Rascal Flatts - I Won’t Let Go Lyrics and Video

I Won’t Let Go by Rascal Flatts, Music Lyrics and Video

I Won’t Let Go is a song by country pop group Rascal Flatts, from their seventh studio album, “Nothing Like This,” which was released on November 16, 2010. The track was released as a promotional single on October 25, 2010.

Here you can listen the song, Rascal Flatts performing “I Won’t Let Go” Live On Letterman.

Rascal Flatts - I Won’t Let Go Lyrics

It’s like a storm
That cuts a path
It’s breaks your will
It feels like that

You think your lost
But your not lost on your own
Your not alone
I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
If you can’t cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go

It hurts my heart
To see you cry
I know it’s dark
This part of life
Oh it finds us all
And we’re too small
To stop the rain
Oh but when it rains

I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
And you can’t cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight

And I wont let you fall
Don’t be afraid to fall
I’m right here to catch you
I wont let you down
It wont get you down
Your gonna make it
Yea I know you can make it

Cause I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
And you can’t cope
And I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go
Oh I’m gonna hold you
And I wont let go
Wont let you go
No I wont

58 Responses to “Rascal Flatts - I Won’t Let Go Lyrics and Video”

  1. Jody Smith Says:

    I heard this song for the first time this morning. To tell you my whole story would take to long. so short version. last year my 33 yr. old son found out his wife had Ms about 3mos later he had an acident he feel 18′ from a building and multiple injuries while still recovering from this he found out he has somthing wrong with his heart aorta valve has to be replaced, so this week he has open heart surgery. This song said everything I would say to him and my other boys too. So I say I wont let go I will be there though this all Thankyou for singing what is in my heart.

  2. diane radke Says:

    I just want you to know that I am having open heart surgery with aortic valve replacement and possible re-graphs of prior bypasses.
    I am extremely apprensive, but I know it has to be done. This song has
    given me the inspiration to go through with the proceedure. Thank You,
    Rascal Flatts for giving me this inspiration.
    My husband, son, daughter-in-law and my very dear grandchildren are
    eternally grateful!
    God Bless,
    Diane Radke

  3. Stephanie Haines Says:

    My daughter will be turning Sweet 16 on Sunday. Initially we had chosen “In my daughters eyes” by Martina McBride for the Mother/Daughter dance; however, when I heard this song I changed my mind. She does not know that I have changed the song. I decided to change the song because to me this song is telling her that no matter what she may come to in life, that I won’t let go and that her father and I will always be here for her. Thank you for giving us an amazing song Rascal Flatts to use at her Birthday party!!

    God Bless!

  4. Tasha Kindt Says:

    My ex husband got custody of our kids. I have a 7 year old baby girl and a 3 year old baby girl. He makes alot of money and he knew the judge, the judge told me so in court! So of course the judge sides with him! My two daughters cry when its time for them to leave me! The three year old says, “Mommy I don’t won’t leave you, I don’t want to leave you Mommy!” It kills me to watch their little hearts hurt like that! When I heard this song it touched my heart and I can’t wait to play it for them! So, THANK YOU!!!!! It is a wonderful song!

  5. Demi Connell Says:

    This past week and beginning of this week has been a struggle. So many things have happened, last year my mom past away in august. and the 19 is her birthday. then my dad and i do not talk. so everything i feel has just been building up.. my sister found out me and her best friend were talking before we could tell her, and it tore her apart, that was pretty stupid. but the way things just fell into place is way past my comprehension level. well me and my sisters best friend are not giving up just because of it. even though its hard being apart, when we are usually together 24/9. with basic story told this song describes everything!!

  6. susie christie-mcrae Says:

    when I hear this song it is like God is singing it to me it just sounds like words he would use and I think that is why I cry because I am not deserving but I know he loves me anyway and that is the best thing about this life.

  7. Jasmine Sprouse-Wymer Says:

    Just the other day when I thought it would never happen my boyfriend proposed to me. When I heard this song it makes love him more than I ever have and ever will. After searching all these years I’d never think that I would ever find a guy as loving as him. It makes me not want to let go of him ever in my life. This song describes everything bout him and cant no guy out ther ereplace him. I Love
    YOU C.R.W.! :)03-02-2011:)

  8. Kim houser Says:

    This song made my daughter and I cry. My husband and brother were celebrating his 50 th bd when he fell 15 ft onto concrete. Cracked 8 ribs front and back and ruptured his spleen. Broke his toes to unimaginable to repair at this time. His brother and family with love and support will take care of him and his family until they can take care of themselves again. Incredible love and support from family is so rare! I love my husbands family and their commitment to each other! Blessed to have such a great family! Thank you to rascal flatts to put into song, how we feel!

  9. Tracy Says:

    I’ve heard this song a few times before but I guess never really stopped to listen to the word until a week ago Wednesday…well, did it not hit home. I just recently became a great-aunt to two beautiful babies in Jan/2011, they are from two separate niece & born two days apart. We suddenly lost the little boy Nicholas when he was a month & a week old to SIDS, this is the second child my niece has lost. Long story short, I live far away from them & could not be there for her in her time of need & when I heard this song, it’s everything I wanted to tell her in a nut shell from the bottom of my heart! Thank-you Rascal Flatts…you guys ROCK! God bless all of God’s little angels that we have lost, may you rest in peace! ;)

  10. tonya morgan Says:

    I heard this song and just like someone else said this is like our Jesus speaking to us dont know who rascall flatts was writing about weather it was a girl or waht but i hear ir and once again I say its from the Lord cause no matter what we are going through he will be there to wipe our tears catch us when we fall I just love this song and its so touched me

  11. ladyrosebug Says:

    I heard this song for the 1st time and it gave me the answer I was looking for - for the past couple of months. My son is going through a trying time and even though we are very close I haven’t been able to explain to him enough that I am here no matter what. As a parent it is possible to be disappointed and still love them enough to support their choices. So I am getting this for him. THANK YOU Rascal

  12. josephine pruitt says; Says:

    i heard this song and it makes me feel more love for my husband than i ever imagined.thank you so much for giving us such beautiful music

  13. angie hughes Says:

    This song is beautiful i lost my mother april 30 2010 my uncle who was like a brother april 30 2009 and in janurary of this year a aunt and two cousins in three days so my uncle lost his wife and two kids in one week this song speaks to my heart thank you for the inspiration to cope with the trials of life

  14. traci Says:

    Everytime I hear this song I think about a close family member that’s battling stage 3 breast cancer. I will be there when she’s done all she can to wipe her tears and stand by her…….. not sure what the real meaning of this song should be but she is who I think of when I hear it.

  15. Debbie Says:

    My 7 yr old son has had a rough school year, being bullied. One day we were riding in the car and this song came on the radio. About half way through the song he said, “Mom this guy singing is pretending that he is God, isn’t he.” I hadn’t been paying attention, but began listening to the words, and said “Yes, it sounds like he could be.” He went on to say that God is always there through good times and struggles… I bought the CD and we decided we are going to listen to this song every morning when I’m taking him to school. What a great song to start your day!!!! Thanks Rascal Flatts for a great “pick me up” song!

  16. jadina Beaver Says:

    I love this song it comes from the heart. I love it I told my kids this song goes out to them. I will will be there mom always and I will always be there for them no matter what love this song.

  17. teresa Says:

    lost my beautiful mom feb 12,2011 the three years she was in the nursing home i saw her every day got her ready for bed every night even my days off i use to get her ready for bed i also worked there.decided to take aweek vaction since mom was doing so well walking ,talking to every one.left feb 6 2011 came back feb 13 my son gave me the bad news that my best friend my mom past away in her sleep. this song is so beautiful i’m still in shock over my mom’s death but when i here this song it’s like jesus speaking to me .beautiful song !!!! god bless

  18. Debbie Says:

    This song reminds me of the Footprints poem. Beautiful…Beautiful

    nice to know that during all the tough times in life, Jesus won’t let you fall…..

    Couldn’t have been sung by anyone better!!! Thank you!

  19. Donna Says:

    Since losing my dear husband on Jan. 15 2009, there have been so many wonderful family and friends helping me through each and every day.This song makes me remember them, and though I miss my husband so much every day that it hurts, I am so thankful to have had the help and support. Thanks for the beautiful song!

  20. Ron Says:

    I lost my father to cacer this past year and my wife had lost her mother to cancer 3 years back. This song is such an inspirational song to me. Going through what we have and anyone else has had to deal with cancer.When I hear this song I feel that if there is anyone who is in need of help I would want to be there for them. If there is any way to make them feel at ease I want to be there to let them know it will be alright. Thank you Rascal Flatts.God Bless You.

  21. Melissa Says:

    I know I’ve heard this tune somewhere before in another song, I just can’t place it. Please help it’s driving me Crazy!

  22. Kelly Says:

    Every time I hear this song I get goosebumps. It takes me to a very emotional place that began 10 yrs ago. My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 tongue cancer. He was 39 yrs old. I had no idea what we had ahead of us. I dont remember driving back and forth 1 hour each way for his treatments after he had spent 3 weeks in the hospital. All I do remember is I did what I knew I had to do and wanted to do. Happy to say he is 10 yrs cancer free! And every time I hear I won’t let go,it takes me down that road and gives me strength all over again. I am trying to have it played for the SURVIVOR WALK at our Relay For Life. This song is soo strong!

  23. Shirley Says:

    My very good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer 4years 11 months ago. She had both removed and was looking forward to 5 year anniversary when she was diagnosed again this time stage 4. She is going through a very bad time and has a five year old son to boot. Not an easy task, having a five year old and fighting the fight with everything she has. This song says everything that myself and all her friends and family believe. I cry when I hear the words but they do inspire me. A very powerful song.

  24. RhyDonna Says:

    I lost my husband Oct. 2010 to non life threatening thyroid cancer at the age of 52. This song reminds me of how we always have been together for 18 yrs & it reminds me God & my husband will get me thru. I heard a lady at WalMrt mention how its helped her cope, so I looked up the lyrics then the song & just love it. Thanks Rascal Flatts

  25. Chrissy Dover Says:

    I listened to this song one morning after dropping my 18 year old daughter off at school.She is struggling in life right now and I now I will never let her go through this alone.This song put in words exactly what I need to say to her and I hope that she don’t ever forget how I feel.I love you Codie and any time you need me I will be there!And I won’t ever let you go.Thank you Rascal Flatts it is a beautiful song.

  26. Linda Lou Says:

    I wish this song was around 3 years ago, I would have sang it to my son until he ‘got it!’. Instead he decided to end his life on April 2, 2008. Every time I hear the song I sing it to him, even thou he isn’t here because it states ‘how I feel!’ Thanks - Rascal Flatts the song is perfect!

  27. grace Says:

    this song is so beautiful that i am going to sing it at the talent show at my school and the dedication is to my niece

  28. Mary Says:

    This is the most beautiful song I have heard in a long time. I am a Christian and would love to have this for our praise team to sing. It so touches the heart and soul of many people. I lost a dear Aunt last week to Alzheimers and watching her struggle this song was very comforting. Her husband was a man that this song was all about and of course our Christ Jesus also is what this song is about. So hats off to Rascal Flatts for singing from the heart.

  29. christy Says:

    This beatiful song brings me closer to GOD when I hear it, this lets me know that above ALL, HE will fight my fight, hold me tight and when things are at their worst, HE will hold me tight and not let go. We’re too small to stop the rain, but HE is not. Thank you Rascal Flatts for saying it better than anyone else.

  30. Becky Richter Says:

    3 yrs. now, i been fighting with health problems. in a coma for 4 months, total of 1 whole yr. in different hospital. on life support & flantlined, they got my heart going again. they said there was no hope for me. i heard them say its time to call the family in & discuss about pulling the plug. i prayed dear god, please do not take me now, i am not ready i want to see & i started going down the list of my family. god answered my prayer & i am hear today & doing well. plus going thru a domestic relationship & divorse. when i here this song i had to stop what i was doing & sit down & listened. i just cried & cried. u guys are the greatest & if anyone would do a song like that it would be rascal flatts. thanku & love ya.

  31. Heather Says:

    Have you ever just had one of those days, weeks, months, perhaps a year…when nothing goes right. You have a few subtle good days but the true reality is most of them are terrible. I’m a single mother. I work and provide for my daughter and myself. Latley, I’ve just been sad. Overworked, mentally and physically exhausted. It’s very very trying at times to be a single parent. People have noticed that I hadn’t been myself lately and that…well to put it bluntly just plain depressed. I got this song in a text message…and could only make out a few words. Obviously I figured it out. All I can say is….turn it up listen listen listen ….I cried for the first time in a long time. But damn my I needed to let it out! Thank you. Thank you for making this song available to view the words, and hear it..now I can buy it.

  32. caylia danielle zimmerman Says:

    I love this song it is the best song i have heard from you guys!!! Some times it makes me cry to in a happy way not sad.I love you guys keep making music like this it is great!!!!(:

  33. Crystal in Georgia Says:

    I have been the force in my child’s life for 17 of his 20 years and he has been a handful to say the least, the words of this song express how I feel for him and it has nothing to do with money or things. Thank you for understanding the depth of love and letting God work in you and your group to put out touching, spirit filled music.

  34. Donna Jasper in Amelia OH Says:

    This song really hits home with me. This describes me and my best friend Teresa perfectly. We are sisters in every sense of the word. We don’t get along with our biological sisters and don’t have much in common with them but we have each other and this song is perfect. I’ve had a trying year as I lost my mom very unexpectly and she is have real trouble in her marriage but through everything we have each other just like the song says. Thank you so much for this special song for us.

  35. debby cheesman Says:

    i really love this song it makes me thang ove me and my boyfriend i love him so much i love all ur music i am a big fan ove yours

  36. Sydney Says:

    This song touchs me becAuse I am in 7th grade and have a very close relationship with the eighth graders who are leaving bad this is their graduation song it makes me remember how they were always there for me and still will be

  37. karen Says:

    my son had just had a bone marrow transplant and his wife has been by his side the whole time as has oue whole family. Tghis is their song, love the song.

  38. jeff whitaker Says:

    i lost my mom in jan.she was my glue that held my life together.somehow i she her singing this song back to me.this has been the worst four months of my life,but i know she wouldnever let me or our family fall god bless

  39. Victoria Wilson Says:

    In February 2004 I was told by my oldest daughter (then 12, now 19) that her and her younger sister (then 8 now 15) were both molested by a family friend. Devastation consumed me to the point where sleepless nights and anxiety took control. We were just notified by mail last week that this monster (after only serving 5 years in prison) is being released TODAY. Words could not describe how I felt and what I wanted to say to my beautiful angels until I heard this song. It’s almost as if it were written for our situation. Thank you so much for releasing such a beautiful song. God Bless You!!

  40. Debbie OBrien Says:

    My sister posted this song to my Facebook account on Mother’s Day this past Sunday. I heard the song before. I love Rascal Flatts, but I never took the time to LISTEN to this song. I have been going thru a very dark time in my life and my sister is my best friend. I lost my 17 year old daughter Jenny in an ATV accident on July 27, 2010. It was a tragic loss for our whole family. Jenny was an angel in life as well as in heaven. My whole life has changed, my whole family has fallen apart. I am a very strong person, but sometimes don’t know how much more I can take. I have a husband and an 11 year old beautiful daughter. I have become, not only a mother, a father, a sister, a friend to my daughter and its been very difficult. This song is beautiful, brings tears to my eyes, but brings strength to my heart to know that I “Can Make It”. Honestly without my sister, I don’t know if I could have. RIP Jennifer Lee OBrien 10/24/92-7/27/10

  41. S. Armstrong Says:

    What a great song. My sister has battled cancer twice and I played it for her. She said how appropriate it is for those caregivers. Thank you for such a wonderful song.

  42. Rhonda Says:

    Heard this song for the first time while driving my husband to his radiation and chemo treatment for lung cancer. Cried all the way while holding his hand. Now when things get tough we listen to it together. This is the second tome your music has touched us broken road was played at our wedding. God bless you.

  43. Sue Says:

    Wonderful song. My son at the age of 9 will sing this song each time it comes on. It is his favorite song. So once i listened and how amazing for a young child to pick up on how beautiful of a message it gives. It melts my heart to hear him sing it. Also our family has some tough times we are going through and how great it is to have this song to inspire us!

  44. Lisa Short Says:

    My husband was diagnosed with colon and bladder cancer in February. He survived 7 1/2 hours of surgery on March 23, 2011. His second chemo treatment was on Monday. Only 10 to go. When I listened to the lyrics of this song, I began to weep. I was so touched. It is as though the writer(s) knew my feelings and put them to music. What a blessing.

  45. Taylor Says:

    Today was our school talent show and a little boy sang this song. My beat friend told me he was singing this song for his dad, his dad died earlier this year and I feel so bad for him. I know what it is like to lose ur father I lost mine when I was four and wen I heard this little boy sing it I cried like a baby I love all of ur music and I hope u will keep doing all that u are doing thank you :) god bless you!!!

  46. Charita Says:

    Thank you :) This touches a very private place in my heart….

  47. corine Says:

    I just wanted to say this song is everything to me cuz it reflect exactly what I feel about my dad. He has alzheimers and this song is for him. I love you dad!!!

  48. David Says:

    This is the best song ever. My wife is having a real hard time with the fact that two of our three sons are in the army and one is married and the second one is about to get married. She is happy for them but she feels as if they are leaving her, and they are not. She heard this song and fell apart, then she says that is just how she feels. She finds comfort when she hears this song so all I can say is thanks for a great song.

  49. Sheryl Says:

    I only recently heard this song. It moved me because it so eloquently articulates everything I need for my 19 yr old son to know in his heart of hearts with out doubt. He is struggling with addiction and is in a dark place in his life. I texted him an encouraged him to listen to the song. I have done all I can as far as treatment, being an example myself and endless love and forgiveness. Even though the song moves me to tears I love it. I do not cry easily and it helps to flush out and refill with hope and inspiration. Thanks. I think the lyrics and the music are divinely inspired. Very Powerful. Blessings SL

  50. Louise Says:

    I love your song, I just went through breast cancer, mastectomy, chemotherapy,and radiation. When I heard your song all I could think of was if My husband and sister had not heald on to me and never let me go I would not be here now.

  51. amanda Says:

    May 22 joplin missouri was hit by a tornado.
    So many people lost everything including loved ones. Starting over and copping with the loss of loved ones is hard. So I want to dedicate this song to everyone in joplin. My thoughts and prayers are with. You.

  52. charlie-from ohio Says:

    This song reminds me of the love I have for my children. It also reminds of the love that the lord has for all of us. There is so much heart put into singing these words. ( Never let go.) Thanks Rascal Flattes.

  53. Bre Says:

    This song is realy touching. The Rascal Flatts no just how to put emotion into a piece. This song can dedicate to lots of things and people. Never Let Go. I know I won’t!!

  54. marilyn Says:

    This is onw of the most beautiful songs ever written. My boyfriend is going through a rough emotional time right now. I dedicated this song, to him. I’m not leaving his side…I won’t let go!

  55. Beth muensterman Says:

    5 years ago moved home to take care of mom and Dad, MOm passed away last year, Also lost 2 brothers and a sister. It is just me and dad, I was diagnosed with Cancer last September, I have not gone thru this alone, INcredible friends. I ride a 1300 V star. I had angel wings airbrused on my tank with I wont let Go, The bike is being showen at a Bike and car show, with all proceeds going to Breast cancer, Your song Incourages me to keep going, I want to thank you for this. I will be having another surgery in Sept, and I wont let go. Beth

  56. debbie thomas Says:

    At 22 mos my grandson was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and after 6 mos of chemo & surgery to remove 1/2 his liver and 2 mos later his little brother 8 mos was diagnosed with Liver cancer too! Ater chemo treatments he had surgery to remove 3/4 of his liver, and NO transplant needed! We have been truly blessed as both boys are strong and in remission 2/2 years later. Your song “Won’t let go!” says it all. It truly inspires us to keep going in Faith & Love. We now do what we can to help families with children’s cancer by being there or fund raising to help in any way we can. Deb (Grandma Thomas)

  57. linda rice Says:

    It will be 11 yrs I have taken care of my husband and all i have to say is i hope everyone can have the LOVE we both have for each other. We have been blessed with a LOVE so few ever find.

  58. A. Thompson Says:

    My daughter is the strongest sole I ever known

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