Take That - Beautiful World Album Review

Beautiful World by Take That, Album Review

“Beautiful World” is the hugely successful fourth full-length English studio album from British boy band Take That. The album was released November 27, 2006 in the United Kingdom and November 26 in the rest of Europe. It was leaked to the internet two weeks before the actual release date. The album features what Take That describe as “a throwback to the 90s, but with a modern twist”. Beautiful World is their first album in which every member of the band sings lead vocals on at least one song. The album has been very well received and so far has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Take That are definitely Back for Good !!! :)

Take That - Beautiful World

Take That - Beautiful World Track Listing

1 Reach Out (4:16)
2 Patience (3:22)
3 Beautiful World (4:25)
4 Hold On (3:56)
5 Like I Never Loved You at All (3:44)
6 Shine (3:31)
7 I’d Wait for Life (4:33)
8 Ain’t No Sense in Love (3:51)
9 What You Believe In (4:32)
10 Mancunian Way (3:48)
11 Wooden Boat (3:07)

Take That - Beautiful World Album Info

Released November 27, 2006
Recorded Los Angeles, CA
Genre Pop/Rock
Length 47:44
Label Polydor
Producer John Shanks

Take That - Beautiful World Review

Following a ten year gap from the pop scene, 2006 saw Take That embark on a massively successful UK tour which led to an award for Best Live Return at the Vodafone Live Music Awards. Each member of the band (minus Robbie Williams) made a contribution to the writing of this release giving it a contemporary feel. The top 40 single, ‘Patience’, is included.

It’s been a long ten years since Take That disbanded. Their recent reformation and world tour offered overwhelming evidence that, far from being forgotten, the post-Robbie quartet can still command hysterical amounts of goodwill and adoration. Beautiful World illustrates why this is so. Written in conjunction with songwriter/producer John Shanks (Ashlee Simpson, Anastacia, Alanis Morissette), the album is crammed full with the songwriting magic that made their rise to fame so meteoric in the first place. Far from being an exercise in nostalgia, the project moves the band in a slightly new direction. The four come across as more mature, more democratic (all members share songwriting credits on the album, rather than just Barlow), and even more adept at making epic pop that somehow avoids the cheese factor. Lead single “Patience” is a perfect example of how powerful and accessible their songs can be. It’d be a good contender for the album’s peak moment if the rest of the tracks weren’t so damn good too. With traditional Take That style songs (the immediately likeable “Reach Out”, the brimming “Like I Never Loved You At All”), nicely punctuated up by incongruous outings like Jason Orange’s folkish “Wooden Boat” and Mark’s upbeat, Beatles-esque “Shine”, Beautiful World sets a whole new standard for a band previously known more for their singles than their long-players.–Danny McKenna
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If there’s a fault here, it’s that most of the songs here lack that pop hook that made old Take That songs so memorable. They’re all nice enough, and make for pleasant background listening, but you can’t shake the feeling that had this been a Gary Barlow solo album it would have sunk without trace. Yet that’s unlikely to put off the 30somethings who’ll snap this up hungrily - Take That may not rule the world again, but this is enough to have them back for good in their fans hearts again.

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