Will.I.Am - Yes We Can (Barack Obama Song) Lyrics

Yes We Can Lyrics by Will.I.Am

It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation.
Yes we can.
It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom.
Yes we can. Yes we can.
It was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores
and pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness.
Yes we can. Yes we can.
It was the call of workers who organized;
women who reached for the ballots;
a President who chose the moon as our new frontier;
and a King who took us to the mountain-top and pointed the way to the Promised Land.
Yes we can to justice and equality.
(yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can…)

Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity.
Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity.
Yes we can heal this nation.
Yes we can repair this world.
Yes we can. Si Se Puede
(yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can…)

We know the battle ahead will be long,
but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way,
nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.
We want change!
(We want change! We want change! We want change…)

We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics who will only grow louder and more dissonant.
We’ve been asked to pause for a reality check.
We’ve been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope.
But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope. We want change!
(We want change! I want change! We want change! I want change…)

The hopes of the little girl who goes to a crumbling school in Dillon are the same as the dreams of the boy who learns on the streets of LA;
we will remember that there is something happening in America;
that we are not as divided as our politics suggests;
that we are one people;
we are one nation;
and together, we will begin the next great chapter in America’s story with three words that will ring from coast to coast;
from sea to shining sea - Yes. We. Can.
(yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can…)

Will.I.Am - Yes We Can Song Info

“Yes We Can” is a song inspired by a speech delivered by Barack Obama following the 2008 New Hampshire primary, derived from the union catchcry “Yes we can”.

The song was released on February 2, 2008 by the Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am on Dipdive.com and also on YouTube under the username ‘WeCan08′.

Although the lyrics are entirely quotations from a speech delivered by Sen. Obama in New Hampshire during the 2008 campaign, his campaign had no involvement in its production.
The music viral video, shot in a sparse black-and-white, features Barack Obama’s image in collage fashion; the performers comprise a veritable Greek chorus echoing his words in a hip-hop call-and-response manner as his voice plays in the background.

Here you can watch the video.

Published YouTube, Dipdive
Released February 02, 2008
Recorded Ether and Record Plant, Los Angeles, January 31, 2008
Genre R&B, Ballad
Length 4:30
Producer will.i.am

source wikipedia.org

27 Responses to “Will.I.Am - Yes We Can (Barack Obama Song) Lyrics”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Scary..This is EXACTLY how Hitler roused the millions…

  2. Trina Says:

    “…We know the battle ahead will be long,
    but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way,
    nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change…”

    Jews were looked on as obstacles too…The person that commented before me has a point…IT IS Scary!

  3. Erika Says:

    You’re comparing Obama to Hitler…really? Really??

  4. Allison Says:

    aggreed, its not scary, its inspiring :]

  5. mellissa Says:

    you humanbeings that have the ordasity to compare Mr. Barrack Obama to the unruly unjust fellow, Hitler are ridiculous. Im sorry but I.m just stating the obvious. I am not begging you to like Obama but when he is the President of the United states of America you won’t be talking smack anymore. END OF DISCUSSION.

  6. moe Says:

    You Americans should be ashamed of yourselves. People say equality and you say communists, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Finally a good candidate like Obama comes along, who thinks about the WORLD not just the U.S, and you compare him to Hitler! No matter how powerful the U.S is or ever will be, they will always depends on other nations as well. I am ashamed of being a part of the human race just by hearing those words. Obama might actually get you back on track. Which you desperately need. So stop being selfish and and start to act.

  7. Cynthia Says:

    I voted for Obama and believe that he will make a positive change for the people of America. He now has the daunting task to clean up the huge mess that Bush has left behind. It will take time and I don’t expect it to be instant fix but, me, like millions of Americans, have HOPE!! All you negative people, all you people who compare this great man to a demon such as Hitler, are very ignorant. You people are not a united America, people like you keep America divided and segregated, I pray for you!!

  8. hairazing Says:

    The Change Starts with each and every one of us

  9. saman Says:

    now i’m writing this barak obama has been voted as the new president of usa!i think mr obama speeks very good and i hope he can work very good too!
    i’m not american but if i were i would choose BARAK OBAMA!!!

  10. Amin Says:

    i am a cameroonian and i am crazy about obama.for he is aman of hope who will change USA for good.congrat my president

  11. melly Says:

    I am an italian-american citizen..I followed the candidacy of Obama from Italy..I heard his words..and he seems a charismatic leader..his strength might scare but I tink that America needs a change from 8 years of scandals and unclear politics..I hope that Obama can rescue americans from a negative fame and follow the human and divine principles.. God bless you America!

  12. moe Says:

    melly is right. and all you over-patriotic people can just shut up. YOu don’t know what you’re talking about. oooo sosialism, sooooo scary, even though it works in a lot of other western countries.

    So shove it, okay?

  13. elli Says:

    just wanted to point out that germany in the 1930 was absolutly not like the u.s. are today. saying obama is like hitler is one of the worst things i’ve ever read. obama, for example, has no intention to start any more wars nor does he aim for genocide- as far as i know. furthermore i’ve never seen him in military cloths. so the text time one wants to compare someone to hitler one might better pay closer attention to what hitler really was. it is a shame that many people from all over the world actually believe that he’s still alive.
    by the way: i’m so happy that obama won. good luck, america, with this great man!

  14. elli Says:

    by the way: the guy who asked the crowd if they wanted the “total war” (not sure, if it’s translated like that)- that wasn’t hitler, that was goebbls.

  15. heyhow Says:

    @stacy: scary is something different….how you even found thoughts to compare hitler and obama….

  16. someone Says:

    hi everyone,
    i am truely sharing all your hopes concerning obama. he seems to represent everything we have at times not even been strong enough to wish for or dream of. he is so wonderfully inspiring and spirited. my belief in politicians has long been hopelessly lost. obama, even all the way across the ocean, has made me believe again; in democracy, in change, in freedom, in the power of men (and of course i am referring to the race of men in general here).
    i know what stacy says sounds unbelievably ignorant: to compare a man, who should be an example to all of us in many regards, to such a monster. yet, i have to admit that when i watched some of his speeches and observed the reaction of the masses, it also occurred to me that the men who moved the masses as excellent demagogues date back to the german nazi era. in no way there is any resemblance of the two men stacy talks about and you are right to act so indignantly. however, being such a talented speaker as obama is can be dangerous when used wrongly. and as it feels like for many of you, my hopes are totally with him. unfortunately, there are few leading personalities who are decent demagogues and that is probably why stacy came up with her idea of comparing two man who are further apart that heaven and hell.
    just take a sec to think about that.

  17. Alicia (from France) Says:

    Hi everybody, I’m a young French student and I wanted to say that French are so happy that what happen today…For the first time we can breathe a smell of hope and peace!Real change comes through the world! I’m very disappointed about the person who said Obama was like Hitler…I can’t understand what have you in your head?? Just wake up and see all change we have done in our minds and change it will have thanks to Obama… There were all these wars because of Hitler. Do you think Obama wants to stop war in Irak to do the same?? You’re just stupid and maybe not so mature to understand what happened in this world…You can perhaps compare Sarkozy to Hitler but not Obama!! That’s an exemple of what we have to change…people like you!!
    MLK could be proud of his struggle, here is his victory! Our victory!

  18. Tess Says:

    I am a 60-year-old “white” woman who first campaigned for an anti-war candidate during the Vietnam War. I have seen good presidents and abysmal presidents in my life. I have worked all my adult life to try to make the world a better place. And I believe I have developed a discerning heart, capable of reading good and evil. I believe that Barak Obama has overcome hatred with respect, has returned kindness for abuse, has inspired the young and the old in our country to want to be better people again. I’ve waited a long time to feel proud of my country again. Now people like me can’t wait to get to work, to make our country better, to share our good fortune with the people around us, to dig in and start rebuilding what eight years of George W. Bush has torn down and desecrated. I am a classically trained musician, and I find this song and video to be exquisitely arranged and performed. Applause and thanks to all.

  19. Komang Saputra W.K Says:

    Hi guys,
    I am not an American, I am from Bali, Indonesia, a country in where Obama spent four years of his childhood. Yes, there has been a very strong positive sentiment in almost every Indonesian about this fact towards Obama..but not because of that reason that we are too very delightful to see the victory of the first Black President in USA..Please allow us to congratulate you Americans, as you have shown us the real exercise of the fair and true democracy..Maybe you are not really aware that you have now regained your respect from the whole world..and maybe I don’t have the right to give any comment about Obama being compared to Hitler but we will be very proud if you just simply compare him to the late Mr. Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, our beloved greatest hero ever who was a very great orator himself. That one of his outstanding abilities had helped him in inspiring the Indonesian people to free themselves from the agony of colonialism..now Obama (America does have abundant of specially gifted brilliant people, one of them is will.i.am) has inspired not only America but also the whole world..so once again, congratulations America..yes you can, yes we can..

  20. Don Says:

    In response to Moe: Before passing judgment on America in the basis of comments by some who are ill-informed, remember that a large majority of Americans rejected that thinking by electing Barak Obama to the presidency. One of the many reasons for my vote for President-elect Obama is that I believed he would restore international credibility by replacing a man who lied to justify military action. We have replaced a man who couldn’t spell Constitution with a man who taught constitutional law.

    I am impressed by the level of interest that others in the world have shown in the US election. I hope that the example our president sets as studious and intellectual leader will encourage our population to become better informed as well.

  21. catherine Says:

    as an older european citizen I know about Hitler, which is clearly not the case with stacy and trinia. Hitler was all about fear. As i see it, obama is about hope and trust. There couldn’t be two people further apart than these two.

  22. juan Says:

    i love this songe it has a lot of powerful words

  23. nick Says:

    barrack obama is a leader that the world needs he will change the way people think and act, i believe he can change the world, i have lots of faith in him, i am not american and i envy you because i can guarantee that he will a leader that th eworld has never seen, it is ironic that someone coming from a humble background can reach the top of the world and some people with all the resources needed can never reach even half of what he has done.

    and about the music i think it is inspiring and heroic

  24. Laura Says:

    amazing. so beautiful. combines politics and music. so important to this country and to the world :)

  25. aussieGAL. Says:

    hi people,
    im from Australia, Barack Obama has inspired me to have hope and to
    have faith in wat i believe the U.S , Australia and even the world may one day become. Obama is the best thing tht could happen to America at this point in time because even though people say tht the extremly terrible race conflict is over according to some sad people african americans should stil be treated ad they once were years ago. i have read so many complaints from so many Americans sayin tht the election was wrong and is pointing American in the wrong direction of development but i say to these people that you are so wrong and will one day realise it. if i was American i would be so proud to have a leader such as Obama he has true faith and trust in the people which we havent seen from a leader in years. so i would like to finish by sayin even though Obama will never read this message, he is the solution to so many problems in America and the world that it is not to be joked about.

    thanks for reading o and btw im 13 and im old enough to c a true saviour for all you other who dnt c wat i c i hope tht you one day will.


  26. Chai Hung Siang Says:

    I have not listen this song before but i like Will.i.am….

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Read it backwards it’s not what he said!

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