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Miley Cyrus - Every Rose Has Its Thorn Lyrics and Video

Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Miley Cyrus, Music Lyrics and Video

Every Rose Has Its Thorn was covered by Miley Cyrus for her 2010 album “Can’t Be Tamed”.
In late 2009, Cyrus recorded a cover of the Poison song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” from their 1988 album “Open Up and Say… Ahh!”, in collaboration with Bret Michaels. The track was produced by John Shanks. Cyrus plans to take a break from recording music after releasing her next album in hopes of developing an “edgier” sound.

You can listen the song here.

Miley Cyrus - Every Rose Has Its Thorn Lyrics

We both lie silently still
in the dead of the night
Although we both lie close together
We feel miles apart inside

Was it something I said or something I did
Did my words not come out right
Though I tried not to hurt you
Though I tried
But I guess that’s why they say

Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
Every rose has its thorn

Yeah it does

I listen to our favorite song
playing on the radio
Hear the DJ say loves a game of easy come and easy go
But I wonder does he know
Has he ever felt like this
And I know that you’d be here right now
If I could let you know somehow
I guess


Though it’s been a while now
I can still feel so much pain
Like a knife that cuts you the wound heals
but the scar, that scar will remain


I know I could saved a love that night
If I’d known what to say
Instead of makin’ love
We both made our separate ways

and now I hear you found somebody new
and that I never meant that much to you
To hear that tears me up inside
And to see you cuts me like a knife
I guess


Song Information

Cyrus decided to cover the track after hearing a crowd of people sing along to it, as she deemed it “a classic and one of [her] favorites”. “I feel like the way the music industry is today really shelters kids and they aren’t exposed to songs as honest and real as this one.” Cyrus gathered with lead singer of Poison, Bret Michaels, to consult him. Michaels instructed and helped analyze “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” to Cyrus, solely using an acoustic guitar, and allowed for her to give the song her “own flare and edge”. In regards to the cover, Michaels stated, “We get asked to use it in a lot of stuff. You’re always really nervous when you’re turning it in to somebody. And I gotta tell you something. She nailed the song.” He added that Cyrus was one of the few artists that could record “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and “pull it off and give it her own flare and make it sound good”.

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  2. lusy Says:

    it’s wonderful.nobody can sing like’s unique and great

  3. Arezoo Says:

    I don’t agree with Ron
    I think her voice is wonderful & unique
    in other way
    I Agree with Lusy
    keep going Miley

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