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No Doubt - Push And Shove Album Review

Eleven years after vocalist Gwen Stefani, guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal and drummer Adrian Young released their last studio album, “Rock Steady”, a new album by No Doubt arrived at retailers this week. The band took its time recording “Push and Shove” in Los Angeles, over a two-year-plus time period, but it was definitely worth it, as most of the tracks hark back to their biggest hits. Listening to this brand new album, you get the feeling that Nou Doubt hasn’t changed with the passing of time. The songs that made them famous worldwide seventeen years ago - “Just A Girl,” “Spiderwebs” and “Don’t Speak” - seem to have reborn under different names on the group’s fifth studio album.

For their fans, it’s difficult to tell where the time went, as No Doubt delivers the same quality music disregarding the modern radio trends. For that matter, the tracks of this album may not become smash hits, but they definitely please longtime fans with their infusion of pop, rock, ska, punk, reggae, dancehall and hip-hop. As Billboard reviews the album, “Push and Shove is a celebration of No Doubt’s love for all things 80s pop and the Southern California ska scene.” Recorded with producer/mixer Mark “Spike” Stent, Push and Shove is not a club banger, but it is definitely an album that needs to be played live for revealing its maximum potential.

Settle Down” is the album’s first track, a perfect introduction for what’s coming next and a welcoming song that takes you back to the group’s dancehall roots. “Looking Hot” has less of Stefani’s confident voice and more of a dance vibe mixed with ’80s new wave elements and dance-pop arrangements. It’s a party starter as Stefani sings “Go ahead and look at me / ‘Cuz that’s what I want […] Do you think I’m looking hot?”. The 42-year-old singer who looks greater than ever, changes the note in “One More Summer” and sings “One more summer / one more weekend / I’m your lover / You’re my weakness”, in a style that recoils the band’s profound love for the 80s.

Push And Shove” is next, the album’s only collaboration. No Doubt joined forces with Busy Signal and Major Lazer and the result was a bouncy reggae song that has a little from deadmau5 and Skrillex and much more from the group, forming a mash-up of styles that will definitely flood the radios. “Gravity” is a pure pop song that begins with a keyboard squiggle followed by a piano loop to send a message that is very clear: the story of Stefani and her husband’s perseverance through the many ups and downs of their long-term partnership. She sings to him, “We’re so lucky we’re still holding on / Just like Venus in the morning sun / You and me got gravity.”

Easy” is slowing things down a little, it’s a relaxing song that serves Stefani’s great vocals just perfectly “I’m gonna take it easy / No not gonna do a thing / Gonna take it easy,” she sings. “Undercover” is a percussive jam that explores the doubtfulness and fears in a longtime relationship, “Undone” tells the story of a woman who is an emotional wreck after she took her lover for granted and he decided to break things off and “Sparkle” is a fun song as only No Doubt can make. “Heaven” is another amazing love song and “Dreaming the Same Dream” ends the album with a rising wall of drums and guitars.

No Doubt - Push And Shove Album Cover
No Doubt - Push And Shove Album Cover

No Doubt - Push And Shove Track Listing

1. “Settle Down” - 6:01
2. “Looking Hot” - 4:43
3. “One More Summer” - 4:39
4. “Push and Shove” (featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer) - 5:07
5. “Easy” - 5:10
6. “Gravity” - 4:25
7. “Undercover” - 3:32
8. “Undone” - 4:38
9. “Sparkle” - 4:08
10. “Heaven” - 4:06
11. “Dreaming the Same Dream” - 5:27

Japanese bonus track

12. “Settle Down” (Jonas Quant Remix) - 4:33

Deluxe edition bonus disc

1. “Stand and Deliver” - 3:22
2. “Settle Down” (Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions) - 4:03
3. “Looking Hot” (Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions) - 4:21
4. “One More Summer” (Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions) - 4:20
5. “Easy” (Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions) - 4:48
6. “Looking Hot” (Jonas Quant Remix) - 4:49
7. “One More Summer” (Jonas Quant Remix) - 4:36
8. “Push and Shove” (Anthony Gorry Remix - 5:34

Album Information

Released September 21, 2012
Recorded 2011-12
Genre Alternative rock, ska punk,[1] New Wave
Length 51:50
Label Interscope
Producer Anthony Gorry, Major Lazer, No Doubt, Ariel Rechtshaid, Mark “Spike” Stent

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