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Whitney Houston - I Look to You Lyrics and Video

I Look to You by Whitney Houston, Music Video and Lyrics

I Look to You is the first single by Whitney Houston, from her seventh studio album with the same name, “I Look to You“. The song became the title of the album because of its deep meaning, Houston says that the powerful piano ballad that sums up the album and is all she wants to say at this stage of her life.
The song is written by R. Kelly and produced by Harvey Mason, Jr. and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart. It was released on US radio on July 27, 2009.
The video for “I Look to You” debuted on September 10, 2009.

You can listen the song here, this is live performance video.

Whitney Houston - I Look to You Lyrics

As I lay me down
Heaven hear me now
After giving it my all
I’m lost without a cause
After giving it my all

Winter’s storm has come
And darkened my sun
After all that I’ve been through
Who on earth can I turn to

I look to you
I look to you

After all my strength is gone
In you I can be strong

I look to you
I look to you

And when melodies are gone
In you I hear a song
I look to you

About to lose my breathe
There’s no more fighting left
Sinking to rise no more
Searching for that open door
And every road that I’ve taken
Lead my regret
And I don’t know if I’m going to make it
Nothing to do but lift my head

I look to you
I look to you

And when my strength is gone
In you I can be strong

I look to you
I look to you

And when melodies are gone
In you I hear a song
I look to you

My levees are broken
My walls have come
Tumbling down on me
The rain is falling
Defeat is calling
I need you to set me free
Take me far away from the battle
I need you
Shine on me

I look to you
I look to you

After all my strength is gone
In you I can be strong

I look to you
I look to you

And when melodies are gone
In you I hear a song
I look to you
I look to you
I look to you

Song Information

Speaking about why the album has been named after the song “I Look to You” Houston said: “The last several years spiritually, this song says all i wanted to say. There are times in life when we go through certain situations - some not so good. You have to reach for a higher strength, you have to reach deep inside yourself, spend time with yourself to make some corrections that go beyond your own understanding and lean on a higher understanding, for me song puts it all in check. If I did not have my faith I wouldn’t be as strong today.”

On July 30, just one week after its premiere (and 3 days after its promotional release) the song has so far reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Chart, becoming her 31st top 20 hit.

Released July 23, 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre R&B, pop, soul
Length 4:26
Label Arista
Writer Robert Kelly
Producer Harvey Mason, Jr., Tricky Stewart

76 Responses to “Whitney Houston - I Look to You Lyrics and Video”

  1. grmica Says:

    What a beautiful song penned by R. Kelly. Whitney’s singing and interpretation is awesome! Her voice is deeply powerful, channeling classic Whitney with a pop sense but an R&B vocal. This song proves that she has not lost her voice and it’s definitely a melody I cannot wait to hear live. Whitney clearly feels every line and chord, charging through the ballad, transcending her own experience and reaching others who have been through adversity. Whitney has been criticized for not being emotional enough in her music — this track knocks out that complaint.

  2. deardj Says:

    I have been awaiting a powerful comeback by Whitney Houston, whom we all have missed so much. I am glad it finally happened. As Clive Davis once stated: “Whitney Houston is one of the best singers who has ever lived”!!! Manifold Blessings to you, Ms. Houston.

    Danita Williams-Johnson
    ECS-Executive Consulting Services
    (Management & Public Relations)

  3. George Says:

    I love Whitney Houston. The interpretation of this song is absolutely awesome. Her voice is amazing. Thanks God Whitney is back.

  4. Mal Skel Says:

    Welcome back Whitney, you been away too long xxxx

  5. SILVIO Says:


  6. Carmen Says:

    Thank you Jesus for giving us back the talented singer that makes our spirits lift to your name. Her testimony is beautiful and it is clear in that song. I am glad to hear her again. Go Whitney!!!!! I can’t wait to see a concert…..

  7. Yvette Says:

    What inspiration!! This song is so beautiful and even more meaningful when you know it has been lived. Whitney you have been missed –after all you have been thru. To God be all Glory for the gift you are to us.

  8. Keith Says:

    Ms Houston is back with a bang. What more can i really ask for. I have missed hearing that beautiful voice so much. A lady who is not only glamourous and beautiful but have a tremendous talent. Welcome back Whitney you deserve this second chance.

  9. raquel Says:

    Welcome back!!!!!! may God continues to bless you

  10. Sisca, Indonesia Says:

    She’s back !, Whitney’s back ! Welcome back, sister !
    “Thank God, You gives us a talented singer in this nice world”.
    “Thank God, You gives Whitney another chance to sing and You gives me another chance to hear her voice, her songs”.
    Wish you all the best, Whitney Houston and God bless you all the time

  11. Vicky Says:

    Whitney I have prayed for you for years. I praise God that you are back and blessing everyone with your beautiful voice again. I love you so much and Jesus loves you.

  12. Ludwig Says:

    Dear Ms Houston!
    Yes! You can!
    Hope to see you in concert soon,
    Greetings from Vienna-Austria-Europe

  13. Betty Says:

    Whitney, My prayers has been answered. I’m so grateful that you are back. Thank God you are Free! To hear your beautiful voice again is a blessing and inspiration to us all. Keep on keeping on Angel!

  14. chris Says:

    The song says it all! Definitely Whitney is undisputedly magnificient despite the years of ravages and abuses! God has made the world and its inhabitants perfect. Whitney welcome back to your rightful place that remain vacant for too long! The whole world is with you. However deep you fall, He alone can lift you up from the deepest sea and lift you up above the highest mountains. You’re inspirational!

  15. Jboogey Says:

    I just can’t believe such a powerful and awesome song can come from just an amazing woman that has been throug so much during her life time. Please understand and embrace each and every word of this song, think about what it speak to in our lives. Whitney Houston - God has truly given you his blessing.

  16. Maxine Says:

    Thank you Jesus, she is back to inspire us.

  17. fhumulani Says:

    oh! what an awesome,spiritually lifting song from an amazing voice,i’ve been waiting for your return whitney,with such a spiritually, mind blowing voice there is nothing more i can say rather than ” i love you so much Whitney Elizabeth Houston,an you are really my role model and you’ve shown me how strong you are after everything that you’ve been through in yor life and you shown me that nothin cannot stand in your way if you belive in yourself and bnot giving up in your dreams…. Welcome Back… love you so much and may god bless you more….

  18. kurelle Says:

    this song is really touching i fell it down in my has a sad feeling but also powerful.but its a really great come back

  19. solomon Says:

    thanks God whitney is back and she has still awesome voice

  20. richie Says:

    Whitney may not be able to belt the “I will always love you notes” And that’s quite okay because good singing is not about just high note . It’s about being able to interpret and convey the emotions in order to connect with your listeners. And Whitney has certainly done that on this song. You go girl. You have proven your supremacy yet again.

  21. tomasina Says:

    i really love whitney she is mi inspiration since forever yes she had her time but as yuh can see she hasnt changed this is now one of mi fav songs from her i love her voice shes the best singer alive i sing all her songs at talent shows i want to someday meet her in person i love yuh whitney!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great come back!!!

  22. Michele Says:

    What an incredible testimony of Whitney’s faith in the love of God. This song is beautiful and the message is relevant for everyone in some way. Thank you Whitney! We love you.

  23. David David Says:

    R.Kelly sings it much better!

  24. Mary Says:

    Great voice. Keep singing and never give up. Love you!

  25. Shelia E. Brown Says:

    I totally agree with Richie on this song. You know when my radio station first played this song I was on my way back home from taking the kids to camp and I had to pull off to the side of the road. I had tears running down my face, I mean I was truly touched by the words and music of this song. It says a great deal in this song and this song alone will stick with me for personal reasons…I’ve been very busy with work and my brand new puppy, now only 3months old, I had to take some time to stop by iTunes to buy this album by Whitney. Although I haven’t listen to the entire album yet, I had to buy all of it. But this song is by far my favorite. So, not to bore any of you any longer, I just wanted to say that…Thanks Whitney! Thank you for bring back this album of yours, my prayers are with you and your family. You look great and I for one am happy that you came back and thank you Bobby Christina for helping your mommy out with her decision to brace us with this beautiful album. Welcome back Whitney!

  26. DeeDee Says:

    I’M so happy to see that Whitney is back,i love her and her music she is really an inspiration to all in spite of what she has been through.she still came back a WINNER.Whitney you has always been my idol and will always remain my idol.I enter a Whitney look alike a few years back at my school and won.Thank God for your family and Clive Davs whom never gave up on you and i never gave up onyou Your Fan for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Logan Says:

    Please, Whitney, come do a concert in South Africa.

  28. Blessst Says:

    This song is the bomb. I am glad that your back Whitney you GO GIRL.

  29. Christina Says:

    This is one of the best songs you ever sing. After all my prayers for the last 3 years, I knew that God will listen to me one day, He will make you strong again and He will help you to brake the big wall in front of you. This is the right time because your daughter need you now, not later when may be will be late for her. I’m very proud of you and I’ll continue praying for you day by day. You are God’s purpose!
    I’ll waiting for you to come to Orlando, Florida one day.

  30. Star Says:

    Praise be to the Most High God. My dear sister, after all what you’ve been through, here you are with such a powerful song. Stay focussed on Him alone. This song has really touched my heart! Come to Stockholm quickly!

  31. Jaypee Says:

    What a moving and powerful song. Praise God for using Whitney to convey to the world that when things seems bleak and things go dark around, we have no way to go but look up. This song only reminds me to look to Him, our God - the author and perfecter of our faith. And with all you have gone through Whitney, I look to you too for making it a point to surrender your life to God and bless us with this amazing song that is truly for God’s glory. Great song indeed!

  32. Marie Says:

    Praise the Lord. Whitney, I am so happy that you are back. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you for that beautiful song. Your words are so powerful and I am deeply in tune with the higher power when I am listening to that song. Thank you again Sister. May God bless you and your family. Love you always.

  33. Gwenbpd Says:

    Hello Whitney,
    I prayed and believed that God would bring you back! When I heard you sing ‘Hold on help is on the way”, I KNEW that you knew God and that He would show you a way and give you the strength to return to Him and to us! Your voice as Oprah said, was ‘the voice’ and it still is! I enjoyed your interview with Oprah! You were so real and you looked gorgeous! Love your hair! ;) I am so very happy that you and your daughter have a wonderful relationship.
    Thank God for Jesus~
    Continue to trust God daily…His love is real!!!
    Yes, I bought your new cd….Love it~

  34. Mariana Hill Says:

    Hello Whitney,
    As they say GOD is good. He can bring us out of any situation if we choose too be free. I have been a fan of you since i was a little girl im now 37. And still a fan. My daughter would be singing your song in church on Sunday. It is youth Sunday. Continue to have the faith and putting GOD first. I done thing in my life and if had not been for the Lord on myside i would be up here writing too you. Im proud of you. My daugther i are also very close. And your New cd is the awesome. I really love I Look TO YOU. Keep shining you deserve it love you. Mariana Hill. She will be singing i look too you. She want to be a singer. Like you.

  35. Jennifer Says:

    this song is inspiration for me. i look at Whitney and I can feel her emotion and her love for her higher power. She is not just singing a song she is sharing her pain and her story of addiction and abuse. She is as real as they come. She lets the rest of us who are in recovery see that ther is hope and we do have a future and a life.How hard it must be for such a superstar to let the world know yes she is human too. How humbleing this is. Ilove this song

  36. Lian's - Jakarta Says:

    A very touching song, reflection of Whitney life journey and faith. Only whitney who deserves to sing this song with her powerful voice. Welcome back Whitney, we love you full. GBU

  37. AnnMD Says:


  38. Jasha Says:

    Whitney, thank you.. I love this song– i also found myself in it with your voice..

  39. IONIE Says:


  40. Nadia grey Says:

    Beatiful song it has bless my soul and I am looking forward to see u inconcert

  41. Cindy Says:


  42. Jag Says:

    When I heard you sang the US national anthem, i knew that you are the best singer in the world whitney. You’re not singing, but more than that, you talk through your beautiful voice. Your songs have inspired me so much in every single of my life, when I sad, when I’m happy, when I confused, When I fall in love, when I miss my family, and when I miss my God. I am a moslem, somehow your song always remind me to love my God & to live better.

    Thank you

    I love you whitney

  43. wishane Says:

    what a nice song by whitney!!!

  44. Myriam Says:

    hi im myriam ..
    i just want to say thank god that you r here …you r my angel and you r the only one who can make me feel that im ok and there is some one in the life can understand me throw ur songs…
    welcome back my angel..

  45. fatima Says:

    Salaams from saudi! What an amazing song! Truly inspiring xxx

  46. Nancie Says:

    My God; what an inspiration,it’s so amazing.I LOVE IT.Whitney,u really have a sensational voice,the sound en message of the song makes me want 2 listen 2 it,even if it’s once a day; it really fills me in.I love the fact that u hav such gr8 faith inside u en this msg evn gives me the strength 2 carry on.Whitney, it’s a confession,thank you.Yo’ so amazing.


    I’m very proud of you.stay strong.every time I hear your song I cry.It’s beautiful.God Bless you,WHITNEY HUSTON.

    Kristina Tolliver



    I have always loved your music,this song takes the cake,it’s beautiful and I appreciate and thank you for singing a song thats so touching,real,and true.GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS KEEP YOU IN HIS LOVING ARMS.
    Sincerely Kristina Tolliver


    I was reading all that people had to say,and I have to say that this song gives strength to me and many others.You see I’ve been hurting for quite some time,I’ve lost my twin brother to AIDS,my sister to breast cancer and a very very very close and dear dear friend to lung cancer.i am homeless,disable,and this is a battle,The economy is just ridiculous I have seen people on the street walking with blankets rapped around them people sleeping on the street,I found myself their when I went out of town to give my daughter guardianship over her two children,when I went back home to pay rent my landlord had rented out the place that I was living in which left me homeless,so take me far away from this battle cause I need you to shine on me I look to you.Thank you WHITNEY HUSTON YOU ARE LEGENDARY………………..
    Yours Turly
    Kristina Tolliver A,K,A. Diamond

    back to her children,and when I went to pay my rent my land lord rented the place I was renting to some one else which left me homeless.I APPRECIATE THIS SONG THANK YOU WHITNEY HUSTON FOR THE STRENGTH THIS SONG GIVES TO SO MANY OF US .KRISTINA T,

  50. Denver Says:


    To God be the Glory! You proved that God is a god of second chance. Humility is just the key. God bless u more sweetheat.


  51. Gugu Pahl Says:

    i love you whitney

  52. Asjah Says:

    “Unbelievable words sung. I’m truely touched.”

    -Asjah B. Collins

  53. Natalia Says:

    Honey!You are the best.LOVE you.I feel your song,Be Happy

  54. Akin O Says:

    I don’t just get carried away with Music. But this song took me off this time. What an Inspiring Song. Each time I listen to this song again and again. I feel the presence of GOD. Keep it up Whitney.

  55. roza abdissa from ethiopia Says:

    oh, whitney i am so happy that you come back where you belong,and i am trully inspired by your song,i look to you,please try to visite my country.

  56. Christina Says:

    Whitney, it’s awesome that you are back and God is raising you up once again. My prayer is that you return back to your First Love and that is Christ Jesus God Bless!! My prayers will continue to be with you Amen.

  57. Renee Says:

    What a beautiful song. It really touches me with such inspiration. Having gone through my own struggles in life this song really fills my heart. This song is so powerful for me it really did bring tears to my eyes. Having watched Whitney struggle with her own challenges I can really see - really feel her heart as she sings this beautiful song. Everytime I hear this song it gives me such comfort. Takes my breath away….

  58. Brenda Lewis Says:

    This is such an aspiring song! when all my strength was gone,I look to God, and this song certainly reminds me that in my weakness , in him I can be strong, all the best to you Whitney continue to soar!

  59. elize Says:

    i always new she has what it takes to make it again i would however like to hear her view on what roll God played in her life at the time when she was goiing through these hard times like an open confession it is not clear enough for me who exactly the song is talking about God or someone else i know she is not a gospel singer but to give God honour and confess Him before everyone will make people see that there is hope there is help from one greater then we can think and it will inspire others aswell to cause this song is deep very deep and only God can made this happen Whitney you are called for a reason and you need to show the world who saved you cause you are the best of the best you are given for a reason and i will forever praise God for He knows what he is doiing and you darling are a messenger you have to make right with God serve him and you will see i love your music since childhood and will always want to hear what you will come up with next!

  60. Shanda Webster Says:



  61. sylvia richard Says:

    Hi whitney..this song really lift up my soul. I know when u sing this song, I can feel the presence of God within u. It really gives me a lot of energy and strength to face our problems in life. God is the answer to everything. I thank God for using u through this song. May He continue using u to bless others. The peace, joy and love of God be with u always. Thanks too for being a role model to me. To learn the art of humility and total dependence to God in everything. I truly love this song and to hear more songs from u. Thanks to Robert Kelly for composing this song, God’s instrument. May God bless u abundantly, to u and your entire family, and loves one.

  62. Pascaline N.N. Says:

    its so wonderful to have you back better than what you were. Thanks to God Almighty. God continue to keep you. I love you somuch my beautiful damsel. keep moving baby! this is just the begining of beautiful things coming your way, amen.

  63. vincent Says:

    it was a very long time since Whitney had gone in the music industry due to the unfriendly cicumstances. I hope this time, it would be a good start for her in her more challenging career. Hope to see Whitney Houston and Celine Dion having a duet.

  64. Winnie Says:

    Ur magnificent whitney,am glad ur back,ur tha best ever

  65. Julianne Says:

    hi Whit, oh honey this songz so nice n touching, i really feel u sing it meaningfully from within and ths is exactly what i feel when i hear it. Indeed i look to God en without the faith i dnt think any of us would make it through. God dearly bless you for this song. I believe its reaching out to so many others nt only me.


  66. Samantha Says:

    Oh, an awesome one. The first time hearing this song I could feel Whitney’s expression. It really draws me closer to God. It’s really a deep inspirational song. I am glad you are back Whitney, just keep singing. You are reaching souls. This is a HIT song. I look to you is loved by all.

  67. Olushola Olarinde Says:

    I want to thank God for bringing you back, I also thank God because He is really drawing men to Himself, ‘You know He said when Christ is lifted up He will draw men to Himself’. What you went through, though a painful one, but God is certainly going to use this to draw men to Himself. Your voice and the song ‘I look to you’ was fantastic and inspiring. Gospel music will truly teach the world the true kind of music and people will learn to praise and adore the one who gave us life.
    Keep the faith and don’t disappoint him

    ’shola (Nigeria)

  68. tolulope ajomale Says:

    dis song touches me deep down…….witney d Lord is ur strenght

  69. moses maseh Says:

    Hi my name is moses maseh from Abuja Nigeria, i call Hoston my Mum cos anytime i listin to her tracks like count on me, i look to you, where do broken heart go. it connect my everything to the lord God.
    Whitney, every person on earth will like u even your enemies, your smile is enough to lighten a dark room mum, love you keep it up

  70. Kriss Says:

    With God all things are possible just dont give up and remenber do not let satan has any space in your heart.

    Jamaica *************

  71. Bryan jele Says:

    Hie,whitney thank you for bringing my strength through I look to you i love t with al my hrt,i would be singing t @ school & in church for everyone who seem their strengths are gone.
    Thnx for adoring wonderful surviour & crowning him our king,in th highest.
    I love yo channeling classic voice & is deeply powerful.

  72. Hillary Says:

    Great to have you back. You are still my number one female singer. Thank you Jesus!I always remember the songs from the past and they are still refreshing. Real singing that goes down to the depts of the soul.

  73. kADIJATU Says:

    RIP Whitney I miss this beautiful angelic voice ,but I truly beleives you are in the safe arms of God.

  74. carmen Says:

    You will always be remembered Whitney, RIP in the loving arms of Jesus.

  75. Juliette Andrews Says:

    My most favorite song “I look to you” and you will be missed. RIP

  76. Negedu Adukwu Says:

    The song is a compass and balm to the lost and bruised. R. Kelly gave it body, W. Houston gave it life, her very breadth!

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