Robbie Williams - Bodies Lyrics and Video

Bodies by Robbie Williams, Music Lyrics and Video

Bodies is the lead single by British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams, from his eighth studio album “Reality Killed the Video Star” which was released on November 9, 2009 trough EMI.
The music video for “Bodies” was shot in the Mojave Desert and premiered on September 9, 2009.

You can listen the song below, this is the official video.

Robbie Williams - Bodies Lyrics

God gave me the sunshine,
Then showed me my lifeline
I was told it was all mine,
Then I got laid on a ley line
What a day, what a day,
And your Jesus really died for me
Then Jesus really tried for me

UK and entropy,
I feel like its ****in’ (beeped out) me
Wanna feed off the energy,
Love living like a deity
What a day, one day,
And your Jesus really died for me
I guess Jesus really tried for me

Bodies in the Bodhi tree,
Bodies making chemistry
Bodies on my family,
Bodies in the way of me
Bodies in the cemetery,
And that’s the way it’s gonna be

All we’ve ever wanted
Is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it
God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection

Praying for the rapture,
‘Cause it’s stranger getting stranger
And everything’s contagious
It’s the modern middle ages
All day every day
And if Jesus really died for me
Then Jesus really tried for me

Bodies in the Bodhi tree,
Bodies making chemistry
Bodies on my family,
Bodies in the way of me
Bodies in the cemetery,
And that’s the way it’s gonna be

All we’ve ever wanted
Is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it
God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection

Bodies in the Bodhi tree,
Bodies making chemistry
Bodies on my family,
Bodies in the way of me
Bodies in the cemetery,
Bodies in the bodhi tree,
Bodies making chemistry
Bodies on my family,
Bodies in the way of me
Bodies in the cemetery,
And that’s the way it’s gonna be

All we’ve ever wanted
Is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it
So God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection

Jesus didn’t die for you, what do you want?
(I want perfection)
Jesus didn’t die for you, what are you on?
Oh Lord
(Jesus really died for you) Ohh
(Jesus really died for you)
(Jesus really died for you) Ohh

Song Information

The song received its premiere on The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 after an interview with Williams on Friday 4th September 2009 at 8am.

Released October 12, 2009
Recorded 2008–2009 London, United Kingdom
Genre Pop
Length 4:04
Label EMI
Writers Robbie Williams, Brandon Christy, Craig Russo
Producer Trevor Horn, Guy Chambers, Mark Ronson

92 Responses to “Robbie Williams - Bodies Lyrics and Video”

  1. Jonk Says:

    very faithful and grateful words. will always be looking at you. Almost get it misunderstood again, till l reed the songs.

    see you baby.

  2. Lenea Says:

    Well I have no words, it’s amazing, congratulations Robbie

  3. sam Says:

    well done

  4. Alison Says:

    May God Bless you for turning turning souls to Him. This song may just save many from the Bodhi Tree Robbie. In the name of Jesus Christ i pray that he will present you blameless on the day of his return. From one who can’t wait for the rapture and meeting Jesus in the air..I can’t wait. Till then may our lives be used selflessly for his Glory Amen. Alison

  5. Kati Says:

    Hello Alison,
    I don’t quite get it. My friend told me that Robbie WIlliams has turned to Jesus and has become a christian. But why does he sing in the end “Jesus didnt die for you ”
    Has he or has he not? I was so touched and happy and greatful when I heard that song for the first time…I was crying in my car. But after reading the lyrics I felt a little confused.
    Could someone explain it to me please?
    xx Kati

  6. Varuni Says:

    What’s up with the Bodhi tree ?? I am a Buddhist and I would like to think he is not insulting buddhism in any way. I hope one day he will turn to the bodhi tree … that is the only way out of the madness you are in Robbie !!!

  7. Scoota Says:

    A very powerful song…Robbie has it right on this one - however I have to agree with Kati - although the lyrics say “Jesus really died for you” at the end of the song it sounds like he is singing “Jesus didn’t die for you”… I don’t understand the discrepancy.

  8. Becca Says:

    Yes, very confusing. I heard this for the first time this morning. What people remeber most about a song(second only to the chorus) is the ending. He may well be turning more people away from the faith with this song than he’s turning to God.

  9. Sally Says:

    I feel so sad when I hear this song on the radio now, that I have to turn to another station. Sorry Robbie. This song offends….in an on so many levels. Hope you find what you are looking for.

  10. Garry Says:

    Jesus didn’t die for you, what are you on? Jesus was going to die anyway one way or the other, Jesus dose not make any difference, goodness is your choice don’t let Jesus be someone else to blame for your weakness, when you figure out what you are on there is not a confusing thing about it, you have your own power for good and that does not come from Jesus, don’t be fooled to feel otherwise, there is equal and greater good within you. scared you could be better than Jesus? so why build the boundary? take a good look at your reflection, what do you want?

  11. Obráz István Says:

    Dear Kati,

    I’d like to share my interpretation of the last verse with you. I’d say that it’s the most important part of the song, the manifestation of Robbie’s message: God exists and Jesus really died for us all. The last verse is symbolic, Robbie imitates a conversation between pagans or seekers and Christians. When he states ’Jesus didn’t die for you, what do you want?’, he takes the role of unbelievers, his voice is that of the sceptics who often come up with questions like this. The answer is given by the man of faith who has experienced the existance and the power of God ’I want perfection.’ (I want to be a better man, as perfect as I can, so I fight against the selfish part of my soul, and on the other hand I want perfection, to gain a place in Heaven, where everything is perfect, after I die). Then comes another question you can hear all the time from the lips of atheists ’Jesus didn’t die for you, what are you on?’. Here the response is by a chorus representing whole Christianity, you can hear the voice of each and every believers, what’s more that of the host of angels. ’Oh Lord Jesus really died for you Ohh.’ Very powerful and very convincing. May God bless you. István

  12. Rachel Says:

    Garry, goodness wont save you in the end. Sorry.

  13. Art Says:

    I think it’s pretty clear he says “Jesus DIDN’T die for you” throughout the entire last verse. Look at his mouth when he says it in the video. Forming the R consonant in “really” should be very obvious, but he never makes that expression.

  14. Hayley Says:

    If you look up several key words it will make sense, and read István’s reply. :0)

    Ley Line
    Bodhi Tree

    Robbie it is a superb song x

  15. Dennis Says:

    Kati, I think he’s searching. Robbie has been looking for UFOs and doing all kinds of things since his world collapsed around him.
    I think he’s just trying to work out, whether Jesus died for him or not. And the last lyrics are confirming that he died for him and you and all of us.

  16. nate Says:

    I think you got the lyrics all wrong
    He says
    Jesus didn’t die for me
    Jesus wouldn’t try for me

    Then the part about wanting to look good naked and being saved from ones reflection is a statement of being narcissistic – a true statement of our gym/Madison ave driven culture

  17. Rochelle Says:

    Im agreeing with some of the others about it being confusing… When I heard that Robbie was singing about Jesus I thought “wow”.. but when i listened with the lyrics up i thought “what?” Firstly he swears in it.. secondly he seems to go from sayin that Jesus died for us to finishing with “Jesus didn’t die for you”… Maybe we should pray for him…

    I was trying to look online for an interview of him talking about Bodies- what inspired him, and what the song is really about!! If anyone knows a link please post it up! Thanks.

  18. jane Says:

    Who cares….its another great song from Robbie….we will all die….not for anyone….but because thats life!!!
    If you dont like it….dont listen to it!!

  19. Della Says:

    Hmm Im really confused,, I never really like Robbie till I listened to this song and thought he’d changed but listening to all your comments and re-listening to the song,, it looks like he was really questioning if Jesus really died for him, but in the end made the conclusion that Jesus didnt die for him or for us :/. What a shame he feels that way. I hope he proves me wrong because this song could be great with the right message. And yes, they got the lyrics wrong,, the choir n him sings ‘Jesus didnt die for you’

  20. Lins Says:

    Great song and so inspiring to all those who are searching for peace, authenticity and love and have been met with nothing but superficiality and scepticism by along their journey. No-one has been searching under more scrutiny than Robbie and I applaud him for this description of his journey and his declaration of faith in a popular culture that doesn’t value spirituality. He just looks different too - vulnerable despite the strut. You are not doing this alone. God is with you. Thanks Robbie.

  21. jman Says:

    The chorus reminds me of the Garden of Eden - originally they were naked without shame, then Adam & Eve sinned and saw their nakedness and hid. Shame has been upon us since. Jesus took our shame on the Cross.
    Perhaps ‘look good naked’ & ‘perfection’ are about being in right-standing with God?

    All we’ve ever wanted
    Is to look good naked
    Hope that someone can take it
    God save me rejection
    From my reflection,
    I want perfection

  22. Joan Ghali Says:

    I fully agree with Istvan as he writes above( no 11)….a very powerful song from Robbie with a positive uplifting message …….the last verse is the most important and manifestation of Robbies message…he sings it as if he is asking a question between the believers and unbelievers…Robbie’s message is clear…….that God exists and Jesus really died for us all.Brillant song Robbie… was worth waiting for!

  23. simdi Says:

    thanx coz me and my family have been wondering about it and wee really confused. we thought he was controdicting himself

  24. Iam Confused Says:

    Song is blasphemous he starts off swearing which the bible condemns . Robbie Williams is a very confused man sounds as though he is searching but doesnt know how to go about it . This guy needs prayer !!!!

  25. callmepsycho Says:

    The song is one of double entendre. On the surface, it is talking about humanity’s / Robbie’s personal journey / issues with physical appearance and mortality. But there is a much deeper meaning stepped in the Judeo-Christian religion

    The song is sung from the perspective of Lucifer, who according to the Judeo-Christian religion, was God’s most beautiful creation. Lucifer was head angel but fell victim to vanity thinking himself perfection personified. He rebelled (along with 1/3 of the heavenly bodies / angels / ‘the fallen’) against his creator when informed that he was made to serve humanity / bodies.

    He recounts the day he fell (what a day), losing his beauty through this rebellion / sin (entrophy) but has found power through it (sin) and now lives like a deity. He’s looking forward to (praying for) the rapture to rid the world of the infectious medieval beliefs of Christians.

    He demonstrates his disdain for humanity with the body references, like some sort of putrid edifice that he sees everywhere. Bodhi is the Sanskrit word for enlightenment, thus he begins with a metaphorical reference with the bodies / carcasses in the tree of enlightment / knowldege of good and evil (ie the tree that Adam and Eve are associated with). He then referes to human procreation / expanding population, bodies / the dead are his family, bodies everywhere getting in the way, lots of dead bodies is the way “its gonna be”.

    He then sings in plural about how he and the fallen have been stripped of their beauty and must clothe their appearance. “All we’ve ever wanted (since rebellion) is to look good naked ie how they once did, they just want perfection. Still vain glorious, he asks God to save him not from his ‘sin’ but from the consequences, the horror of his own reflection.

    The whole “Jesus didn’t die for you” thing is again double entendre. On one hand he’s talking to himself in first person, Jesus didn’t die for you / ‘the fallen’ but allegedly for these humans / bodies. But he’s also talking to humans / bodies in spite saying you are just like us / in the same sad “fallen” stated just wanting perfection and your hope / ‘salvation’ is in vain (“Jesus didn’t die for you”).

    Consider the imagery in the final minute of the clip

  26. Irvin Says:

    In response to Iam Confused comment (entry 24).

    Can you acknowledge that even as a Christian that there are moments in your spiritual searching when you become the “I am confused”? Our human sensory system often distracts us away from the deep wailing of the soul. Robbie, I pray that you are experiencing the peace of God in your life.

  27. CIA Says:

    If Robbie had become a Christian don’t you think he’d know not to keep it a secret and would proclaim it? So far that is not the case? Also some really good suggestions on the 3rd verse i.e. Istvan. But it doesnt make sense why he swears in the first verse. Very contradictory!

  28. Katherine Says:

    I agree with most of the people expressing confusion here. The first time I heard the song, I thought “poor Robbie, so desperate to make a comeback that he had to go a write a controversial song” and all I had for him was pity. Then I listened again and thought he was saying “Jesus really died for me”, and I listened even harder and this time, I clearly heard “Jesus didn’t die for me”. I think he’s really confused poor fellow, and has managed to confuse his fans and listeners along with him! One thing’s for sure - he has managed to create the buzz he was so craving for - he’s got christians and non-christians all over the world listening to and talking about his new song, and just for that I say way to go, Robbie! :))

  29. plikerut Says:

    Well I have no words, it’s amazing, congratulations Robbie

  30. gotmethinking Says:

    For Garry (no10),
    Good people don’t get into heaven - forgiven people do! Jesus said i am the way, the truth and the light, no man comes to the Father except through me. In other words faith in Jesus is the only way into heaven, not by good deeds, though the Bible does tell us God has a life of good deeds planned for us but it is not this that saves us - it’s faith. I really hope you get it one day. We have eternal souls and there is one of two places we will go when we die - it’s worth investigating more.

  31. interested Says:

    Why not ask Robbie himself.
    To my mind he is saying incredulously
    ‘Jesus didn’t die for you ………… what are you on?’
    In other words are you crazy, of course He did!
    Did anyone notice the registration of the bike?

  32. Julie B Says:

    Hey Robbie, I thought this song was good to start with and was pleased when I first heard it until the ending - Jesus really did die for all of us including you, I am really offended and disappointed that at the end you sing Jesus didn’t die for you, this is so wrong and ruins the whole song.I agree with one of the previous comments, I too have to turn the song off when I hear it. The song would be great if it had a consistent message throughout - Jesus really died for me, Jesus really tried for me. I won’t be buying the song, it’s such a shame. I’m surprised a song with this message is allowed to be released. Some people are already confused about what they believe and a song like this doesn’t help. I hope that you find faith in Jesus.

  33. Disappointed Says:

    Comment 31 - very clever. The bike has the no. 6 on it 3 times - 666. As a Christian I have studied this song and it is anti-Christian. At first glance it ’seems’ good, but when you study it a little further, his action in the end while standing on the plane, shaking his finger at us saying “Jesus didn’t die for you” confirms he is more lost than before.

  34. Langdon Says:

    Pretty sure Garry has the gist of it, though I did like callmepsycho’s take too. Robbie is too much of a freethinking individualist to fall for a ‘made-for-the-lowest-common-denominator-off-the-shelf’ explanation of Beingness. Pretty sure the whole tone of the song and the references to “Jesus” were a lure for the gullible - and the ending is the punch line. No wonder the confusion hehe.

  35. oldie Says:

    For all christians here , especially the ones saying they are confused about the meaning of the song I would advise that if you really care about lost souls you should pray for him. He may believe or he may not, this is, I find, one of the beauties of art: various interpretations. He may be searching…Praying for him is a solution for all the possibilities listed above. And by the way I know christians who swear, it’s called sinning just like you and me with other issues. For the non christians I would say: keep searching and you will find.

  36. ml Says:

    On ‘the number of the bike’: It’s ‘6′, as I also immediately noticed.

    But consider what happens to this bike and when in the story: He first starts off with it - if you take it as 666, he goes with the evil side, and has a good, cool ride … until it breaks down.

    He doesn’t continue his ride on that bike.

    He’s thrown back on his own, going on foot through the desert (hot, no water) until all of a sudden someone else appears and lets him drive again. In the evening, we see him smile.

    After this starts the last section of the video which I still need to think about.

  37. Sarah Says:

    In response to this ‘666′ talk, you’ve (probably) got it wrong. It’s 616.

    I think it’s a really great song. I don’t think he’s insulting religions in any way, just showing two sides of an argument. My fave song at the moment.

  38. FIONA Says:

    “Jesus didn’t die for you, what do you want?
    Jesus didn’t die for you, what are you on?”
    Isn’t that Robbie simply asking this question to unbelievers ?
    The rest of the song seems to indicate that he does believe & the ending is him simply questioning others disbelief?

  39. Tom Says:

    People don’t care about the lyrics in the song why do you think its number 2 in the charts??
    And if its an insulting song then wouldn’t they not of released it? Robbie williams is amazing he is who he is :)

  40. Balistoides Says:

    I agree with most of the above posts. A confusing and controversial set of lyrics which seems to project how the artist is/feels in his own life I suppose.

  41. Tilleisha Says:

    I love this song can’t get enough awsome job robbie!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Fabiana Says:

    I love Robbie Williams, but above him is my lord Jesus…
    …I think that a song written for the Lord could not leave anyone confused…there´s no reason…it´s not fair.
    So, if it´s true that Robbie has turned to Jesus and keep siging to Him, he should have brighter thoughts.

  43. mad79 Says:

    why cant you appreciate a song for what it is:A SONG!everything has to be annalized?i like this song because has a nice beat and makes you dance!you think to much people!!!!

  44. Interested Says:

    Perhaps we should be pleased however the lyrics seem to us,
    we are at least talking and thinking about what he is or isn’t saying. We all think it is very important to acknowledge that Jesus did die for us.
    I would still challenge Robbie to enlighten us with his meaning
    before making a judgement.

  45. Bob Says:

    Haha, I think you can read into this what suits you, like most things in art. Is that a rising moon at the end that he turns to look towards. Is he turing his face to the symbol of the mother goddess?

  46. ian Says:

    Believe or not believe???

    You will know it when you get there!!!

    John 3:16

    god bless us all.

  47. ml Says:

    What about the 3rd part on the plane - I’ve got some questions & one suggestion.
    Questions about the setting. Are those old, ‘retired’ civil planes or ‘de-militarized’ ex-warplanes? Are the planes new?
    - What places like this exist in the Moave desert?
    - Why is there no one else around?
    Suggestion about the black car: This could symbolize death, couldn’t it?. It suddenly arrives, the driver remains anonymous (we don’t see, for example, his face like the woman’s before) and takes Robbie with him - it’s like the taxi comes and he’s required to take it.
    Question about the end:
    - Seems like we see 2 Robbies: One singing on on the “do not walk beyond this line” area of the wing. The other Robbie drives away in that black car.
    - Maybe the singer represents the voice that foresees the inevitable end and enjoys dancing in areas not really made for human beings.
    - The one entering the black cab represents the actual human being whose life ends.
    - However, the voice and the song it sings continues - from that strange unearthy place above the ground, silver coated, unreal. This could be read as the song outlasting an individual’s end.
    - Taking the fact into consideration that the video shows both Robbies simultaneously, and that the second sees the first off, the video itself exposes the awareness of limited physical existence on earth and possibly eternal existence in the sphere of songs/visions.

  48. Sharon Jones Says:

    The best songs are those that provoke discussion and more importantly action.

  49. VF Says:

    I am convinced that he is convinced abt Buddhism. Bodhi tree is to do with Buddhism, Bodies with reincarnation, the cycle of life etc. The whole song is about what he used to believe in….

  50. ivan Says:

    it’s a realy confusing the end around 3:53 when the 3rd (Jesus really died for you) Ohh apears he is on the wing and is waving his hand saying no… and if u read his lips he is also saying “no”. instead of “really” while the backgroudn sais “really” so that got me very confused.

  51. dapo Egunjobi Says:

    I love this from u williams.this is a true confession.Dont go back to your vomit please.

  52. MONIKA Says:


  53. nate Says:

    The man is searching for The Truth…
    My wish is for him to find it.

  54. ELLISE Says:

    Yer amazin but I should say he should join back with Take That, that would just be amazing. luv ya

  55. Interested Says:

    I am pleased to see we are all still talking about it.
    Jesus is alive and amongst us.
    And no……… He is not our Robbie

  56. Nishanth Says:

    really good song by robbie!!!! And jesus really cared for us!!!

  57. Rocky Says:

    This song is a lot deeper than I thought, when I first heard it on the radio.

    Love living like a deity: That’s Robbie talking about himself again.

    It’s the modern middle ages: Well, that’s not very optimistic.

    Then I got laid on a ley line: Straight paganism, baby. Now you know he’s joking.

    Jesus didn’t die for you, because he didn’t know you. He died two thousand years ago, for a sect of Judaism that died out about the same time.

    Number one message from this song: take a look at your reflection. Can you accept who you are?

  58. superstar4jesus Says:

    I like oldie’s post (October 17th, 2009 at 7:10 pm) which was says

    “For all christians here , especially the ones saying they are confused about the meaning of the song I would advise that if you really care about lost souls you should pray for him.”Oldie goes on to say… “He may be searching…Praying for him is a solution for all the possibilities listed above.”I am in agreement with Oldie in that for those who profess to be CHRIST-LIKE then pray for the brother, don’t get caught up in the intricacies of the song. Lest we forget the last song which mentioned Jesus in a prolific way was the song by Kanye West and the same discussion/debate occurred.

    I’m happy to see that Robbie has found some contentment in his life, he has a beautiful woman in his life and is going to settle down. I pray that he comes to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour, but this is no different to anybody else who I see on a day to day basis, famous or not!

  59. Dana Says:

    This song has a lot of meaning to it and it’s sooo hard digging deep into it. But Rocky and ml just gave me a clue…
    I know robbie is a true person and all the best in finding your destiny!!!

  60. Infi Says:

    The beauty of the song lies in how confusing it is. It has no philosophical background and is purely commercial. More of them confused, more questions asked leading the song to be a big confusion sorry big hit.

    That’s all is the truth come to reality there are no miracles, no god we all come and go but all we will leave behind is by our own effort and good doings, nothing else.

  61. Gilla Says:

    The video is pointless, except to try to make Robbie look cool.
    Why does he get rescued by the girl, only to take over driving?
    (I guess that fits in nicely with christianity, woman really need saving don’t they.)

    I think Robbie is trying to be controversial, that’s what he’s always done.

  62. sarah Says:

    Guys! can’t you see he’s mocking Jesus! come on! A true christian first of all wouldn’t be swearing in his song *eye rolls* and second of all he most definately would NOT be singing Jesus didn’t die for you - let alone everything else he says in it!
    He’ll have a LOT to answer for when he dies. I knew he was singing this but my mum wanted to know for sure…hence why I am here.
    Robbie William is turned off everytime he comes on the radio…this guy is dangerous.

  63. Jason Says:

    In response to number 62. sarah. If you think that Robbie Willaims is dangerous you must live in a cave and therefore your radio must run on batteries. You need to understand that everyone has different beliefs and we are still waiting for the full on proof of where we came from. Do not be so naive and enjoy the song or if you think this is a bad song you must be turning your radio off every second song.

  64. Lily Says:

    He is clearly talking about his life. We see that he is born, he is given all. He is Living like a god on earth. He sees all the rubbish around him. It is just another narcissistic song.And why he would not mock Jesus? You can turn off the radio with the song but what you should turn off is that Vatican hand that still reigns over all of us. Getting payed to believe yeah baby..that is the way to go.
    xo xo

  65. newsun Says:

    Robbie is referring diety and Jesus to acknowledge his new faith. Whatever lifestyle Robbie was in, he is now looking for perfection and is asking God’s help.

    Whichever way you live your life, whatever you believe, it will come to an end.
    You know what you are, But are you accepting it? Do you need perfecting it?

    Jesus really died for you.

  66. Jerome Says:

    Robbie I think you are a man seeking for God and the fulfilment of life, and I sincerely hope that you will find it in God. your lyrics make no sense because you are spiritualy blind. hope to hear from you

  67. natty boy98 Says:

    its a great song with a good meaning wot more do u want robbie himself isnt referencing to jesus it is the song writer not robbie so wot r u on about

  68. Sophie Says:

    I just feel that Robbie has been through a great deal, and he’s expressing his thoughts through his songs, like you would with art. I think he’s questioning if God exists. I see a man who has been broken, and has a whole inside that only God can fill. He’s been going through a lot of difficulties and is now understanding that he can’t get through life on his own? I think when he wrote this song, he may have had an encounter with God. I think he’s great. He is so honest about his mixed feelings. There’s not that many song artists who are so brave to do that.

  69. dim Says:

    I’m kind of confused since i’ve listened to this song..i haven’t really understood if he really believes that God exists or not…why does He say that jesus didn’t die for you?why does he change the meaning of the whole song anyway,can somebody answer me?it’s quite contraversory to me!

  70. Simon Gil Says:

    Oh Dear, what a terrible song, with terrible lyrics. Either he hasn’t got the guts to admit he is a Atheist (not intelligent enough anyway) or he he is a born again joker. All this stuff about the rapture and jesus really died for me…..grow up, we are living in the 21st century not the middle ages. Read some Darwin and get a life Robbie

  71. pmt Says:

    this song is symbolic in it’s lyrics and even more in the video clip, without mentionning gr8 music & beat…

    the bike has 3 “6″ right, but he lets it down for a blue car with a gorgeous girl wearing white with whom he finds love or smth close to it..
    at 1 minute 33 seconds of the video, there’s a gesture with his right hand, as if he’s takin dust off his left shoulder 3 times in a row..
    the video is kinda divide into two parts, in the middle there’s love scene which is the “change” part… & his complete change of look is clear, marking the two parts, the change that occured..
    the last verse is a dialogue between him and wtever controversary thoughts, ideas, doctrines, beliefs.. a part of him asks, & chorus replies.. and what should be kept is the reply of the chorus, or else what’s the point of givin an answer to the 2 questions he asked??…
    & many more symbols as said b4 in some comments (ex: n# 47.)

    as for the swearing, after all, it’s a song made for publicity.. at least they beeped it!

    enlightened man? donno abt that.. but definately a symbolic song.
    believers will see in it signs of William’s redemption.. shallow people will see a useless matter of attention (as if bein in the 21st century means to stop lookin for greater & deeper meanings for our lives! pff) atheists (smart ones and less smart ones..) will jst see the last paragraph and rephrase it so they get to like Williams’ song without thinkin too much about their own strong belief that their’s no greater power/energy/presence/wt so ever in this universe…

    so pls, christians, do not be paranoiac.. everyone else, do not be blindfolded.. everyone, think outside the box and try to read between the lines b4 making smart judgements…


  72. Javier Says:

    Excelente trabajo. Maestro.

  73. Javier Says:

    Robbie mentions god in many songs. He has writters? No doubt of it, but I think he knows what he sings.

  74. arjun shiwakoti Says:

    it is one of the great song, i wish, i can hear such a great song many time from williams.thanks

  75. Morgan Says:

    I was just looking up something else about Jesus when I saw amongst the other Google offerings “did jesus really die for me robbie williams”. I haven’t heard this song (’cos I live in a cave without a radio), but I read the lyrics. Then I read all 74 posts. Really enjoyed it, thanks!
    I used to try to figure out what Leonard Cohen was saying in “Susanne” (hope that’s not to stoneage for you) and other poets of my generation. So I think I know how you’re feeling; what you would like the words to mean.
    All you God’s children out there who seem to really like this guy, go ahead and pray for him, but like the man said: don’t forget to pray for the people you see every day. I pray the Lord has Robbie’s neighbour praying for him.

  76. Andrew Says:

    i like listing to robbie. I also sing it a lot. And i watch him on the tv.Happy Christmas. It is great!!

  77. Amith- Bangalore Says:

    another fantastic song for people like us , great song as always

  78. SquallBass Says:

    lol… the bike has three 6 on it… then… is that a 666???… is Robbie making contrversy???…

  79. common-sense Says:

    GET A LIFE ALL OF YOU. does it really matter….

  80. T Style Says:

    Good question ‘common-sense’. Does it really matter? Yes

  81. Emily Baker Says:

    It waz such a relieve that Robbie started singing again. We all know it was unfortunate he left Take That but has achived much as a solo artist. I personally think that the song was a great comback but I hate Alexandra Burke for kicking him off number one. If you read, sing along and listen to the words it grabs your heart and directs your attention of how a song can express your feelings in a loving way. He should have gone to number one but number two is better than number three isn’t it? He could of done better, little disapointed but its good to see him back singing again. Prefere You Know Me and Morning Sun but hey ho doesn’t matter. He still has talent for singing and, incloding me, a lot of awaiting fans out there whom will apreciate him and care about is actions as a role module.

  82. Biebie Says:

    I was a Robbie fan, but I think he should have stopped singing a long time ago.

    Sorry Robbie, but It’s not the same anymore…

  83. Mambo Says:

    I really think is confusing, I pray for him if he is just trying to confuse, like all the other songs he sings as pervertion prevails on him, to all, try to understand the messeges that he has hidden on this song, I really do not believe that he loves Jesus, if he loves Jesus, he will go strait, no confusion, honest, not trying to confuse, he looks like a snob, not a humble person, I don’t believe his crap!!! But I think like other comments, ha we need to pray for his soul, and hopefully he can ask for fogiveness, Bless you all, and YES, JESUS DID DIE FOR ALL OF US, not like he says YOUR Jesus, like if he did not believe.

  84. Mambo2 Says:

    I notice the comment upon the number in the bike, so with this you can see the hidden messege just as Satan will do, he is hypocrat… Notice the bike shows a six in front, a six at the left, and the Robbie puts his arm at the left and has a tatoo with this number (1023), if you add that is another 6, so at the end, he is singing all this confusing crap, because he is with satan, hidden messeges are what attacts people minds, we have to be carefull, I do not think he has convert to Christian, he is just trying to manipulate us to believe us, but with hidden messeges, he is trying to change our minds to convert all the way around, SO DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE in this case,the only believe is that Jesus really die for us, that he show us humility and good, and we know because the holy spirit is in our soul, that Jesus existed, That I believe with out seeing, because he has send us peace, love, etc… No this bunch of lies that Robbie is singing, that confuses, the same way the snake did with Eve, careful, and God bless you all, lets pray for Robbie soul, lets pray so that the holy spirit do touch Robbies heart, and then believe in god.

    I totally agree with other comments, that he has not change, the same satan’s server,poor guy!!!

  85. Steve Says:

    Your all mental :-)

  86. Mother Earth Says:

    I can’t believe all you bible bashers. Honestly get with the times. Great song not everyone believes in imaginary people. Fantastic song. Awesome work from Robbie. Walking away and shaking my head. Go listen to the Hillsong group or something.

  87. brian Says:

    I can’t believe all of the short tempered close minded people that have replied about this song. Throughout the song he is praising and proclaiming God. At the end, he is stating like so many people do in reply to us as Christians, “Jesus didn’t die for me” and right after that he says “Jesus really did die for you” flat out saying his beliefs. My one qualm with the song is the curse word at the start of the song, that’s it.

  88. Mambo2 Says:

    Oh please Brian, you are not seeing in between lines, and at the end of the song, henever says Jesus really did die for you, he just put it in the lyrics, so that people believe that he change, but please just se the video, images words, etc tell you he ain nothing jut as a devil. The short mind is you sir, that does goes just for what ever publicity they show to you, and let your self influenced by it, God bless you, and believe me in this case you really need to be open mind!!!!

  89. marco62 Says:

    Religion is the opium of the people.
    Anyone. What are you looking for, guys?
    Any idiot could say “Hey, look to the sky, there is a flying donkey…do you believe it?” I don’t think.
    The religions are the same: too words and too few actions.
    Stay with your foot on the ground and use your brain to survive.
    Overall try to get your death as a natural end and not as a tragedy. Your fear to die needs somebody who saves you from that.
    One like Jesus Christ. When you’ll die, you’ll become worms and nothing more.

  90. Matty Says:

    I hope Robbie has found the truth he is looking for. I can’t help getting these feelings that there is more to life that just living and dieing. I can,t imagine life without a creator, it just dosent make sense. We all serve a god in this world, money, work, our selves.
    I serve a creator and im blessed because of it.
    I see his work and blessings every day. Now thats something i can believe.

  91. Farseer Says:

    You cannot take one line from a song and say this is the full meaning. You have to take it all and come to a conclusion.

    It’s quite a well used practice in songs that you have a question and answer statements in songs.
    Q - Jesus didn’t die for you, what do you want?
    A - I want perfection.

    Given the system, it’s clear Robbie is showing the question and statements Christians get all the time. And giving the Answer we give.
    What do you want?

    The start, is the attitude of someone how does not yet know Jesus but is listening and understanding what he’s being told of him.
    Then he’s saying that there are many people, who are already dead, they just don’t know it, trying to stop him from getting to the truth, they are in his way.
    At this point he sings that all we want as Humans is to be accepted.
    Accepted back the way we once were - Naked in the garden of Eden.
    In coming to terms with this, Robbies transport of the evil path - the 666 bike breaks down. - God breaking down the barriers of the evil in his heart.
    Now he sees the world for what it is, and the evil it holds.
    If this is true about Jesus, then God really did give him an out.
    He then repeats that all the different directions the World will try and take you - yes this includes buddism - will lead to death. Only Jesus will save you.
    During the next repeated sections he is given a new life, with a partner, as the bible says it is not good for man to be alone - we require fellowship.
    You then see him walking away from the world and our “height” of technology, this is probably a play on height due to the planes, but mostly the technology and the world’s arrogance. showing halff the planes broken and decaying, as the world will do. As shown earlier - mentioning entropy.0
    The Reflection is that we are Made In The Image Of God. Which is broken and muddied because of sin. As human he is a tarnished broken reflection of the perfect image of God, asking to be saved from this, and turned BACK into the PERFECTION that we once were.
    (the caps are important for this bit - wasn’t shouting)

    The last section, which is the confusion. Robbie is showing the world rejecting christians. Telling Christians they are foolish and stupid for believing in the truth which has been revealed to them.

    The POINT of the confusion is to show how confused the world is. Rejecting their saviour and rejecting those who live in God.
    twinned with the lure of the world and man’s need for fellowship, Man will run back to the world, away from Jesus, to try and feel part of the group.

    The song leaves you questioning - Where do I stand in this?
    I’ve been shown the truth, do I now go back to the world that calls me foolish? Or try for something higher.

  92. anthony Says:

    It appears that the discussion for this song has ceased but I would like to add that my FIRST VISCERAL impression upon hearing this song for the first time was, total spiritual elation. I thought ‘Wow Robbie’s a believer” and this song could lead the lost to Christ. That was my first collection of thoughts. I thought he was saying “If Jesus didn’t die for you,” but a search for the lyrics doesn’t confirm this. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it was intended as a covert attack upon Jesus, because we all know that Jesus is able to turn what was meant for evil to good.

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