s made me realise my dreams. This song is just as beautiful as he is… I LOVE YOU. Ill see you in heaven.
    (This song is love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

  53. Liam Says:

    im 12 and i just want to say that michael has been a part of my life for years and years and i dont no wat i’ll do without him. He’s such a genious and a mastermind of singing and also dancing. Moonwalk up in heaven mike and we will always remember you and the things you did down here. Thank you for leaving us with your your music and your joy and happiness. We will always love you no matter what. IM proud to say im a massive fan as well and i am going to see his movie tonight. I LOVE YOU MIKE and YOU’LL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART…

  54. Danielle Davidson Says:

    yeah,Micheal u sure are the light of this world but since u no longer here it feels as if the night doesn’t want 2 end as if we are in the darkness and never gonna’ wake up 2 see the light…as you said you the light of the world and you are gone…earth has got 2 be heeled…but as it stands you were, and always will be known as the legendary King of Pop…I love you michael…I WANT YOU BACK….lots of love

  55. Emma Rubil Says:

    This song is so beautiful !
    Evry time i hear it i just whant to start cry =’(
    WHY !? WHY !? WHY YOU !
    We love you so much Michael !
    So much so you can’t understand !
    That i whant to say is thank you for the support and i’ don’t know what we would do if you didnt save the world.
    We all cry for you and we will love you till we came to you up to the heaven.
    God bless you Michael !
    And we all hope that you are gonna stay in our heart a long time.

    Rest in peace my dear Michael…. =’(

    No one can hurt you any more.

  56. Asiimwe david Says:

    what next can i say about micheal?A man so thrilling,a voice so awakening, a music so live that it wouldn’t even leave seated the aging dancer? yet we now miss u deep in our hearts,we weep with grief although thy legacy never shalt be challenged; 4 from earth many men have departed,but never shalt u,&really this lyric is a perpetual memoir.

  57. KILLZA Says:

    he was a man we cant forget he was a man that was sent from heven


    he lives in our hearts


  58. Ana Says:

    This is song is beautiful like every song he did… I WANT YOU BACK MY ANGEL!!!! i miss u

  59. Ras Stone & Elijah Says:

    Michael Jackson made my world when I was young and so I passed this unto my children especially Elijah who is into everything Michael Jackson. A day never went by that a song of Michael was never played be it in the car or at home. We hope you have met your creator and are in good hands safe and far away from all the sharks that surrounded you.YOU ARE THE BIGGEST PERSONALITY EVER KNOWN TO MANKIND. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL, REST IN PEACE AND MAY JAH GUIDE YOUR SPIRIT.

    Peace And Blessed love
    Ras Stone & Family

  60. sayeem Says:

    this is very good song bro…………..

  61. Adrienne Says:

    what a role model not only for singing but dancing he was such a perfectionist if the song was not what he feel they would pratise until he got the feeling in his heart.
    Just saw his this is it movie wow what a amazing guy he had the cast pumping thruout the whole rehearsals , you certainly are the man in the mirror ,you are not alone , and im gonna rock with you guy.
    Thanks for your profounding gift of music you shared with us.

  62. jojo Says:


  63. Marije Says:

    Michael, you are so great! I love you, so much!
    I’ve seen your movie and it was fantastic!!
    I’ll never forget you, I love you very,very much!
    and this song is also great, like all your songs;-).
    Thanks for everything!

  64. aNyaw Says:

    i love this song….
    if only i had the power to turn back time…
    i could prevent his death….
    i do not have it…
    michael…your not alone…..
    and you will always be in my heart…..
    i love you more….
    i love you forever…
    i want you back….
    i need your love…..
    i miss you….
    i really do…..
    take me with you…..

  65. LALA Says:

    Michael Jackson, you wrote the song for me baby, cause that’s true, you never knew we were lovers… “And it feels as though I’ve seen your face a thousand times” And yes, “I’m the light of the world” YES YOU WILL ALWAYS BE… love you baby.

  66. Amporn Says:

    I cried when I saw you movie .
    THIS IS IT King of Pop lives in our hearts forever.

    I love you very,very much MJ.

  67. king of pop's biggest fan Says:

    oh dear i love this song very much
    it has touched my heart so deeply
    i saw the movie and he was so fit
    i still can’t believe that he’s gone
    but you will always be in my heart
    and your music and your legacy will
    live on FOREVER no doubt that
    he was the greatest human being the
    greatest entertainer that ever lived
    you always tried to send a message
    to all the people so that we could
    HEAL THE WORLD and stay together
    like a family i’m sure that this
    will happen very soon
    now you can finally rest in peace
    i really miss you very much
    no matter what other people comments
    on you theres one thing no one
    can change and its that
    you were the KING OF POP
    you are the KING OF POP
    and you’ll always be the
    and also the king of my heart
    you have always inspired me
    and teached me alots of good things
    that a very few people cares about
    RIP MICHAEL love u…

  68. kishore Says:

    i miss u jackson

    i miss you ……….

  69. aishwarya Says:

    no word’s to say he is genious i really miss uuuuuuuuuu i love u michael for ever

  70. Asjah Says:

    “I know that you are gone, but will live forever.”

    Rest in Peace without a Doubt,

    Asjah Brianna Collins

  71. karen mcneil Says:

    I grew up with Michael and brought my children up listening to him- he is and always will be the best- I love this new song and am glad my 24 yr old daughter hrought it to my attention. He will live on forever in his music and fams- This isn’t is for MJ because we will never let him go ! We Love you Michael and we love this new song- you will be in our hearts forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Vani Says:

    What an AWESOME song!!! I feel as if he put his whole heart into singing that song, that it came from the heart…his other songs were about the master at his craft and were phenomenal, but there is just something so different and endearing about ‘This is it”. Maybe it’s because it was his last song, that I feel this way, but it could also have been that he wanted to convey to him fans that he was still all about the L.O.V.E and that at 50, he was giving his all, just for us.

    I listen to it everday, and lights up my world, and makes me feel so very happy. Thank you for that, Michael. You have not left us because you live on in all off us, your faithful fans. I don’t need to have met you to love you. I am so grateful I saw you in the flesh on your History Tour in Durban, South Africa. Thank you for the music and the dance, for the humanitarian efforts you made for the world, for caring, too much, THANK YOU! Were some stood in judgement and condemnation based on fabrication and greed, WE your fans stood strong. I could not hold you and comfort you in your time of need, but my heart was with you. LOVE LIVES FOREVER…

  73. brendon Says:

    greatest performer of all time…. you’re one of a kind jacko…you are HISTORY…. still great at 50…no one can replace…

  74. Blackhawk Says:

    Marvelous! Its just “FLAWLESS”. It touched the deepest parts of my heart & i think the rest of my life will survive with the inspiration of this song. The melodious & soothing voice of Michael Jackson just shakes up my world everytime I listen to his songs and i get inspired to live along with his memories. It inspired me to recreate some creativity with the music he left to us. I am a growing musician and I think every true musician should follow his footsteps in the world of music in anyway he/she can as I am trying
    the best to do my part with the little knowledge I have about the musicial instument called “Harmonica”.
    Love you Michael.
    Rest in Peace. Just come back for us.

  75. Rr.Sutrawati S. Says:

    This Is It, this song is great ! It’s amazing. MICHAEL, Your voice, yaur song, your music are really touches my heart. Michael, Yes, you are the light of the world. You are the light of my heart. Thank you so very much for this song, thank you again for everything you give to me as your fan with all of you heart and love. I always remember you and love you so much. The King Of Pop, Love lives forever, Rest in Peace, happy forever. God Bless you. Hope to see you in my dream and in heaven.

  76. Bec Says:

    Michael Jackson was truely the greatest performer of all time, no one can ever fill the hole left by him, this is a beautiful song and its just so sad he never lived to see it released. We all have our path in this world and Micheal reached the end of his sooner than he should have, heaven has gained another Angel. My heart goes out to his family especially his children to us he was the king to them he was daddy.

  77. Nesha Says:

    Michael Jackson was the greatest singer, dancer,…. no one can replace you in the whole world never, never. your songs especially ‘you are not alone’ has supported me in my life. you are not dead, i don’t believe this……… you are here in my heart, i mean in all your fans heart. love you Michael ……Love you and your children

  78. wendi Carlyke Says:

    Michael u were, are, and will always be an inspiration to my children and I. I introduced u to my son as the greatest, he loves u, and after your death he realized how much the rest of the world loves you.. I’m so glad he got to experience Michael Jackson. You will be playing at home, in the car, and at every special occassion for generations to come! Did u like your birthday gift? I hope so.. It hurt! Lol I love u MORE Michael.. U will live forever!

  79. guddu Says:

    rest in peace michael. you dealt with so many of problems in your life and this was shown in your voice-the pain. this was your pure spirit, this is it, this is it…………….
    R.I.P. Michael :(

  80. yoli Says:

    this song is so amazing.
    i love you so much michael and i always will
    jesus.. i could go on forever about how much i love youuu but it’s really impossible to put into words
    you just make me smile and scream, and wanna jam ;)
    and like the girl up in the comments section, i know what you mean by getting teased at school cos you love mj, it happens to me everyday, but i’m proud to be a massive mj fan :)
    i’ll see you in heaven,
    i love you most. xx

  81. K. Jackson Says:

    the truth is since he died i have had a big crush on him. Some of you may think that he was ugly and lots of other stuff about him. I love the song. And amagine if you where Michael, everybody was saying rude stuff about you, now how would you feel. I just wanted to piont a bit of notice.
    LOVE K. Jackson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S: i am not a relative of MJ unfortunatly

    i also want to say i also will share your L.O.V.E with everybody around me. It’s like when i think about you i dream about you all day. nobody will ever forget you. when i watch you on T.V i say in my head: that’s the one he is the one i love.i try to ease my family to knowing i love you but its just to hard. It’s like when i am dancing and singing a song and dancing to it. The thought of you just comes into my head and i stop and slow down. my screensaver is large with lots of pics of your single “BAD” if i have a picture of you i want you still to be here with me and all your fans you are a legend to the world. I just want you to know i love you.
    Love K. Jackson again
    R.I.P Michael

  82. sir 4te Says:

    Michael, I love you. This song is simply wonderful. Michael was truly the greatest entertainer to ever live on earth and such an inspiration to me. I miss you Michael. may his soul rest in peace.

  83. Fayssal Says:

    I Love Michael Jackson.You’re In My Heart MJ.i Never Gonna Forget You!! You Teached Us So Many Things.THANKS FOR THAT.And You Know What? All those people Who Say That You Sucks,You’re not great and you’re a piece of Shit.Fuck Those People!! I Love You !

  84. Anni Says:

    This song ablosutley amazing. My friend was gonna see one of his concerts and i bet it MJ was still not dead the show would be, erm, so good it would a word that hasn’t been invented yet!!!!

  85. Mag Says:

    Wonderful song! Been listening to yr songs everyday. Wish you were here with us singing
    this amazing song.. miss you lots tt smtimes i cry thinkin abt you. You’ve been such a great
    person touching ppl’s life. Wish i had a chance to meet you. Can’t believe you’re not with us.
    Still feel you are with us. You believe in yrself n i believe in you. Hope all those ppl will shut up
    their mouths now! Saw the movie n its like seeing you in person. Enjoyed every bit of e movie.
    You’ll always be remembered by me.
    Love you always Michael! RIP….

  86. jontae Says:

    great song rip michael!

  87. Diana Says:

    A Genius, A Heart, A Voice, A Vibrant Being, A Caring Being, An Eternal Being, A Legend - Gone too soon!

    I continue to grieve, am struggling to believe - This is it!

    Arohanui from Aotearoa

  88. elise Says:

    Michael is my role model. i remember when i heard one of his songs i started singing along with the radio and started dancing and even now i still do that. we all miss you mj nowone could replace of being the king of pop RIP mj :(

  89. OANA Says:


  90. mable ben Says:

    i love you Micheal J , May you Rest in peace.. amen
    this song so touching

  91. joannna Says:

    omg , he is my inspiration , i love him ( miley cyrus too) … love , r.i.p my angel : You are not alone !

  92. saado Says:

    no one can be michael unless him ….you will live forever

  93. keiana Says:


  94. jasmine Says:

    i love this song so much because to me it explain that michael is really saying this is it it couldnt be anything better than that…..I LOVE U MICHAEL JACKSON……RIP…….YOU ARE THE REASON WHY I LOVE TO DANCE SO MUCH YOUR UNIQUE TALENT

  95. michael Says:

    i miss you
    as you say
    we are the world

  96. sigurdur Says:

    why why dyd he have to die i love his songs and smooth criminal is my favourite song and then this is it

  97. Yasmeen Says:

    I love this song.. He just sounds like he was in a different place when he was recording this song… (@ peace) it feels like the same energy when he recorded PYT… I can appreciate the music and him as a artist even more now…He was such a talented and inspirational man & he will Forever Be Missed… Love You Mike

  98. i love michael jackson Says:

    i love michael jackson and of course thi is it !!!! oi megaloi kallitexnes dn pe8enoyn pote!!! the great singers never die!!

  99. karnesia Says:

    i lov u micheal i will never 4 get u i love u sooooo much in hav 2 cry every night!:(

  100. nancylazeski Says:

    michael jackson sings all beatuful songs but this one is the most beautyful one of them all i will miss you dearly michael i dream of you every night you are not gone from here you are here with all your fans who love you yes im one of them im your #1 fan i will always love you you are in my heart for ever heres my heart

  101. Joel Prado Rosales Says:

    Gone too soon? You will be always in our hearts

  102. Isidahomen Says:

    love u micheal . na you be the man . u 2 much

  103. otis Says:

    This man in life i mean when he was in this world, everything he does was out of this world ,once again this music is out of this world performance, it is a reminder to we all that this man was simply the greatest, and moreso all the pain people inflicted on him when alive is like biting the finger that feeds you. Now that he is gone we all know the uniqueness in the things that he does when he was around MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE

  104. morgan Says:

    michael jackson is my inspiration for music when i heard that michael was not with us anymore i broke down that was something i could have went my whole life without hearing. do i believe the stuff that he did not at all michael to be honest i would feel so safe with and would love to have been around if i could have meet. michael jackson has been through so much because of peoples b.s if they didnt like them they should have just held it in i do and will always love and cherish michael even though he is not with us anymore he is still my favorite of all time my hero and my insperation i will always have michael in my heart

  105. Taahira Says:

    I love michael jackson he is a great inspiration for all of us he not only sung to the world but he helped the world and the people who live in like you and I no matter what Michael Jackson will always be in my heart forever he is a memory i’ll never forget I hope others fill the same way.

    Peace, Love, and Happiness,

  106. arabhi Says:

    thie is it is the lastest songs may his all songs continue forever i got to know about him on his death day its my unfortunate i never left him from that day his music will and ever ever will wander in my mouth and ears theres always a specialplace in my heart

  107. Annie Says:

    Michael,wonderful song, sung so beautifully, makes me feel like I am ready to love again….yours always

  108. Qman Says:

    Rest in peace, Michael. Your memory will live on in the hearts and minds of the lives you’ve touched. Truly, you were the light of the world!

  109. Millyboo Says:

    I loved Scream…with sis Janet Jackson the best shear genius…and now no more…

  110. katiee laurenn Says:

    i love michael jackson to bits, r.i.p michael, the memories of your songs and you as a great person will be with us forever and always :D your were the only real celeb to me :) i adore you so much :D much love katie lauren williams, i love you :D:D <3 <3 <3 <3

  111. Kee-Narh Says:

    R.I.P Michael Jackson, you lived as a legend .. ;)

  112. Nina Hamilton Says:

    I have always thought that the second line of the fourth verse is ‘I’m the light of the world, come what may; not ‘run away.’

  113. Mary Says:

    As you left a space in my heart,please do fill that gap with yourself..need to hear your songs with that closed chapter of tormentation ..express the freedom of love through your songs as i always wished…u r always my pet lover..want to hug u once for real..i love u..ur Mary..i m real now..

  114. Katalina Says:

    I Love this song!!!!!! Great job Michael as always, I miss you and You will always stay in everyones heart. R.I.P Micheal, all you have done for us will keep going and going for generaions to come!!!!! WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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