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Steven Tyler - From Bad Boy To “Hollywood’s Little Fuckin’s Sweetheart”

There is no music magazine and no website in the whole world that does not mention Steven Tyler’s name at least once a week. He’s on the lips of every teenager, he is praised by reviewers and wanted by many TV producers and show hosts. But what makes the Aerosmith frontman so loved? He was loved before, of course, but not so much since he’s on the American Idol’s judges place. Does this new job change his nature of bad boy? The answer may seem to be positive, as the singer himself said: “I’m on top of the world: I’m Hollywood’s little fuckin’ sweetheart, basically.”

Steven Tyler

But did the public forgot his tumultuous past fueled by whiskey, cocaine, bong hits and campfires, when for decades, the entire band was “nicely f**ked up and deep-fried” as Tyler himself confessed in his book? Absolutely not. For most of his fans, he is still the same rebellious rock anthem he was for his entire career. He is still that boy who grew up in working class New York City and rural New Hampshire (”I was a mountain boy, barefoot and wild”) and who managed to reach fame as the “Demon of Screamin’” and feel on top of the world as only the rich and famous can. Despite his many and long-term addictions of heavy drugs, alcohol and painkillers, Tyler became a household name and has remained a relevant rock icon. His prominence and his unique rock & roll charm were one of the main reasons for which Tyler was selected to become judge on the famous TV show that is beloved by everyone from teens with blue hair to their indigo-coiffed nanas. From all the 40 candidates the show’s producers interviewed to replace Simon Cowell, Steven Tyler was the one. “I actually saw Roger Daltrey,” said Fox exec Mike Darnell to Rolling Stone. “He came in and was the complete reverse of Steve, very formal, his hair was cut, he looked like a regular guy. He had lost that sort of rock & roll charm. But Steven was unbelievably charming.”

And Steven took the job, making a lot of people wondering why did he wanted to apply for it in the first place because it was an unexpected move from him and something new in his career as well. It seems that his bandmates wanted to kick him out of the band so he had something to prove. “Did I take this job to show the band?” he says. “Fuck, yeah. Not to show them, but that I can’t be held hostage anymore. I will be my own hostage. The band can’t throw me out.” Besides, he’s doing a great job, some say that he even beats Cowell by a long shot because he is not so cruel, he’s a genuine and softie at heart and he even flirts from time to time. Moreover, there is a high chance that people will love him even more after they grab his newly released memoir, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? that says the story of his life.

Here you can listen Steven Tyler’s latest single ‘(It) Feels So Good‘.

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