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Travie McCoy - Billionaire Lyrics and Video

Billionaire by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars, Music Lyrics and Video

Billionaire is the first single by Travis “Travie” McCoy, from his debut album titled “Lazarus”. The song features Bruno Mars.
The lead vocalist of the alternative hip-hop group Gym Class Heroes released his new song on March 8, 2010.

Here you can listen the song, this is the official video.

Travie McCoy - Billionaire Lyrics featuring Bruno Mars

[Bruno Mars]
I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
buy all of the things I never had
uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
for when I’m a billionaire

[Travis “Travie” McCoy]
Yeah I would have a show like Oprah
I would be the host of, everyday Christmas
give Travie a wish list
I’d probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt
and adopt a bunch of babies that ain’t never had sh-t
give away a few Mercedes like here lady have this
and last but not least grant somebody their last wish
its been a couple months since I’ve single so
you can call me Travie Claus minus the Ho Ho
get it, hehe, I’d probably visit where Katrina hit
and damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did
yeah can’t forget about me stupid
everywhere I go Imma have my own theme music

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
for when I’m a billionaire
oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire
oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire

[Travis “Travie” McCoy]
I’ll be playing basketball with the President
dunking on his delegates
then I’ll compliment him on his political etiquette
toss a couple milli in the air just for the heck of it
but keep the fives, twentys (?) completely separate
and yeah I’ll be in a whole new tax bracket
we in recession but let me take a crack at it
I’ll probably take whatever’s left and just split it up
so everybody that I love can have a couple bucks
and not a single tummy around me would know what hungry was
eating good sleeping soundly
I know we all have a similar dream
go in your pocket pull out your wallet
and put it in the air and sing

[Bruno Mars]
I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
buy all of the things I never had
uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
smiling next to Oprah and the Queen
I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad!

89 Responses to “Travie McCoy - Billionaire Lyrics and Video”

  1. anzer81 Says:


  2. aubry Says:

    this song is a really greatt songg!

  3. brooke Says:

    ohhh my gosh i adore this song

    i luv u travie!!! xoxoxox

  4. nj Says:

    How awesome is he????

  5. RACHEL Says:


  6. jess Says:

    great song ever.. the best

  7. norma Says:

    omg…. luv this song

  8. michael cardiel Says:

    this song is down i wish i was a billionare

  9. Sohel Abdullah Says:

    You rock man! Awesome
    Outstanding first song, who knows what future holds!

  10. Jessi Says:

    its a good song but after hearing it over and over it gets really old

  11. Sarah Says:

    AHH!! I’m in love with this song. It is AMAZING. Oh so true. If you say you don’t want to be a billionaire…You’re lying!!

  12. AJ rodin Says:

    dammm i love this music man ur really cool. i wish i could be a billionaire like u…=)

  13. Britniee Says:

    EEEPP!! **huggs** this song is totaly the ****

  14. d-BOII Says:

    lovin tht song itz da bomb

  15. nicol ruiz Says:

    hi luv this song

  16. angie Says:

    Travie, I hope you become a billionaire with this song,

  17. delaney Says:

    i flippinn ‘ love this song .
    i listen to it everday whenever i get a chance .
    i think its my new favorite song ,

  18. Bikram Ghotra Says:

    when first time i heard this song, it really impress me. But some of the words i could not understand, then i read this song on internet and listen again. The video of thos song is soooo beautiful.Travie u r the new star

  19. othneil hector Says:

    i cant find words to describe how much i love this song,its so inspiring….i wanna be a billionaire so bad i day dream about it..but who dosen’t want to be a billionaire.(great song)

  20. Tina Says:

    I love Bruno’s voice in it and his part of the song only. Fucken love it, sing it out loud you’ll love it even more

  21. Cristina Says:

    This is my favorite new song :-) love it, yes I wanna be a billionare too :-)

  22. krystal Says:

    this song is cool i always listen to it :] :o

  23. Anna Says:

    The (?) part is “tens and bens”…

    Oh and I LOVE BRUNO MARS :))

  24. Ian Says:

    yo man its pretty good

  25. Niro Says:

    gr8 song mate, keep it up !!

  26. Kayla Says:

    Keep up the gr8 work and never give up also u guess are so good

  27. Ryan Says:

    How pathetic has the pop music culture become that this is the new standard? This is the epitome of lazy, shallow song writing. This inspires you people?
    “I wanna be a billionaire so fricken bad”?… wow, what an original concept. His next hit should be “I love cheese”, and should delve into the various cheeses he enjoys eating… because that’s how pointless this song is. Since when does wanting to be wealthy merit a single? And anyone who said this song is “deep” or has “heart” is a complete moron and should go join the “fricken” peace corps

  28. Andre Says:

    Heard it once, got stuck inside my head.

  29. Adrian Says:

    This song rocks and it’s kills amy other song that came out in the past 6months

  30. Seria Says:

    Ryan, if you need help getting the stick out of your ***, let us know. I know this will be hard for you to believe but you are not the only “fricken” person that has an opinion. The fans will decide if it is a good song or not . . . I guess we’ll see how it does.

  31. Chris Says:

    The lyric thats missing it “fives, twenty, tens and bens seperate”

  32. Stace Says:

    This is the worst song EVER. Stupidest lyrics ever. Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire.

  33. alisha Says:

    hey ryan, fricking bad means to be or do something badly.

  34. Justin Says:

    The bigger issue is all you people who think you need money to live the life you want. Stop fantasizing about what you don’t have and make the most of the opportunities you DO. That’s why this song sucks, it celebrates self-hatred. If you sit around wishing for money to make a difference you might as well already be dead, you’re a friggin waste.

  35. Gaz Says:

    This is a nauseating song. I echo the words from Justin. It shows how some people place money/possesions/fame above anything else that’s really important. Stop dreaming, people and live a real life!

  36. delicious Says:

    i freaking love this song so bad,we are all dreamers hey but lets not forget it goes with hard work.

  37. Sibabalwe Says:

    Yho this song is great i LIKE IT
    oH i wanna be on the cover of forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queeen

  38. Mike Says:

    Great song! It won’t take long before someone writes a “Trillionaire” song though, this is inflation!

  39. Cathriona Says:

    oh every time i close my eyes, i see my name in shining light…..
    My favorite part in the song…Very nice song i love it…

  40. Cathriona Says:

    n i also believe that success come with hard works, n being a billionaire does not make always someone simple n be content of what life gives, loving that song and the music does not mean that one is materialist or lazy…

  41. Mental Raver Says:

    i hate this song it is embarassing how much KISS FM is plugging this lemon - ‘i want to be a billionaire so fricking bad’ - no shit.

  42. Virosha Says:

    No shit,we all want to be a Billionaire,awesome song!

  43. meljoy Says:

    This is so frickin stupid ive never heaard worst lyrics such a pointless foolish song id rathr have world peace than money money is the root of all evil ppl are to blind to see that

  44. Hupz Says:

    I honestly don’t want to be a billionaire. Billionaires mostly either inherit their $ or get it by screwing the rest of us. Why should we hold up these greedy pigs as our idols? Billionaires are trash to me.

  45. sammie Says:

    This is one great song u r da best i hop u make more songs like this

  46. shay Says:

    Love this song…travie’ u r sexy as h*ll, love u much!

  47. Patrick Says:

    To the people who don’t get the song. You are the true fools. You don’t understand the song because it touches on more than money. The point he’s making is “dreams”. You know the kind that greatness is built on. Caesar dreaming of building the greatest empire. MLK dreaming of the equality. Einstirn dreaming of e=mc2. With fools and morons like you we would never have achieved anything. We would still be little monkeys dancing in the trees. It is the dreams and visions of greatness this song resonates with the people who haven’t forgotten how to draw from within to inspire greatness. Although maybe the money part is slightly shallow, in some ways it is true. Money is the new weapon and architect of the modern era.

  48. Gemma Says:

    Well said Ryan.
    This truly is a pathetic excuse for a song although it does mirror the greed and materialism of society today. Caring only for one’s own selfish desires.
    The sad thing is so many people support this drivel and have probably made him a billionaire by now.
    But hey! You know it was predicted in the bible men would be like this in the end days in 2 Timothy 3, “But realise this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good,treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”

    Jesus loves you!

  49. J-Mom Says:

    Don’t get the greed comment - he says he’s going to give a lot away and help people. Sounds very generous to me. More people who are billionaires (and those who aren’t) should do that!

    And hey, I want to be one too!! I bet those who say they don’t wouldn’t turn it down if it were offered to them.

  50. Bee NZ Says:

    Come on guys. Its a song!!!! I happen to really like it - not because of the message but because the guy who sings (Bruno) has a beautiful voice and the tune is catchy. It makes me feel happy when I sing along at the top of my lungs in the car. As for the comment that money is the root of all evil I think someone needs to be educated - the verse says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Hard to believe people can get so bent out of shape over a song. My mama always said if u can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!!!! Maybe good advice for some.

  51. Bob Says:

    Most shallow song ever written.

  52. Aiden Says:

    All I can do is laugh at the comments people write about this song. If you hate this song soooo much, and its the worst song ever then why are you spending the time to look the song up. If you’re looking it up just to bash it, or bash the people who like it, then personally I would much rather be full of the self hate you people are proclaiming this song is about. Sure society as a whole has lost a lot of its educational value but that is definitely on the rise again. But deliberately looking up a song to put it down and the fans down, that’s a whole new level of low, or you do enjoy this song but are trying to look cool for friends who say they don’t like it more than likely, in which case id much rather be self hating and greedy, then arrogant and discriminatory. Its a song you like it or you don’t. Personally I think its catchy, I think the meaning behind the song is that obvious everyone wants to be rich, but its how you act towards society that makes you valuable. I believe he’s referring to not just having twenties but also being with in societys eyes of the individual value of a billionaire. Meaning not money related, but rather giving back to society, feeding the hungry, helping his country come out of a recession, when dying splitting the money with his loved ones, then he feels he can truly be a billionaire in societys eyes rather then just in his bank account.

  53. Nikyla Says:

    the (?) is buissness completely separate.

  54. Pam Says:

    I like the song…But I LOVE Jesus :)

  55. fino Says:

    i have been looking to see who @#$% sang it………….@#$% the radio for annoying me with this song…………it suck @$$………such a loser song

  56. Jay Says:

    Love the song and your voice but the rap sucks and ruins the music.

  57. LF Says:

    keep the fives, twenties, tens in bins completely separate

  58. judhy Says:

    i love this so much that make dream everyday of being and f***ing billionaire

  59. RAPTOR Says:


  60. Eric Says:

    FEMA spent more on Katrina than the entire net worth of the wealthiest man in the world. In order to “do a lot more than FEMA did” he’d have to be more than just a billionaire. He’d have to be significantly wealthier than the wealthiest man in the world today.

    This song is not about helping the world. It’s about the selfish pursuit of fame, glory, and personal wealth. Helping the world is about building communities (which can afford FEMA-level expenditures) not about building up your own bank account.

    This song has no redeeming value.

  61. Cindy Says:

    I love Travis, but this song blows! The first line sounds so ridiculous. Todays “music” has gone to sh*t.

  62. nova Says:

    i love this song!!! last Song Syndrome is haunting me!

  63. ornetta Says:


  64. Liz Says:

    Dumb lyrics and dumb melody. I fail to see why this has become so popular.

  65. hunter Says:

    great song but why misquote the lyrics? He clearly doesn’t say “fricking”.

  66. Errol Says:

    anybody else got something bad to say about this song cuz i got a whole can of shut the fuck up to open up and throw on your btch asses

  67. Hana Says:

    This Song is AWESOME!!!!!

  68. mojo Says:

    LOL I was going to say that anyone who likes this song must be completely retarded, and then Errol The Internet Tough Guy came along and proved my point for me.

    I don’t want to be a billionaire either. What a crock of s*** being a billionaire is, all that money has to come from somewhere and it basically comes from the poor people and keeps them poor. The whole song is just about greedily wanting to be richer than everyone else - and then patronisingly dole out a Mercedes here and there (LOL who’d want your cast-off car, you idiot Travis? Are we all supposed to be grateful?), “do good” just to get attention and more fame, and then give money to only the people he likes. This is the lamest song I ever heard in my life. I’m truly baffled that anyone likes it.

  69. All Retards who commented Says:

    You guys can’t think deeper. At first, it seems very shallow. However, if you ****ING read, it is about GIVING TO CHARITY then just having money. This song is going AGAINST most other raps which are all about: “I have money, i get s3x, dugs, girl, cars, OH YEAA!”. And to the comment about FEMA. FEMA spent a boatload of money. Yet didn’t accomplish shet. In fact they got FLAMED hard for that. They were late, slow and spent a hell load of money. Again: THIS SONG IS TELLING FOR THOSE MORE FORTuNAtE [INCLUDING THE PPL WHO ARE READING THIS. YOU ARE LUCKY TO HAVE INTERNET] to Give to those less fortunate.

  70. bird Says:

    i wanna b a billionaire 2!


    this is a amazing song … i just love it :D

  72. theAWESOME-EST Says:

    well, well, well.
    don’t anyone here that do not like this song don’t know art? my, my. this song is JUST FOR FUN. I LOVE JESUS. AND HE KNOWS THIS TOO.

  73. awsome n says Says:

    i love this song it would of been even better is a girl like beyonce was singing travie’s part because he makes it classical

  74. Irish Says:

    i laugh so hard at some of these comments. Oh travis u r soooo greedy becuz u want to be a billionaire! omg i cant believe u want to be sooo cold hearted that u’d want to “adopt a bunch of babies that ain’t never had sh-t” and “probably visit where Katrina hit” You my friend r such a bad person, i mean its just so evil to be so caring!

    Gosh, some of u got to grow up. u dont kno the guy, u dont kno y exactly he wrote the song, nore do u kno if he actually ment it. mayb he didnt, but i dout it. If u dont like the song then y did u waste ur time finding the lyrics? honestly, some of u say he just wants to get fame n attention! well look whose tlkin! u just want to comment sayin something bad so that someone can reply to ur comment n other ppl would c it! Hypocrit much?

  75. rachelxxx. Says:

    The wold betta prepare..for when imma billionaire (: smillee! <3 from asda pice babe!

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Can we stop? If you like Travie McCoy’s song, “Billionaire,” you like it. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Is it really worth the time and effort to argue with one another about how positive or negative the message portrayed in this song? Travie McCoy himself probably doesn’t even mean it. He wrote this song, but which artist doesn’t bs his/her way through a few of their songs? Correct me if I’m wrong, but songs like this are usually meant to be catchy. I don’t think you can judge a singer based on what s/he sings in one song. I’m not saying that Travie doesn’t want to be rich. Nor am I saying that he’s a greedy idiot. Songs have mixed messages. People have different opinions about them, and that’s okay. Leave them be!

  77. keanu Says:

    - i lovee this so ot’s sooo different ! (: && for the ones that hating talking about the song ; nwa know wat i really think ; uu have too like the song cuz you dumb ass keep coming on here too comment on thee video & sh.t ! danq i can’t stand stupid people like half ya’ll HATERS in this song ya’ll can die slow & continue hating on traviee !(: ( just mad cuz yeen no billionaire ] ( : i’m thru .

  78. zion Says:

    this song is very amazing and very inspirational i love this song two thumbs up!!!

  79. jsoshua Says:

    Okay, that the most irritating and annoying song, just right after the baby dull thing from Bieber.
    If you want to be a billionaire so f***ing bad, then find a f***ing job and do something about it.

  80. Ria.D Says:

    Dead song but i wanna be a billionaire… I wonder

  81. marko Says:

    seems dat theirs a lot of contreversial opinions about d song. chill out ppl its just a song and an excellent one by d way. d point is that we shud bles oders wit our wealth or wat we hav. tank u bruno n travie!!!! i got d guitar alredy n im geting there wt d bass as well…..kinda stressing me out duh. im trying to find d adequate drumset to make it sound as precise as cud be. i cud do both d rapping n singing bt i guess i stl need a partner to help me out. take it easy dude, relax. we are all workin towards becoming a billionare. we got inspired!!!!

  82. Madhavi Says:


  83. Frank Naval Says:

    Sing this song often and you will memorize the lyrics including the raps by heart, that is if you want to be one. Nothing to loooossssse!

  84. maral Says:

    i love this song,,,everyday i listen to it,i watch the video,,i love travis and bruno mars

  85. Maddy Says:

    It’s the best song you’ve ever sung it’s awsome i sing it all
    the time you rock Travice Mccoy,your to cool,and good to be true

  86. kendra Says:

    This is a sick song.Travise Mccoy and Bruno Mars did great

  87. eric Says:

    I really love this song because trou this song i can remember my ex girl friend. is such nice song

  88. alijah Says:

    this song is very cool becous i just love it. i like bruno mars he is cool

  89. evan Says:

    i’ve beeen loving this song since forever. i really want to be a billionnaire, only still groping for how to start and be financially free

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