Taio Cruz - Departure Album Review

Departure by Taio Cruz, Album Review

Departure is the debut album by Taio Cruz. It is scheduled for release March 17, 2008.

The first single off the album was “I Just Wanna Know” which was released on November 6, 2006. It hit number 29 on the UK Singles Chart.
The second single was “Moving On” which was released on September 10, 2007. The digital download version was released on September 3, 2007. The song did better than the first single by hitting number 26 on the UK Singles Chart.
The third single is confirmed to be “Come On Girl” and will be released on March 3, 2008 as confirmed by Taio Cruz on his MySpace.

Taio Cruz Departure Album Cover

Taio Cruz - Departure Track Listing

1. “I’ll Never Love Again” - 3:51
2. “I Just Wanna Know” - 4:00
3. “I Can Be” - 3:19
4. “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” - 3:24
5. “So Cold” (Incorrectly titled - Give My Love Away) - 3:29
6. “Fly Away” - 4:05
7. “Moving On” - 3:53
8. “Come On Girl” (featuring Luciana) (Incorrectly titled - Take You Away)- 3:36
9. “Never Gonna Get Us” - 3:54
10. “She’s Like a Star” - 3:39

Taio Cruz - Departure Product Description from amazon.com

‘Departure’ is the debut album from multi-talented RnB starTaio Cruz. As a British born producer, singer, songwriter and artist this album is a testament to the versatility and confidence of a creative performer. More than a jack of all trades, Cruz shines in every department. From sweet and smooth vocals to the crisp and slick beats, ‘Departure’ boasts individuality and style. Includes the singles ‘I Just Wanna Know’, ‘Moving On’ and ‘Come On Girl.’

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  1. markeem Says:

    taio cruz is gonna chanqe tha name of music to GREATNESS

  2. Sylvia Says:

    Every single song is great and beautyful!

  3. Bre Says:

    I live in the US. Where can I get this album? I cant seem to find it anywhere!

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