The Killers - Human Lyrics and Video

Human by The Killers, Music Video and Lyrics

Human” is the lead single by American rock band The Killers from their third studio album Day & Age, which was released on November 24, 2008.

An interview in The Observer newspaper stated that the track “is a cross between New Order and Bruce Springsteen.
Brandon Flowers described “Human” as “like Johnny Cash meets the Pet Shop Boys.” Flowers stated that the song was created with Stuart Price during their work with him on the Sawdust album, and has changed very little since then. He confessed to not putting it on Sawdust as “it was too good”.

You can listen the song here, this is the official video.

The Killers - Human Lyrics

I did my best to notice
when the call came down the line
up to the platform of surrender
I was brought but I was kind
and sometimes I get nervous
when I see an open door

close your eyes, clear your heart

cut the cord
are we human or are we dancer
my sign is vital, my hands are cold
and I’m on my knees looking for the answer
are we human or are we dancer

pay my respects to grace and virtue
send my condolences to good
give my regards to soul and romance
they always did the best they could
and so long to devotion, you taught me everything I know
wave good bye, wish me well

you gotta let me go
are we human or are we dancer
my sign is vital, my hands are cold
and I’m on my knees looking for the answer
are we human or are we dancer

will your system be alright
when you dream of home tonight
there is no message were receiving
let me know is your heart still beating

are we human or are we dancer
my sign is vital, my hands are cold
and I’m on my knees looking for the answer

you’ve gotta let me know
are we human or are we dancer
my sign is vital, my hands are cold
and I’m on my knees looking for the answer
are we human
or are we dancer

are we human or are we dancer
are we human or are we dancer

Song Information

Released September 30, 2008
Genre Alternative, New Wave
Length 4:07
Label Island Records
Producer Stuart Price

110 Responses to “The Killers - Human Lyrics and Video”

  1. Nuage Says:

    hey dude it’s not “or are we dancer” it’s “or are we denser” :)

  2. Cynical Says:

    I know. I’m so sick of seeing “dancer” wherever there is a blurp about this song. It’s “denser”, dammit. Don’t people think? Does “dancer” make any sense in the context of the song? Of course not!

  3. Sicky Says:

    None of you seem to be more intelligent than an ape, so it really could be anything from ‘dancer’ to ‘denser’ to ‘dancers’, with the “S” cut off. Go do your science fair homework, and stop harassing innocent people on the internet.

    Better yet- take an English class. Does ‘blurp’ make any sense in the context of the comment? Of course not! It’s not even a word!

  4. Correction Says:

    It’s been confirmed in interviews that it is in fact “dancers”, Brandon Flowers just doesn’t enunciate the “s” for whatever reason.

    It’s ironic that people were so condescending with all this “denser” talk.

  5. Rob the School Bus Driver Says:

    For those of you fluent in the English language this is a non issue.

  6. english speaker Says:

    its “nicole”, “not the call”! its talking about marriage (platform of surrender… think about it :P). learn english: it is dancers! it clearly isnt an e and it has to be plural.

    luv this song

  7. Nuage Says:

    how the hell does dancer make sense?! ahh Brandon.. this is quite disappointing…

  8. tenshi Says:

    I think either word actually makes perfect sense. He is on his knees looking for an answer and asking are we human? Human in the sense of can we feel great emotion, aren’t we something more than…dense- meaning impenetrable according to Websters or maybe it is dancer (s) meaning to move rhythmically to prescribed gestures and steps…I believe prescribed being the key word. So either way he just wants to know if he is human, if he is able to do and feel something greater. I think it is a great song.

  9. Theology gal Says:

    Maybe “Dancer” is a reference to the “Lord of the Dance” i.e. God and Brandon is wondering if we are human or if somehow we can go beyond this and participate in the divinity of the creating force of the universe.

  10. TwoLeftFeet Says:

    A dancer is a superficial manipulator who works on emotions and excels at deflecting, misdirecting, evading and otherwise spinning to carry the day in any situation.

    Even before he went into politics, people who saw John Edwards perform as a trial attorney in high-stakes cases said he could dance like crazy.

    The debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Beiden seemed to be a contest between a strong dancer and someone out to win with facts and figures.

    Everyone resorts to a little style over substance now and then, but lately it has become almost fashionable with a lot of public figures, which is unfortunate because it shows certain contempt for the masses, as though ordinary people can’t spot phony hypocrites.

    Anyway, “Are we human or are we dancer?” is a great question to be asking. The only thing more perfect than the lyrics of this Killers song is the Sept. 30 timing of its release.

  11. AmericanIdiot Says:

    It’s denser dammit. Thanku to all those out there who actually can connect their brains to their ears and hear that it is denser

  12. desun Says:

    How could it be dancer… it just doesn’t seem to make sense I’m sorry. and i doubt they would go to lengths for some kind of vague metaphor of “dancers” in life or something like that.
    it sounds like denser, and that makes a lot more sense so that’s what im going with.
    and whoever said the thing about the interview, lets see some proof of that??

  13. GQ Monkee Says:

    Those familiar with the band’s oeuvre will recognize their signature in the synth-heavy “Human,” four minutes of sweeping, epic rock, on which Flowers sings: “My sign is vital/ My hands are cold/ And I’m on knees, looking for the answer/ Are we human, or are we dancer?” He says the lyrics were inspired by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson about how America was raising a generation of dancers. But the song also had some help from album producer Stuart Price (aka Jacques LuCont), known for his work with Madonna and Missy Elliot, and who’d previously remixed “Mr. Brightside.” “He was the icing on the cake,” says Stoermer.

    Sometimes we force our ears to hear something the way it makes sense to us. Instead, we ought to look for the sense in what we actually hear. You can force it to be “denser” all you want, but it isn’t.

  14. Poppy Says:

    IT’S DENSER!!!!
    ahhhhh man im so angry… especially cos its on the glaxay playlist so people are bound to think “dancers”.
    There *blatently* isnt an s pronounced on the end!!!!!!!!! Hes american for goodness sake so admittedly it sounds like “dancer” but think of the context! the context people!!!

    its literal meaning is “are we human? or are we denser than humans?”

    ahh sooo angry.

  15. newt Says:

    DENSER. I know that’s what every comment is going to say but come on…who ever thought it was dancer, who started that?

  16. alex Says:

    come on now its DENSER!!! why would it be dancer hello it doesnt make sence at all EITHER way its afreakin great song i love you brandon I LOVE YOU!!!
    hahah yea it doesnt make any sence

  17. AJ Says:

    OMG, who cares whether its ‘dancer’ or ‘denser’ either interpretation sounds great. You all have wonderful interpretations of both words, but lets face it, it is one of their best songs to date, so go with it and just enjoy the music.

  18. l.m.orchard Says:

    You know… It *does* say “dancer” in quotes from an interview with the lead singer on the official Island Records website.

    So, you denser guys should, like, let the band know their label has it wrong.

  19. samantha Says:

    it is actually dancer, singular, to parallel with human also singular. It references slowness by Milan Kundera

  20. LT Says:

    It’s DANCER! BRANDON SAID IT IN AN INTERVIEW! The article is on amazon and their main page on the island records site. It’s a reference to a comment Hunter S. Thomson made about America raIsing a generation of dancers.

  21. VM Says:

    I knew it…
    I love how it works on the brain. The fact that it is vague, and unexpected, and somehow deep - makes it work for me. It’s like it opens up a pathway that would be closed if it were something more predictable, or cliché.

    Great song - and what a freakishly intense and amazing performance on SNL.

  22. Kris Bryant Says:

    Most art rock is purposely vague and esoteric. Dance is considered a very human art form, which makes me pause and think. On the other hand, dancers are typically choreographed and directed by a force or script outside of themselves. Perhaps the song is questioning the notion of freedom as it relates to human experience and behavior. Not sure…

  23. Mr. Brightside Says:

    hey i am a huge fan of The Killers but i still am not buying that it’s “denser” i’ve heard everyone saying it is but listening to the song it’s hard to believe at least in the first chorus i will be very disappointed if it is dancer because that makes no sense. i just wish Brandon would make it easier on us to tell at least when they perform the song live. On SNL it still sounded like dancer. I don’t now but i am pulling for denser!

  24. Madnil Says:

    I knew it was dancer from the start…in addition to referencing Hunter Thompson’s quote, it also calls to mind the theological debate about “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.” The song is certainly about faith, or the loss of it. Mostly, we should remember that without Flower’s own discussion of the song lyrics all interpretations are possible. And he is clearly a well-read deep thinker, and quite possibly his creative process reflects the breadth of his reading, and both his spiritual and bodily experiences.

  25. Andrew Says:

    guys denser just doesnt make sense with the song just think about it. there was even an interview and brandon said it was a metaphor and that it was dancer. i dont know why people are getting so annoyed at this sheesh.

  26. D Says:

    Whatever it is the song is awful. Worst song ive ever heard uttered from the killers who used to be a dynamic band. Also..for the sake of the argument…are ‘WE’ human, or are ‘WE’ dancer makes no sense in the english language, this coming from an English major. It has to be are ‘we dancers’ or am I ‘A dancer”.

  27. aether Says:

    Are we human or are we dancer? OK….WTF!!?? This is quite possibly the dumbest song i’ve ever heard. It sounds like something Weird Al would sing in place of the actual lyrics. Its just downright laziness to just slap a word in there to rhyme with “answer”. Even if the band claims that there is some metaphorical meaning behind ‘dancer’, it still just sounds retarded and i’m not buying it. why aren’t there more people on here who hate this song????

  28. nonsense Says:

    Funny to me those who don’t concieve imagery and metaphors or, like “D’ have to confine an impression to the rules of english lit. Most of the greatest use on the english language has been portrayed in the breaking of it’s rules, Mr. English major. Good job you are truly special, unique, and of higher intelligence considering your english degree. Yeah youand the 800,000 other special english majors last year.
    I don’t speak english, I talk American! This song is clearly speaking of the greatest question we face in life, do we have a purpose here in this world or is it all just movement. We are either human or simply animal and chaotic with no true purpose and if their is a purpose, surely there is more out there than what we find in this fish bowl we call Earth. So I would ask of you, what kind of answers would you look for when you’re on your knees.
    Great song, often the point is stronger when you don’t say it outright, it seems to leave a greater impression.

  29. Adam G Says:

    nonsense, GREAT COMMENT!
    lol…i can’t believe the length to which people are debating denser vs. dancer… the fact its being debated as it is goes to strengthen the very question asked in “Are we human, or are we…”
    here’s what I posted on another website
    “To add my two cents…
    The more I listen to this song, the line, “Are we human, or are we dancer,” of this song reminds me of the question as to whether one’s fate is predestined or determined by free will.
    I can personally appreciate the complexity in understanding these seven simple words. To be human is to easily give in to debilitating preconceived notions yet also capable of conceiving life rewarding concepts. To dance is always a form of expression, however, it may be muted, contrived, censored or suppressed. Now in the prior two sentences, replace “be human” with “dance” and vice versa…does the line, “Are we human, or are we dancer” make more sense now? And how can you be either human or dancer, or possibly ever both? The answer: to live freely, yet with purpose.
    Another commenter mentioned that dancer is a form of energy and I couldn’t agree more. To me, expression=energy=life. Death doesn’t know its cold.”

  30. doufel Says:

    its actually “danser”, not “dancer” or “denser.” the line was taken from a quote by some really philosophical guy. And this song is actually quite awful compared to their earlier works.

  31. Nicole Says:

    It’s dancers, and yes, taken from a Hunter S. Thompson quote.

  32. Colleen Says:

    For an English major there are many possibilities from which his song lyrics may have been inspired by. Song writers are like poets.
    Yeats for one has MANY “Dancer” references in his work.
    -All the Children
    -Michael Robertes and the Dancer
    -Sweet Dancer

  33. Colleen Says:

    Correction - That was AMONG SCHOOL CHILDREN - not ALL THE CHILDREN

  34. Kerri Says:

    According to Amazon it’s “Dancer” and it explains why…

    “Those familiar with the band’s oeuvre will recognize their signature in the synth-heavy “Human,” four minutes of sweeping, epic rock, on which Flowers sings: “My sign is vital/ My hands are cold/ And I’m on knees, looking for the answer/ Are we human, or are we dancer?” He says the lyrics were inspired by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson about how America was raising a generation of dancers. But the song also had some help from album producer Stuart Price (aka Jacques LuCont), known for his work with Madonna and Missy Elliot, and who’d previously remixed “Mr. Brightside.” “He was the icing on the cake,” says Stoermer.”

  35. Phillip Says:

    It’s dancer!! For the poets out there, it’s the word that rhymes with “answer?”

  36. Miles Says:

    Look, I agree that it is an awesome song, definitely up to Killers standard. At first glance, it seems stupid to say dancer instead of denser. However, dancer represents, like other commenters, so much more than someone moving and swaying to music. I simply believe people have been accustomed to straight forwardness and cannot comprehend an indepth word ‘dancer’. Look, both words can be used in the song, whether you want to make a song that makes sense or if you want to portray a song that goes in depth.

  37. Tim Says:

    Brilliant how everyone’s making these incredibly deep interpretations into the meanings of what dancer could mean in this context. As Kerri pointed out, it’s just a reference to Hunter S. Thompson, which goes to show how desperate Brandon is to try and look cool. He makes an awful lyric up and expects all his fans to go, oh how clever and well-read you are, it’s so amazing you were able to include something like that. And sadly they have. I do love The Killers, and despite their second album being only half as good as the first, I almost prefer it and certainly listen to it more. The truth is, Brandon’s lyrics are very hit and miss, and ‘I’m on my knees, searching for the answer’ is actually not a bad one, but ‘are we human or are we dancer’ is just appalling. No it really does not have any deep and meaningful significance unless you can persuade yourself it does!

  38. mmcb Says:

    Not to hammer in the point here but The Killers have said that it is definitely “dancer” not “denser”. Their reasoning behind it is that Hunter S. Thompson once said that America was raising a generation of dancers. I interpreted this as meaning that America is raising a generation of people that are shallow, and basically good for nothing. Surface only. So in the song I’m interpreting it as: Are we something special or are we just surface dressing in the grand scheme of things? Now this is just my interpretation. Obviously he should have said “dancerS” with the plural S on the end but this way it rhymes better. Poetic license I guess.

  39. Jimbo Says:

    Who cares? And I think it’s Dancer by the way, if not to merely upset all you “denser” supporters. With a song this pathetic I doubt it’s denser, simply because it would be better if it were ‘denser.’ But it’s not, it’s dancer. It’s dancer, and even if it were denser it would still suck. It’s a horrible song, it comes on my station so late at night that I don’t care to waste the energy to change the station while I’m lying in bed and after the first “cut the cord” part–which is maybe the only cool part of the song—I force myself to tune the song out or at least lie laughing as if I were crazy–at the absurdity of this song–and the absurdity that some of you like and are actually raving about this song. Losers.

  40. Barry Says:

    Who cares. Every now and again a truly great song emerges. This is the best song since Cold Play’s Viva La Vida.

  41. Barry Says:

    What a good song. Keep playing it over and over Full credit to the Killers.

  42. Philip Says:

    The lyrics don’t make much sense but the song is beautiful and uplifting, thats what music is about.This song has echoes of U2’s
    sound.Well done guys!Beautiful song…

  43. K.Slim Says:

    Let’s be honest, it’s the Killers…who cares, right?

    They are a mediocre band who tries to act British and fails at it quite impressively.

    The song drives me crazy as most of their material does. It’s not denser…it’s dancer. Get over it.

    I wanted to throw this into the mix: As they are biting styles from across the pond in virtually every way (dress, lyrics, sound, overall demeanor), they could be referring to a British slang “You Dancer!” or as in Trainspotting, “You F**ing Dancer!!!” - a general expression of delight. It isn’t any better than denser. Denser, seriously?

    Overall it’s a crap song and I can’t believe that it has received any attention at all.

  44. tom Says:

    who cares whether it is “denser” or “dancers” - the song is terrible either way

  45. Mark Says:

    Doe’s anyone know where i can download the video so i can upload it to my Bebo profile?

  46. Adam Says:

    Perhaps Brandon intended the lyrics to have multiple meanings. Although neither denser nor dancer seem to make any sense to me! A better example of this would be in Beck’s “Girl.” The lyrics can either be interpreted as “my sun-eyed girl” or “my cyanide girl.”

  47. Barry Says:

    Think most of us are in agreement that it’s a damn good song, and will be around for a long time. Wish I had their tallent. It’s so easy to be critical.

  48. Danny Says:

    It’s a Hunter S. Thompson reference, folks. His quote was something along the lines of America raising a generation of dancers instead of humans. Look it up.

  49. mimi kiuth Says:

    i love this song so much it rocks

  50. Sam Says:

    It’s “dancer.” Brandon Flowers confirmed it in an interview. And if you say “That can’t be right, it’s not grammatically correct,” he addressed that too. He doesn’t care if it’s improper, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants.


  51. chris Says:

    The worst song of the year and sadly it is actually getting radio play. The lyric is terrible and I am sure that the Killers are dancers, or maybe just idiotic humans, so why bother asking the question?

    just because you choose to quote Hunter S Thompson it does not make you clever. It makes you pretentious. Particularly when you quote such a crap line and use is a pathetic, house inspired, wet, drippy song. Terrible. I am embarrassed for the DJs that have to play this tune, and I have lost faith in my favourite radio station, BBC Radio 6, for playlisting it. It is awful. Adam and Joe were laughing their heads off when they played it, and I am amazed that that has not been the general reaction.

  52. DavidS Says:

    Can any one find the source of this supposed quote by Hunter S Thompson. I have searched and searched and can’t find it. If it does not exist that might inform the debate.

  53. Rich Says:

    “Are we human or dancer” is similar in syntax to “Are we animal or or vegetable” or “Are we man or beast”.

    You wouldn’t say “man or beasts”, so “dancer” (singular) makes perfect sense.

    I think Brandon’s lyric may imply that “Dancer” could be considered to be a distinct type of being, just as Human is.

  54. Karen Says:

    Funny ol’ world isn’t it. My son has raved about The Killers and when I mentioned to him that I had heard this and really liked it, he went off on the ‘It’s rubbish and they need to get back to what they were doing’ rant. So seems like they’ve gained a fan and lost a fan.

    My take on the lyric is that it is retreat from religious commitment. The ‘platform of surrender’ is the altar call or whatever you want to call it in Church. He doesn’t commit. He has to decide ‘Human’ with free-will and choosing own destiny or ‘Dancer’ dancing to another’s tune. He bids farewell to ‘Grace and Virtue’. Romance I take to be the ‘Romantic’ as in the 18th-19th Century meaning, conciousness of the ‘Sublime’.

    Not a full examination of the lyric but I believe it fits.

  55. Shane Says:

    So its been confirmed that it is actually Dancer??? I dont know anymore! Anyway this song is going to be a big hit with its pop melody and people take notice when a indie band goes pop. Cold play have tried similar beats and I dont think its been a wise move for them. But for the Killers it maybe a wise move, their beats are already more up tempo so its not a major departure.

    But each time I hear the song Im driving crazy for not knowing is he actaully saying Dancer or Denser.

    On the other hand this either shit lyric or smart lyric has got us all talking. Some people dive in a think about all the possibilites of what he means by Dancer…art form…etc…Or are we denser?

  56. ntsntsnts Says:

    Denser, Dancer. Maybe it’s “d’answer”…
    Wooooh. Just throwing in a third option seeing as people have been battling between the choice of two for MONTHS. If people actually go to the start of the thread and start reading they’ll realise they won’t need to post exactly the same arguments that have already been made.

  57. judge Says:

    love the song but dont understand the lyrics but never mind its a good song and catchy

  58. Dave Says:

    The line is pure poetry. Read the reactions, engage in the debate and enjoy. As with the best poetry it means something different to many people and even something different to the same person at different times. For me the three key words are we [ as in humanity] I and my [as in me as an individual].The context is birth/ life/ death and some of the “dances” we use or experience as we take the journey.Particularly like the refences to grace and virtue, soul and romance. Be moved or be dead already !!!

  59. HAHAH Says:

    Funny how a song can make people so mad when they find out the lyrics are not what THEY want them to be….

  60. sioux Says:

    “dancer” or “denser” who cares? Let`s face it, not everyone have lyrics like Pink Floyd but the song rocks.Well done Killers!Kill`em all :)

  61. Ed Says:

    Threads like this one are the perfect example of why the internet is the last place you would find a literate crowd.
    The lyrics are based on a quote from HS Thompson. Even if it was not, the meaning is obvious. Are you a human being with free will or are you a dancing monkey? The grammar is also correct. If you do not understand why it is correct, at least stop claiming to have a grasp on proper grammar and go figure it out.

    Every person who took this man to task for improper grammar should immediately issue an apology on this blog for being…a dancer?

  62. Eeeeeeek Says:

    Umm Right its Denser as he is asking a question to say are we human or are we somethin more than human is there more to us than just flesh and blood. If that makes no sence then oh well :]

  63. af;kljds Says:

    actually, you’re all wrong, in fact, he’s actually saying, “goldfish”…
    so there…

  64. i'm dancing Says:

    it’s dancer. stated on their official website. i’m done.

  65. Aly Says:

    Pure brilliance.
    Dancer, denser - who cares? It’s a fab song. (It is dancer by the way)
    Brandon certainly has everyone talking about it - very clever!

  66. ForgiveMeNatalie Says:

    Who gives a shit, I think it’s the worst killers song I’ve ever heard…Everything after Hot Fuss has been horrible, and I can’t stand how every media outlet talks them up when they blatantly have become a one album wonder…

  67. Moonhead Says:

    Brandon Flowers says:

    “It’s taken from a quote by [author Hunter S.] Thompson. … ‘We’re raising a generation of dancers,’ and I took it and ran. I guess it bothers people that it’s not grammatically correct, but I think I’m allowed to do whatever I want,” ‘Denser’? I hadn’t heard that one. I don’t like ‘denser.’ “

  68. Sebb Says:

    at first when I heard the song, I thought it was “denser’… but it isn’t. check on the killers official website, it says “dancer”

  69. pat. Says:

    You guys are silly, anyone that knows how to sing will know by watchin his mouth that it is Dancer…

  70. Paul Beckett Says:

    Late post about the “Dancer/ Denser” controversy guys but listening repeatedly to this brilliant track, it strikes me that you could you either and it still makes sense.

  71. Myself Says:

    If the Killers are an American band, then the proper rules of the English language are not likely to apply - fact!
    Whatever happened on those immigrant ships crossing the Atlantic back in the 1800’s I don’t know, but I think they lost the English language reference book overboard…

  72. sarah Says:

    its denserrrrrrrr. are we human or are we denser? not dancer! wtf?

  73. sdlkhgs Says:

    it’s dancer, god dammit.
    but anyway this is a brilliant song and i believe it could be written about hunter s. thompson’s suicide, the man who brandon got the idea for the quote “are we human or are we dancer?” from.

  74. Ray M Says:

    Are we Human, Or are we Dancer.

    We are Dancer,
    A single planet, with life, Dancing around the Universe, looking for Answers.

  75. selo Says:

    Poetry such as this professors like to use to terrorize students; the question “are we human or are we dancer” is similar to “what is my purpose here on earth”? Nevertheless, I wonder which of the comparison is positive and which is negative. For I would like to be a dancing human or a human dancing as both form are found in heaven and God likes them all. For those who do not subscribe to the God think we still seek to know our purpose; this quest knows no boundary. The Killers have helped to killed the notion of live and die but contributed to the quest of finding the true meaning of life both for civilize and uncivilize being.

  76. fan77 Says:

    Haha. First off, thank you to whoever said it was “goldfish”. That made my day. Second, stop correcting people for grammar! It doesn’t matter! This isn’t English class. Some of the greatest poets of all times made up or changed words. And yes, music IS poetry. Third, every professional artist takes time thinking of lyrics, including Brandon Flowers, whether you like him or not! As for the MEANING of the lyrics, they aren’t supposed to be 100% clear and the same for everybody! Everyone has their own opinion. So, my advice: Share your opinions, don’t hate on everyone else’s, and enjoy the damn song!

  77. The Most Dangerous Poet in the World Says:

    The use of “we,” as it is used in the song’s refrain, is what is known as a “fully collective singular pronoun.” Per Mr. Flowers’ own explanation of his lyrics as being a reference to Hunter S. Thompson’s comment about our generation, the word “we” is therefore singular. In this context, to say (or ask) “Are we human or are we dancers?” would be akin to saying “Is it cat or is it dogs?” Or, for you New Agers, “Are we human or are we energies.” As one can see, the plurality of the second noun does not agree with the singularity of the first noun. Even proper grammar notwithstanding, from a “poetic” viewpoint, the word “energy” would be a much better fit. In the case of Mr. Flowers’ lyrics, he has chosen to write something akin to “is it cat or is it dog”, which is not only perfectly acceptable, but by using “human” and “dancer,” without even trying, he has transcended grammar in pursuit of art. Still, the rules of grammar do back him up, as articles such as “a” are not necessary when the following word is used to describe a separate subject. In our theoretical example of cat and dog, it is the “it” which is the separate subject. In the case of the song it is “we”, which, as stated before, is a reference to our generation, an is therefore singular. Sincerely, “The Most Dangerous Poet in the World”

  78. Jimbo Says:

    “What are you, dense?”

    I guess people have never heard that one. WHY would it be “denser?”

    So for all those who think it’s “denser” I ask YOU:

    What are you, dense?

    The song sucks anyway.

  79. DANCER Says:

    I met Brandon in a bar a number of months before he wrote the song. I believe I may have inspired the song.

    It was in the North Pole and I was very down. I was trying to loose weight. People keep feeding reindeers - even though they shouldn’t. Santa and given me a sign that said “don’t feed the rein deers” but I thought it looked ridiculous - a reindeer with a sign - who has ever seen that??? It was tied around my neck so I asked Brandon to cut the cord.

    Anyway, the lyrics above are right - exactly how it happened. The only thing is you should have a capital “D” for Dancer.

    Yours truly,

    Dancer The Reindeer.

  80. Puddytat Says:

    When they say human, its an anjective meaning free thinker. When they say dancer (and it is dancer, not dancers or denser!) it means puppet dancer, someone who is controlled. They also refere to ‘cut the chord’ again, refering to the puppet.

    So are we free thinkers? Or does someone control us?

  81. Heejung Says:

    1. Brandon Flowers says the word with an ahh instead of an ehh.
    2. Dancer makes more sense in the context of the song.
    3. For the people who say that dancer cannot be an adjective, please open your mind for a split second. They are musicians. Do you really think they care if a word can be used as an adjective?
    4. Human is singular, so is dancer.

  82. margherita Says:

    has anibody the cd??
    in the cd you can read the real lyrics, can’t you?
    i think its nicole not “the call”…
    answer please

  83. stefanie wood Says:

    why is everyone arguing over this its obvious that its dancer as the lyrics say…DUH ! so who ever thinks its DENSER is stupid denser has nothing to do with the song. dancer means controlled like puppets so are we human or just puppets GOD. now quit arguing its dancer.

  84. Cleo Says:

    @ Nuage and all the others that insist they know the correct lyrics to the song, here’s something that’ll set the record straight:

    The Killers‘ Brandon Flowers continues to be frustrated by fans being frustrated with the lyrics to the chorus of his new single “Human.” “Are we human, or are we dancer,” Flowers sings, imploring that the ambiguous word is the grammatically-incorrect “dancer” and not “denser.” “That sucks a bit. I don’t like, ‘Are we denser?’ as an alternative,” Flowers said. “I really care what people think but people don’t seem to understand ‘Human.’ They think it’s nonsense. But I was aching over those lyrics for a very long time to get them right.” Part of that time aching was evidently spent reading books by Hunter S. Thompson, as Flowers himself has admitted the “dancer” line was inspired by the former Rolling Stone contributor. “It’s taken from a quote by [author Hunter S.] Thompson,” Flowers admitted last month when the confusion began. “‘We’re raising a generation of dancers,’ and I took it and ran. I guess it bothers people that it’s not grammatically correct, but I think I’m allowed to do whatever I want.” The Killers’ Day & Age is set to befuddle listeners with its lyrics on November 24th.

  85. Doodles Says:

    Hello! Dammit I like Spaceman! How come you guys won’t publish my comment!!!!

  86. Chalk Says:

    Does it matter which word sounds better, which word makes more sense? Think of all abstract artists, not only artists with paint, but with words and pictures. The image that they send is not always clear, sometimes clouded by a simple object that when uncovered gives inspirational or intuitive message to the onlooker. Art should be looked at and analyzed the way the artists created it, not in a way that makes more sense.

  87. DavidS Says:

    Cat Stevens got near this years ago with “Hard Headed Woman” where he says…

    I know a lot of fancy dancers,
    people who can glide you on a floor,
    They move so smooth but have no answers.
    When you ask “Why’d you come here for?”
    “I don’t know” “Why?”

  88. obiwan Says:

    I think the fact that no-one actually knows what the word is, just illustrates the point. It’s a crap song, I’m sick of hearing it on the radio and turn it off purely because dancer, denser, prancer - whatever it is does not make any sense.

    If you’re gonna sing a song - sing words that
    a) make sense
    b) are pronounced properly

    ’nuff said.

  89. barry Says:

    I was in Asda today when this song came over the tannoy. No matter what their age,everyone seemed to be singing or humming it’ Says it all.At my grandsons Christmas concert this song was included. What more can I say.

  90. Dave Says:

    Hi this is my second message. The grammer is correct, the concepts are interesting, the song is not about one word, any more than a poem is. Asking Brandon ” what does it mean ? ” is missing the point

    Enjoy, discuss, think, take your own take, that`s the whole point.

  91. Ingvild Says:

    It’s “The answer”, and not “dancer” or “denser”

  92. metaclaws105 Says:

    is this really about the song anymore? Because all I see is a stupid arguement over 1 word in a song. People, The STUPIDEST arguement is one with no real purpose. Now no matter what people say there will still be opinions so just talk of the song. NOT THE ONE WORD!!!!!!!

  93. Mich Says:

    This song is the most amazing challenge of the free will concept since Rush did Free Will. Are we human? Or do we dance our prescribed dance?

    Destiny changes as a function of will.

    “Be a light unto yourself.” (the Buddha’s dying words)

  94. URAllFools Says:

    This is the stupidest song I have ever heard regardless of what the word is. I can’t believe people think these are good lyrics. They’ve used a bunch of emotional words jumbled up in a nonsensical fashion. It means NOTHING except that those who think it’s good also like the fashion sense of the Emperor and his new clothes.

    I change the station as soon as it comes on and NO ONE I know sings along with this garbage. It’s a whiny, meaningless, emo song meant to confuse people into believing it must be good because it’s so deep the normal person can’t even understand it. Sorry John Boy, You don’t understand it because it makes no sense.

  95. Jessica Says:

    It’s “dancers” but who really cares? This is one of the dumbest songs I’ve ever heard, no matter what the meaning behind it. We are both humans and dancers at any given moment. Stupid song!!!

  96. Frederikpwner Says:

    It is thier fouth studio album..
    Hot fuss
    Sam’s town
    And now: Day & age

  97. Confusing... Says:

    What an unusual commenting conversation.You all are arguing about one word in some lyrics.I don’t think it matters.The band is genuine and very good.

  98. gravic Says:

    Being a bit of a ludite this song hadn’t even made into onto my radar, but now it’s cropping up all over the place and i was intrigued to know more. I first heard it on Saturday evening at a friends fortieth B’Day celebration, and thought it was an old track from his collection, obviously a popular choice scos it had everyone up dancing and joining in. then his wife tld me that he had done a sermon on it, (he’s an Anglican Minister. I obviously wasn’t at the original, but I did get the very potted version. Are we human or are we dancers? (That was how I heard it and didn’t find out about the big grammar debate until later, so don’t know what mate heard either). To my mate this means do we continue exercising our free will and thus be Human, or do we accept the Holy Spirit into our lives and become dancers or as my lent study notes said just last night, ‘Jesus Christ invites everyone to join the dance, whatever our successes or failures might be.’ (think of the song ‘Dance, then wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the dance said He.) And as if that wasn’t ‘godincidence’ enough, Radio 1 was still playing when I came in from work as I hadn’t turned over from when my husband was listening this morning, and what should be playing. And so I came and Goggled, saw all the huge debates about the lyrics and here I am now!

    I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, the lyrics speak to you based upon your personal experince and where you are at right now, but for me it has become something very special and profound.

  99. Who cares? Says:

    You know, it’s kind of stupid that people are saying “This song is stupid!” or “This thing doesn’t even make sense!” when you have no idea what this song was written ABOUT. Oh and for the person who’s an english major who cares if the song isn’t “grammatically” correct. It’s not like the world is going to end or the song is “bad” because of it. Plus the people who said “dancer” didn’t make sense, it’s not like “denser” made any sense either and it was based on a quote so search it up.

  100. Galina Says:

    I am reading the comments of professionals and fans about the “Human” of Killers at
    I am reading that Human “is a cross between New Order and Bruce Springsteen”…I am reading that Brandon Flowers described “Human” as “like Johnny Cash meets the Pet Shop Boys.”
    Below the fans have arguments over whether the text says “denser” or “dancer”

    All these comparisons and arguments avoid the major message that the band and this particular song carry. This amazingly energetic song has a rhythm of a fast train that seems to know its destination…but at the same time we hear the question of the song – a great combination of this sense of clear direction of the rhythm and the not-knowing of the text. These young people make us feel their energy and this energy is new – as it brings the revolution of asking question. This fresh revolution of modesty brings the post modern wave of freshness and new beginning and the asking questions trespasses the boundaries of generations…And whether the word is “denser” or “dancer” – it is just part of the whole – we need to ask questions …this is the beauty. And that is why the message of the song is – yes, we are humans and we are dancers but above all – the questions is who are we….and this is the energy the Killers carry ….while we are traveling fast we have to ask ourselves who we are…and the sound is consistent with the message of the song – energy, danger, lightness, rhythm that is seemingly familiar …but it is not…which makes Killers totally original. Enough comparisons.

  101. Some small guy Says:

    I think it is dancer
    And i think the song means…. something like…
    are we human (i.e: our scientific categorisation)or are we dancer (i.e: our choice of being, our career, our interests, what matters to us as HUMANS or if you take it literally… our dance moves. That bit is probs wrong though - but u get the generally ideaology thingy)
    Its failure to clarify and explain makes it somewhat mysterious and curious… maybe this was the idea all along? Just to invent a catchy lyric and to get people wondering: hmmmm… wtf? Anyhow - tis one excellent tune! Agreed?

  102. 270 spur Says:

    TwoLeftFeet (comment #10) has given you all the best answer. I understand most of the posters here are young and cannot comprehend the poetry of “human or dancer”. We all were young once and didn’t understand deep lyrical writing because it didn’t spell it out directly. That is actually the beauty of it. To make you think artistically and symbolically outside the box. For those who wish for it to be “denser”, I suppose that’s fitting because then you can answer the song writer’s question. You are indeed “denser”.

  103. Laura_NORTHERN IRELAND Says:

    I think the song is generally about today’s generation losing their morals, prioritising irresponsibly and conforming.
    In regards to ‘human and dancer’, he is obviously implying that they’re two different things.
    In the second verse he sings a send-off of morals (”grace and virtue”, “good”, “soul and romance”, “devotion”) - implying what humans used to/should have.
    “Dancer” is used as a metaphor - dancers follow leads and routines, they conform.

  104. Lex Says:

    Anyone saying ‘Denser’ is utterly retarded in every way. Anyone saying ‘dancers’ has no grasp of the English language.

    ‘Dancer’ is grammatically correct. Another example of this is ‘Are you man or mouse’ (also seen as ‘are you a man or a mouse’ but the article, ‘a’, is droppable), and the basic principle behind this grammatical structure is that you submit to an idea or mindset. It’s abstract in its very design and therefore *relatively* uncommon, but still grammatically correct.

    The quote, expanded, means essentially that we are either a rational being with a conscience and the ability to make our own demands or a person that is effectively controlled by the higher-ups (i.e fashion and social conventions as well as ideologies), i.e. dancing to somebody else’s music.

    When you flesh it out, it does make sense.

  105. Brooke Says:

    I love the song, I love how it makes everyone think, and I love that it can be whatever you actually want it to be….

    Are we human or are we dancer… I’m a little of both x

  106. leigh Says:

    i have read all this nonsense written and am shocked by the type of people out there in this world. i mean seriously, how can you be so upset about something like this and actually be rude to each other (who you dont even know) for disagreeing with things when you are actually wrong (it is dancer - the band said so themselves) and then to top of all the weirdness, there are a whole lot of you who said you dont even like the song, then why in the name of all things pretty are you even reading this platform if you dont like it????
    the fact that there are people out there who wrote a great song, marketed it, got it on the radio and have all the fame etc that goes with it is fabulous. who the hell are we to interpret what they were thinking when they wrote it. im a writer and when people interpret what i say they are often wrong….
    well done to the killers for a great song…

  107. jason bourne Says:

    hey leigh,
    i agree with you.
    who the hell are we to interpret what they were thinking when they wrote it.
    there is no sense in being rude to others.

  108. jimbo Says:

    OMG! This is possibly the worst song ever written in the English language. It’s ridiculous. You people are arguing over the words when what you need to be arguing over is how the hell this trash was allowed to be commited to disc. I mean come on.


    Come on people, as long as you buy this garbage they get to keep making it!!! Have you no ears, or are you deafened by how “great” this song is. It’s ironic, the song seems to be aimed at a narion of dancers. Trash.

  109. Osiris Says:

    Dancer or Denser - final word!

    There remains confusion and debate over the line “Are we human, or are we dancer?” in the song’s chorus due to its unusual grammar.[7] Debate raged across the internet over whether the lyrics said “denser” or “dancer”, a misunderstanding which invoked conflicting interpretations of the song’s meaning.[8][9] Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch section called this line the “silliest lyrics of the week”.[8] They were puzzled by the interpretation, stating “most dancers are generally human”.[8] On the band’s official website, the biography section states that Flowers is singing “Are we human, or are we dancer?” and also says that the lyrics were inspired by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson, where he stated America was raising “a generation of dancers”.[10] Various interpretations have been proposed, including that the word “dancer” should be taken in the same manner as “human” in that specific context (i.e. a distinct species).[7][11] In an interview with Rolling Stone, Flowers said that he was irritated over the confusion about the lyrics and also that fans were unhappy with the song’s dance beat: “It’s supposed to be a dance song, [the beat] goes with the chorus…If you can’t put that together, you’re an idiot. I just don’t get why there’s a confusion about it.”[12]

  110. Alybee_Mrs.Brightside Says:

    Common guys lets all just admire this song, and The Killers. It clearly has a great meaning. And Brandon did say in a interview that it is in fact dancer. So, why don’t we just believe the guy who wrote the song? I think Brandon knows what he is talking about.
    Ugh, I absolutely love him, he is such a talented artist. Ronnie is such a great drummer, and Mark and Dave common they are so bad ass, and to put them all together they make beautiful music. Seriously.

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